Automatic motion tracking home security camera helps keep your pets safe


Automatic motion tracking home security camera helps keep your pets safe

This home security camera, developed by Maspro, enables users to watch over pets or family members via their smartphone or PC.

“The system’s camera has a wide-angle lens, with a 110-degree field of view. So, it can watch over an entire room from one corner. It’s a megapixel camera with a digital zoom, which can be used to track the movement of pets. Compared with an ordinary pan-tilt camera, this system can track pets very smoothly.”

This automatic tracking capability keeps the subject in the center of the screen, and by recognizing moving objects, the system can watch over children and seniors as well.

“If there are several pets within the field of view, when they’re moving, you can click Change Subject button to make the camera zoom onto each one in turn. So this system can be used in homes with several pets.”

To start and stop monitoring, all you need to do is open or close the camera cover. As well as motion, the system can also monitor sound levels and room temperature. Graphs of all three can be displayed for up to 24 hours. Users can also be notified instantly of any hazards, by specifying areas or values which could indicate danger.

“The idea with this system is that it enables people to watch over their family if they need to leave the room or go out, rather like a baby monitor. So for example, users can set the system to send them an e-mail if there’s been no movement at all for three hours.”

“We expect this system will be priced around US$450.”


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