Quake-resistant Emergency Bed-shelter


Quake-resistant Emergency Bed-shelter

WOOD LUCK, developed by Shinko Industries, is a quake-resistant bed that protects people if buildings collapse during earthquakes, which have become increasingly frequent in the last few years.

“To make buildings more resistant to earthquakes, renovating them is best, but doing that is very expensive. We’re offering this product as a quake-resistant item that protects people at low cost.”

The main material used in WOOD LUCK is cypress wood, which comes from trees 30-40 years old. One feature of cypress is its strength, which makes it ideal as a major structural material. In fact, WOOD LUCK has passed a 65-ton load-bearing test.

“This is the single-sized version of WOOD LUCK. We also offer a similar semi-double, as well as a type that’s 10cm taller and 20cm wider. There’s also a shelter version, for people who need to use a care bed.”

“Most inquiries we receive come from people living in wood-framed houses. Seniors often ask about buying these beds, both for themselves and for their families.”

WOOD LUCK itself is priced at US$5,600 plus tax, with delivery and installation available from US$625. The shelter version, for people who use a care bed, is available for the same price. Prices for semi-double versions start at US$6,250.


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