Fuwatoro Eggs for the creamiest breakfast egg-sperience


Fuwatoro Eggs for the creamiest breakfast egg-sperience

“With Fuwatoro Eggs, our aim was that when you break an egg, what comes out is a cooked egg so soft and moist, you’d think it had been made by a first-rate chef. You can’t tell how good Fuwatori Eggs are unless you try them, but we expect they’ll have a very wide range of applications.”

“The main difference is that the egg is beaten at a high speed without coming in contact with air, so no bubbles can form. This results in it’s smooth texture.”

“The beaten eggs are checked by shining light on them. When eggs don’t let light through, it shows they’ve been mixed thoroughly. Next, we boil the eggs. Here, we’re just using demonstration equipment. While the eggs are being boiled, the temperature is controlled. Here’s the result.”

“Even if the temperature is too high or low, the eggs don’t get foamy. The time and temperature are controlled hundreds of times. By using our patent-pending technology to heat the eggs, we’ve succeeded in achieving soft, moist cooked eggs while they’re in their shells.”

“We’re marketing Fuwatoro Eggs with the catchphrase, “a new sensation in eggs on rice.” But this idea could also be used for sweet dishes, and many other possibilities, too. We’re still in the process of getting suggestions from customers. So, we’re very excited, as we expect these eggs will be appearing in all kinds of places.”


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