Photos of Model Wearing Picked-up Item are Shown on Display


Photos of Model Wearing Picked-up Item are Shown on Display

teamLab has collaborated with women’s innerware retailer TuTuanna to place its DLabHook device in the TuTuanna Shibuya Spain-zaka store for a limited-time trial. The DLabHook device, developed by teamLab,

“The product is called DLabHook. Sensors are located in the display rack hooks, and when a customer takes an item, the sensor detects it and notifies a PC. Photos of a model wearing the item are then shown on the display.”

The PC counts each item and is able to additionally provide data on how many times an item has been picked up. The system can also simply keep a count of whether or not an item has been picked up without putting an image on the display. This information should be useful to the store as marketing data.

“Our biggest issue was that customers didn’t know what an item in a package might look like when worn. In particular, for items with designs rather than just solid colors, our female customers are uneasy not knowing what designs are where, what color they are, how big the designs are, etc., and this can be a psychological barrier to them purchasing an item. Seeing the pictures, the customer can see exactly what an item will look like when worn, and is able to purchase with confidence. We think this will provide a valuable service for our customers.”

In this trial teamLab is targeting fashion items like tights, but the system can be used for any product that is displayed on hooks. In the future, teamLab is considering broadening its sights to items like snacks, and placing the system in convenience stores.


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