Google Calendar taps Maps for location autocomplete suggestions, and shows relevant events as you search


Google has announced a handful of updates for Google Calendar today, as it looks to make it quicker for users to manually complete entries for events and meetings.

Now when you enter an address in the location (‘where’) field, autocomplete taps Google Maps to throw up suggestions on your behalf. Anyone you share the invite with will be able to click the associated ‘Map’ link to ensure they end up at the correct place.

google calendar 1

In addition to this, now when you search for events in Calendar, you can simply type in keywords that are associated with the event and see planned meetings with that keyword in it as you type. This means you can quickly narrow down on the correct day/time, and saves you having to type different sets of keywords and hit ‘search’ after each one.

google calendar 2

Finally, if you’ve ever been part of a Group invite, you’ll know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep tabs on changes within the Group. As such, Google is making it easier to see who exactly is attending an event, by automatically updating the guest list as people come and go within a particular group.


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