Ricoh Contactless Thermal Rewritable Laser System


Ricoh Contactless Thermal Rewritable Laser System

The Rewritable Laser System, released by Ricoh in June, can rewrite labels on plastic shipping containers without touching them.

“A big advantage of this system is, it reduces labor costs, by automating the task of removing labels.”

“This system uses Ricoh’s heat-sensitive technology. The principle is the same as that in loyalty cards, but what’s new about this technology is, it uses a laser to rewrite labels without touching them.”

The thermal rewritable laser media used in this system has been newly developed by Ricoh. It consists of three layers: a UV-blocking layer, an oxygen-blocking layer, and a recording layer. This medium is highly resistant to fading, so it can be used for at least five years, even in outdoor environments.

The number of times TR media can be rewritten has also been improved. This is done by using a unique technology, which modifies the character before it is printed, removing intersections and corners so that areas are not printed twice.

“Based on Ricoh’s design requirements, we expect rewriting can be done 1,000 times. But we’d like to suggest a suitable figure for each customers, based on the environment they’ll be using the system in.”

“Ricoh provides three sets of rewritable media, a laser eraser, and a laser marker. The system is then used by building it into a materials handling system. So we’ll be selling it through collaboration with makers of materials handling systems.”

“First of all, we hope customers will utilize the labels to show destinations for containers in logistics centers and stores. Then customers can reuse the labels many times, along with the containers.”


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