The Future of Health Technology


Labs In Your Pocket

This new app and sock brings the convenience of a lab/doctors test to your smartphone. The Sensoria smart sock accurately monitors your running style and technique and helps you correct any mistakes you make to prevent injuries.

Another great bit of kit is the Valencell’s PerformTech in-ear heart-rate monitor calibrated my V02Max (a common measure of endurance).

Quality rest is just as important as exercise and that’s where these great apps come in; The Basis B1 wristwatch, Sleeprate app, and Withing’s Aura bed pad will diagnose the quality of the major stages of sleep, including crucial REM cycles.

The Digital Mother

“Sit up straight and brush your teeth!” Sometimes, we know exactly what we’re supposed to do, but just aren’t very good at following through. The latest health tech is here to gently nag you into better health.

The Lumo Lift is a vibrating shirt pin that buzzes whenever it detects slouched shoulders.

For objects around the house, the aptly named “Mother” device imbues everyday objects with the nagging power of our lovely moms.’s Mother interacts with satellite “cookies” that know when and how an object is being used; for instance, whether a bottle of pills is being picked up and poured upside down. The same goes for a jar to water the plants (available in the spring).

2014 is going to be an exciting year for digital health. For years, technology has conspired to transform our upright bodies into hunched-back zombies. Now, it’s helping us do the opposite to become better and healthier!


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