Google’s Father’s Day doodle celebrates dads’ multiple roles


To celebrate Father’s Day, Google’s doodlers offer an interactive glimpse of all the things dads have been and are.


Sunday is the day when fathers are celebrated for what they are: bankers.

Well, and stoics, gardeners, philosophers, carpenters, tap dancers, soccer coaches, barbecuers — and, of course, miserable, grouchy men.

For all these reasons and many more, Google would like you to celebrate the man whose chemicals helped bring you into the world.

In another touching little doodle, you click Google’s second “o” and you see in the “l” a compendium of different dads’ roles and personalities, as if it’s just one day in a dad’s life.

Naturally, Google would like to suggest ways in which you can make your dad happy on this day. (Yes, you can click through to gift suggestions.)

Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries today — from Kuwait to Cyprus, Ghana to the Netherlands.

Originally, it was invented because fathers felt intensely jealous that there was a Mother’s Day, while they were left without a Sunday on which they would get a special Hallmark card and a cheap cigar.

Now, it has blossomed into a veneration of the finer side of fatherhood.

However you choose to honor, please, delight, surprise or tolerate your father today, please remember this: somewhere inside, he knows what he’s really like, so he’ll be very, very grateful.


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