Private Transportation Service for Apartment Residents


 Private Transportation Service for Apartment Residents

Mitsui Fudosan Residential in cooperation with Hinomaru Limousine on January 10 launched LoopRimo, an experimental private transportation service in a limited area of Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. This three-month test service will be offered to members of Mitsui Residence Loop, a service offered by the Mitsui Fudosan Group to its residents.

“To date, Mitsui Fudosan has offered a car sharing service to apartment residents. Car sharing is available to residents who are able to drive, but this new service provides a full-time driver so that even residents who cannot drive can use this car sharing service. While only a test service, it provides rides for less than the fare of a comparable taxi ride. For occasions such as transportation to the hospital or to cram school for children, this service can be used without hesitation even for distances covered by the minimum fare in taxis. “

Reservations for this service are available by telephone 24 hours a day, but for immediate vehicle dispatch, reservations can also be made by smartphone (hours of availability are weekdays 8 AM to 7 PM). First, the user clicks on the LoopRimo icon and selects the category of interest. The map displays the location of the smartphone and location of nearby vehicles. The user then selects the pick-up location, drop-off location, and other option service data. After the transportation request is sent, a nearby driver responds as to whether a pick-up is possible. This enables the user to confirm the information of the driver that will provide transport as well as the scheduled vehicle arrival time.

“In the limo industry, services are primarily geared for company executives or foreign travelers, but we think that the service expertise gained from this industry should be offered to people in their everyday lives in the form of reliable service. We believe making this service available to people in their everyday lives will expand the market of the limo industry by orders of magnitude, so we will actively promote this project. “

This test service will use three vehicles and be made available to approximately 600 households. The Mitsui Residence Loop residents service serves 200,000 households in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama. Mitsui Fudosan Residential and Hinomaru Limousine will examine the state of service usage and hope to be instrumental in future service development.


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