New 3D Broadcast Format Proposed by NHK Media Technology


New 3D Broadcast Format Proposed by NHK Media Technology

NHK Media Technology has proposed the Advanced Stereo 3D broadcast system. This new format can transmit 3D programming to television sets capable of 3D display, and full high-definition video to conventional, non-3D television sets, all while maintaining compatibility with existing broadcast standards.

“This format provides high-definition when viewed on a conventional TV set. When viewed on a 3D-capable set, the current side-by-side format of sending two images has the problem of reduced image quality. Our new format independently transmits both left and right images in full high-definition to eliminate that problem and provides viewers with a gorgeous image.”

NHK Media Technology is currently submitting the Advanced Stereo 3D format to the ARIB, an organization that determines broadcasting formats, and is preparing to make it a standard.

“Korean broadcasters, for example, are investigating a similar format. The Korean format will likely be almost the same as our format, so we think we should be able to support a compatible format and have it catch on in Korea as well.”

Overseas broadcasters may also use the Advanced Stereo 3D broadcast system, using NHK Media Technology’s recently exhibited encoder. The company expects that this broadcast system will be used all over the world.


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