This Week’s Greatest Moments in 23 Photos




While you were working, playing and going about your life this week, we were watching the world for you. Look what we found: Nothing less than 23 memorable pics of the week’s greatest moments from across the globe

In Germany, a Jewish Museum exhibit sparked great controversy by featuring a Jewish person sitting in a plastic enclosure and floating yarmulkes. The Mitsuyama Taisai festival in Japan also gathered a lot of attention with its horse-riding archers and sumo wrestlers

This week also highlighted the work of Jim Kemp, the sculptor currently creating wax head figures of members of the band One Direction. The sculptures will be part of an exhibit traveling with the band that will launch in London before going to New York and Sydney. Baseball season opened at Yankee Stadium with a matchup between the boys in pinstripes and their long-time rivals, the Boston Red Sox Read more…

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