5 ‘Mad Men’-Era Developments Still in Use Today




As the advertising-agency drama Mad Men debuts its sixth season on Sunday, many of the things you see on the show will look similar to what we have today. We’re not talking about miniskirts and knee-high boots, but rather ATMs and cable TV.

The show’s sixth season begins in the late ’60s, a period that saw exciting developments in flight, medicine, banking, TV and communications. And much that was new then is still the norm in 2013.

Jumbo jets: On Sept. 30, 1968, the first Boeing 747 rolled out of a gargantuan assembly plant in Everett, Wash. The “jumbo jet” or “queen of the skies” was set to revolutionize the commercial airline industry with the largest passenger plane, able to carry 374 passengers. Fast forward to 2013, when Boeing’s next big contribution to passenger flight, its 787 Dreamliner, was grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration due to battery problems. Boeing’s 747 line has carried 3.5 billion people since its maiden flight in the late ’60s and continues to be the most popular jumbo jet in the skies. Read more…

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