The Engadget Interview: Mark Setrakian of Syfy’s Robot Combat League (video)


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From the latest harbinger of the robopocalypse from Boston Dynamics to more friendly looking machines like Romo, Engadget has a longstanding love affair with all forms of robots. Syfy channel’s newest show, Robot Combat League (RCL), has provided us with twelve new objects of robotic affection –and the best part is, we get to watch them destroy each other in gladiatorial fashion. RCL isn’t the first show to have ‘bots do battle on TV, of course, but it is the first to have the robots be humanoid avatars that mimic the movements of the people operating them. Mark Setrakian is the man who designed and built the dozen robots on the show, and we recently got the opportunity to chat with him about how he did it.

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