Walking Analysis System


 Walking Analysis System

Anima is developing Walk Way, a walking analysis system that displays in real time footprint computer images as a person walks over a special sensor sheet.

“We have on display 4 sheets, each with its own sensor matrix equipped with small sensors. These sensors sense weight when a person walks, and this weight is displayed on a graph.”

Pressure distribution of an upright standing posture can also be measured by using a single pressure sheet. In addition, sheets can be connected together using a USB cable.

“This can be used particularly in the rehabilitation field. It is primarily used in evaluating exercise for patients who have undergone neurosurgery or orthopedic surgery, or who have experienced various illnesses.”

Anima is selling the lower limb weight meter sheet as a set with a PC for a retail price of approximately US$50,000. The company plans to develop products that will combine other analytical devices to enable wide-ranging comprehensive evaluation.


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