Sharp to release 32″ 4K IGZO LCD monitor with a thin 35mm profile


Sharp to release 32" 4K IGZO LCD monitor with a thin 35mm profile

Sharp has developed a 32inch 4k IGZO LCD display, and will release it in Japan in February 2013.

With it’s ability to display fine details and small characters, it is primarily aimed at professional applications, such as in the design, video, and medical fields.

“When content like this is shown, what would normally take up the whole display only takes up a quarter of this one. So users would only be able to look at that part while working. But with this display, there are four times as many pixels. So, users can do their work while keeping an eye on all this information. That’s expected to greatly increase work efficiency. Another feature of this display is, the pixel density is high, which makes it easier to understand content with gradations and edge details.”

In addition, due to the high light transmittance of IGZO technology, a specially designed edge-lit LED backlight has been used, reducing the depth of the display to 35mm, and creating an extremely thin profile.

“IGZO technology makes the area of transistors extremely small. So, less light from the pixels is obstructed, which means that the backlight power can be reduced. Lower power means less heat generation. And if there’s less heat generation, the monitor can be made very thin. So, IGZO leads to repeated synergy, enabling a display like this to be achieved.”

It features one display port, two HDMI ports, build-in speakers and a headphone jack.

“Previously, two or four cables were used to input 4K data. But standardization has progressed, so now, 4K data can be input using a single cable.”

“Another feature of IGZO is low power consumption. Here, the picture is refreshed 60 times per second. But with a still picture, the display can be driven intermittently. So, another feature of this monitor is that it can reduce the amount of power used.”

The retail price will be approximately US$5,500 (450,000 yen) with a monthly production rate of 1,500 units.


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