Cap with Detachable Hairpiece


Cap with Detachable Hairpiece

The Wishing Cap sold by Isamisa Design Studio is a cap with a detachable hairpiece.

“I personally have experienced hair loss due to undergoing cancer treatment. From this experience, I created this product with the goal of helping patients while they undergo treatment. The double lining of this cap is a patented feature. On the inside there is one layer of cloth, and the hairpiece can be easily removed like this. By stuffing the inside of the cap this way, the hair looks more natural. The lining also does not directly contact the skin, so the scalp can always remains clean.”

Q. “I myself currently use one, and the hairpiece can be attached easily like this.”

The cap and hairpiece configuration is the same for all Wishing Caps. There are ten cap designs, and seven hairpiece designs for the rear and three hairpiece designs for the front. You can also combine them in a number of ways.

“There are times when a person’s arms and legs will become numb from the adverse effects of treatment. Because the hairpiece can be detached simply with a snap button, it is an advantage to be able to handle it even when you feel numb. I believe this can develop into a fashion piece not only for chemotherapy patients who have thinning hair but also for people in the general public who are balding or going gray.”

The price for the cap, front hairpiece, and rear hairpiece as a set is 15,000 yen ($200). The product is sold by ISAMISA Design Studio primarily online. Catalogs are also distributed to hospitals and other locations. The company has plans to market products for children as well.


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