Vine User Inks Deal With ‘Peanuts’ Gang




Khoa Phan‘s stop-motion animations on Vine have caught the attention of Peanuts Worldwide, the new owners of the popular Peanuts comic strips starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends

In a deal announced Monday, Phan will create 12 Vines using Twitter’s six-second video service for Peanuts Worldwide. The Vines will focus on specific themes: Snoopy, his dog house, Linus’s blanket, Lucy’s psychiatry booth, Schroeder’s music, Woodstock, football, baseball, the Great Pumpkin, the kite-eating tree — and of course, the Little-Red-Haired Girl.

“The Khoa Phan-Vine deal is part of a larger strategy we’ve had in place for Peanuts for several years — which is to continue to make Snoopy relevant with the young and hip crowd,” Cory Cole, social media director for Peanuts, told Mashable. “The brand really lends itself to social media with its simplicity and ability to emote.” Read more…

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