Five 3D Cameras Capture Panorama Images


Five 3D Cameras Capture Panorama Images

“DIVE into World Heritage 3D,”exhibited by Panasonic at Digital Content EXPO 2012, is a system for creating panoramic images by shooting with five 3D cameras, then showing the images using five high-definition plasma display panels.

” In collaboration with UNESCO, we photographed seven world heritage sites around the world. The purpose of these images is to allow people to have an experience like they’d have if they went to these sites in person. 3D cameras used to be very large and difficult to handle. In the last two years they have gotten much smaller, and devices like these 3DA1 (the AG-3DA1 3D camcorder) are now available. We shoot footage using five of these cameras together. The system also includes small, high performance VCRs tethered to the cameras.”

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre and Panasonic have formed a strategic partnership for the purpose of preserving world heritage and educating the next generation.

” Imaging technology is progressing every day. Today we’re using full high-definition, but in the future pixel counts are likely to grow, as well as the size of the displays themselves. We’d like to be on the leading edge as those sorts of devices become available.”

This Panasonic imaging system makes it possible for people to experience, through imagery, realistic scenery from places that they would not ordinarily be able to go. As an Olympic sponsor, Panasonic is considering the possibility of using its panorama imaging system for imaging of future Olympic games, as well as producing the images of artworks housed in museums.


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