Traction Device for Person Sitting in Chair


Traction Device for Person Sitting in Chair

SuperTrac, manufactured and marketed by Minato Medical Science, is an active automated intermittent traction device that can traction the lumbar vertebra.

“Conventional traction devices have been bed designs, with the lumbar vertebra tractioned while the patient lies on the bed. SuperTrac is a chair design traction device. People with back pain have had difficulty getting on and off the bed, but SuperTrac has the advantage of being able to provide traction with the patient just sitting in the chair, so it is gentle on the patient.”

After the patient sits down, fastens the lumbar belt, and presses the start button, SuperTrac begins reclining the chair. With Minato Medical Science’s proprietary swing arm mechanism, the arms are fitted automatically according to the person’s physique.

“The tightness of the belt for securing the low back can be selected at one of three levels. During traction, the lumbar belt tightens, but during rest the belt loosens. It will act in coordination with whether the device is conducting traction or at rest.”

The leg stabilizer has a massage feature for more comfortable traction. The height of the ottoman bolster adjusts automatically so that the knees and back are at a 90-degree angle, putting the patient in the ideal position to receive traction.

“Traction of the neck is conventionally done with the patient sitting in a chair, but during traction there are times when the body’s posture will become misaligned. With the SuperTrac, neck traction is conducted with the patient slightly supine, so it does not allow the body and traction angle to become deviated. This enables traction to be conducted with an extremely ideal posture.”


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