Multi-purpose Glowing Block Chair


Multi-purpose Glowing Block Chair

TeamLab exhibited its Media Block Chair at Digital Content Expo 2012.

“The Media Block Chair is a block-shaped object with three protruding sides and three indented sides. Protruding sides communicate information to indented sides. If a protruding side of a red block is connected to a blue receiving block, the blue block receives the red and becomes purple. Or, if a yellow block is placed on top of a purple block, the yellow turns to green. In this way, multiple blocks can be connected and colors change. “

Used alone, a shining cube-shaped multi-purpose block can serve as an illuminating device or a chair, but connecting blocks together by fitting protrusions into indentations opens up various possibilities such as use as a bench, display furniture, or partition.

“We were told that at an apparel shop in Shibuya, during the week they wanted to have tables to display fashionable bags and shoes, but then on the weekend when designers come for a workshop they wanted to arrange chairs in a wide open space. The space for an apparel shop and holding seminars is completely different, so we realized we needed to create something that would change the space. To change the space, we decided to create cube-shaped boxes that can be used alone as a chair, as a table when stacked, or as a bench connected horizontally.”

Adhering to the concept of “New value in behavior,” TeamLab aims to not only lighten the weight of the Media Block Chair, but also to use colors that children will enjoy touching and to include functionality such as emitting a sound when blocks are attached together.


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