5 Must-Have Samsung Accessories


Samsung makes some truly spectacular smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, which sold 7 million units in its first month, according to GSM Arena. When you have a top-of-the-line smartphone that can play all of the latest mobile games and multi-task so many apps, you want to make sure you’re treating it right. Here are five must-have add-ons that will make you happy, and keep it running for a long time.

Wireless Charger

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Stuff.tv has its eye on many new and upcoming smartphone accessories, listing the Samsung wireless charging kit as one of those accessories you never knew you needed, but won’t know what to do without once you have it. Wireless charging kits work through a case you put on the phone that allows it to connect to the plate without any wires. Just set it down, and when you go back to pick up your Samsung phone, it will be completely charged and ready to go.

Rugged Cases

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If there’s one thing you never want to skimp on, it’s the case. You put your smartphone through a lot of trauma throughout the day. Instead of hoping it won’t shatter or fall into the water, protect it with a heavy-duty case. From the fashionable to the rugged, the Wireless Boys recommend a number of cases that allow you to use your smartphone in peace without worrying about whether it’s going to die an untimely death or not.

Screen Protectors

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Touch screens are a great piece of technology, but they’re also rather fragile. Instead of hoping you’ll avoid a smashed screen, take every precaution you can. Pair your new rugged Samsung case with a protector that will do its best to stop the screen from breaking.

GPS Holder Windshield Mount

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It’s difficult to follow GPS directions when you have your phone sitting beside you in the passenger seat. It’s also not safe, so instead of risking your life and others and hefty fines for driving distracted, use a GPS holder that mounts onto your windshield. This mount is easy to install, as it uses suction cups to keep on the glass. You can see at a glance where the reference map is taking you, in case you’re worried about the GPS leading you off into the woods in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, only iPhone map apps do that to their users.

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