10.1″ Xperia Tablet Z – the world’s slimmest tablet


10.1" Xperia Tablet Z - the world's slimmest tablet

“This is the Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E. It’s the world’s slimmest tablet, and Japan’s lightest, too. Until now, tablets have been heavy and thick, so they end up getting left at home. But this one’s light and slim enough to carry in a bag, without it feeling like a heavy load.”

“For this tablet, we’ve used what’s called the Omni Balance Design. This looks very sleek, because it eliminates all unnecessary features.”

“This tablet connects via NFC to the XPERIA Z smartphone, which we’re releasing simultaneously. If you’re sitting in a train, and want to look at a Web site on a big screen, all you need to do is place the smartphone over the tablet, to show the same site on the tablet. So, you can look at a big screen if you’re at home or in a relaxed setting. As well as Web sites, you can use this feature with music, videos, photos, and YouTube.”

“This model has full virtual surround capability. Here, the lifelike sound is coming from both sides. You can use this in places like a bedroom, even if there’s no TV. It supports NOTTV and 1seg as well, so you can watch that, and use it with a Sony DVR or nasne. So, you can transfer recorded programs to the tablet, and watch them while you’re on the move.”


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