Denso Wave handy terminal can scan QR codes up to 50m away


Denso Wave handy terminal can scan QR codes up to 50m away

In August, Denso Wave released a handy terminal that supports long-range scanning.

This device reads various kinds of barcodes and QR codes, as used in warehouses and during distribution, enabling forklift operators to scan codes directly without leaving their seat.

“The scanning range depends on the size of the code. The codes over there can be read from 5 or 6 m away. For example, when we tested this device with a big QR code 1 m square, that could be read from over 50 m away.”

“This is a demo of reading codes before storing products in a warehouse. First, the QR code on the floor, with a location number, is read, then the corresponding QR code on the product. If they match, the screen shows “Match OK.””

“Ordinarily, when forklift operators check goods before shipping or storing, they need to get off the forklift. That’s time-consuming, and it can be a strain on the back. So, there’s been a need to do scanning tasks from a forklift.”

When a code at a distance is read, the scanning direction is shown by a red LED. This makes locations easy to understand, so work can be done efficiently.

This device can read codes at twice the elevation and 1.2 times the incline of conventional models. So, it can scan consistently even when tilted.


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