Camitool automatic touch-free toilet paper dispenser


Camitool automatic touch-free toilet paper dispenser

The Camitool is an electric toilet paper dispenser developed by Shikoku. When you place your hand near the sensor, the toilet paper is folded and cut automatically, and it can be taken without having to touch the dispenser.

“We released the Camitool early this year. Currently, it’s being used by hospitals, and in public buildings in Kagawa, where we’re based.”

The toilet paper length has three settings: 60, 90, and 120 cm, and the Camitool can be used with nearly all brands of toilet paper.

Because the paper can be removed with one hand, the Camitool can be used by people with conditions such as rheumatism. It also offers a way to prevent infectious diseases from being transmitted in public buildings.

“We’ve been selling the Camitool to hospitals, and because there’s no need to touch the lid, this dispenser is also an effective way to improve hygiene. It helps to conserve resources, too, because it only dispenses paper in specific lengths. So, the Camitool is a really useful product, even for people without any disability.”

“In the past there have been machines that dispense toilet paper, but the Camitool is different because it cuts the paper as well. The fixed blade here and the rotary blade here grip the paper, and by rotating it, the Camitool cuts the paper in a similar way to a pair of scissors.”

“The plastic version is priced at 60,000 yen (US$750), and the wooden version at 95,000 (US$1,200) yen. Basically, we sell the plastic version for publicity purposes, while the wooden version is made to order.”

“Currently, we only offer toilet paper dispensers. But we’re developing other types as well, so for example, we’d like to release paper towel dispensers, too.”


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