Bakery goods POS visual recognition system on trial in Tokyo bakery


Bakery goods POS visual recognition system on trial in Tokyo bakery

Brain Corporation has developed a system that can individually identify all kinds of baked goods on a tray, in just one second. A trial has started at a Tokyo bakery store.

This technology was co-developed with the University of Hyogo. This is the world’s first trial of such a system in actual work at a cash register.

“Part-time staff sometimes can’t remember the names of baked goods. But with this system, the names of the goods appear on screen, so staff can work at the cash register on their first day. So we think it can improve efficiency overall, especially when there’s a long queue, because the balance can be tallied instantly.”

This system can be used for virtually all merchandise in the store. But with items like sandwiches, where different kinds may look the same from some angles, the merchandise needs to be facing the camera.

“Baked goods may vary in appearance, and because toppings are added by hand, they can vary, too. To identify items as being the same despite such individual variations, the system has to learn several patterns.”

A green outline confirms that items have been identified correctly, and if there’s any doubt, a yellow outline is shown. In that case, item names are chosen by hand from a list of candidates. Repeating this process makes the system even smarter.

“We’ve developed this system for bakeries, but it can identify the shape and color of other goods, too. So we’d like to use it for other items that can be distinguished by shape and color, such as vegetables and medicine.”

This trial will last until July 28 in Dominique Guelin, at the iTerrace mall near Ochiai Minami-Nagasaki station in Tokyo.


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