Twirling interface developed for mobile ambient communication


Twirling interface developed for mobile ambient communication

“Whirled Worlds”, under development by the Spatial Media Group at the University of Aizu, is a twirling interface which uses a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, as a physical interface for whole body interaction.

“We’re exploring mobile ambient communication. ‘Mobile’ refers to personal communication devices such as mobile phones, ‘ambient’ refers to roomware, software for rooms. So the idea is personal control of public shared displays.”

Examples of mobile ambient communication include choosing an audio source by pointing a smartphone in different directions, or navigating panoramic images by changing the angle of the device.

The group is also developing a variety of games and other applications which support this interface.

“We envision developing smart toys, games that develop ones body and ones mind, for whole body entertainment. So instead of just using a keyboard and mouse for a computer interface, we engage the entire body.”

“Poi,” integrates dance and juggling, and features a weight whirled at the end of a tether.
“Padiddling,” akin to plate spinning, is a trick popularized by flying disc freestylists.
The group has developed both poi and padiddling controllers for smartphones and tablets,
taking classic performance arts and giving them a modern multimedia expression.

“Right now, were working on multimedia juggling, and a collaborative music performance. We’re especially interested in augmented reality, the idea that a scene is composed of half sampled data, for instance photographic data or motion capture data, and half is synthesized data, for instance computer graphics.”


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