Swisscom Ventures Backs Lemoptix For Mobile Phone Projection


Switzerland-based Lemoptix develops micro-projection technology that is embedded in mobile phones, automotive heads-up-displays, and low-powered wearable displays. The company has raised an undisclosed new round of funding from existing investors and new strategic investor, Swisscom Ventures, the venture arm of the Swiss telco.

Lemoptix is a break away from the highly respected Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2008. Lemoptix produces MEMS-based micro-projection technology to enable tiny, low powered projection displays to be embedded in mobile phones, HUDs and other wearables so that content can be displayed on a nearby surface or projected within the device itself, bypassing the typical limitations of physical displays. It then licenses this tech to partners and customers, supporting them through the initial development stages, prototyping, all the way to the industrialisation and production of new products.

“Google Glass (and surrounding hype) has had an incredible effect on the market, which has seriously sparked competing consumer electronics device manufacturers who don’t want to be left behind to take action,” Lemoptix CEO Marco Boella tells TechCrunch. “I don’t know of many of these that wouldn’t in some way or another be looking into or developing these systems.”


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