5 Tips for Cold-Emailing Your Dream Employer




Jess Adamiak is on a mission to help you communicate better. Her online Skillshare class, Stop Sending Ineffective Emails: How to Write to Get Results, kicks off April 10th. Before dedicating her life to email evangelism, Jess worked as an editor for The Huffington Post, American Express Publishing, and Hearst Digital. Contact her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you’ve read an article about job searching — ever — chances are you know that 70% to 80% of positions never get advertised. This reality is mega-frustrating when you’re hunting for a new gig. You can hit up desirable employers directly, but the “cold” email method is rife with uncertainty. Is reaching out to someone you’ve never met even worth the effort? Well, yes and no: The counterintuitive trick to cold-emailing employers is to never send a cold email. No matter how clear, concise or witty your message, its likelihood of yielding the desired response — actually, any response — is low. Employers are busy, their inboxes are packed and you’re a stranger. Read more…

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