Bathing Unit with 300-micron Particle Mist Shower


Bathing Unit with 300-micron Particle Mist Shower

The Viami Series of bathing units manufactured and sold by Air Water are equipped with 11 to 16 special nozzles that spray warm ultra-fine particles of 300 microns to cleanse the entire body.

“The NS5000 is a bathing unit primarily used in hospitals for patients who are not able to bathe themselves. It allows them to bathe comfortably and safely. There are often concerns about the water only coming from above and not below. This unit is designed with 16 nozzles in total so that the shower spray also reaches the person’s back.”

The Viami Series helps to quickly warm up the entire body from the ultra fine shower particles and sauna effect.

“The RS06 is similar to the NS5000 but is designed primarily for people who are unable to enter a bathtub by themselves. It is for people who would prefer bathing in a wheelchair to lying down. This unit provides a shower mist that covers the entire body while the person is sitting in a reclining chair.”

Air Water currently sells the Viami Series to hospitals and senior homes nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu. The company anticipates that demand for this type of product will grow not only in hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly but also in acute hospitals and other acute care applications.


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