Fujitsu develops new data transmission technology using video data


Fujitsu develops new data transmission technology using video data

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new technology for sending information via video. The company aims to make this technology practical in 2013, as an easy means of transmitting information between smartphones and TVs.

“Currently, if you see a TV commercial and want to get more information afterwards, the main way is to enter keywords in search sites. But with this technology, if you see a commercial that interests you, you can get more information just by pointing your smartphone at the TV.”

The same thing can be done using visible light communication, digital watermarks, and QR codes. But those all require special receivers, and because they embed noise in the picture, they may affect its quality. Also, such items can’t be read unless the camera is close to them.

This new technology overcomes those issues, by combining the advantages of visible light and digital watermarks.

“This isn’t visible to the eye, but the whole screen becomes lighter and darker, and the smartphone camera receives information by detecting that. In this demo, 16 bits of information are embedded each second, and the same information is embedded repeatedly during the same commercial.”

“We originally developed this technology as a security measure, for content protection. So one feature is, it can handle compression and changes in image size.”

“All the processing in this technology can be done using software. So, for smartphone apps, we’re thinking of providing our platform for embedding the information.”


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