Smart Lighting System Using Existing Lights


Smart home lighting is a growing industry with established companies like Philips and LIFX already established players but one new boy on the scene is Brightup that offers a different approach. Rather than selling proprietary products they offer the ability to use existing lamps and bulbs as part of your smart lighting system. The Brightup system includes dimmers and is connected to and controlled by a central hub via Z-Wave RF tech, to provide remote dimming and smart programming for the lighting systems in your house. For example you can set the lights to switch off when you leave your house or set ambient lighting for later times of the day.

The Hamburg-based company is raising funds on Indiegogo in order to get started and you can get a starter packs including a central unit and three in-wall or socket connectors for €199 or $272 U.S.. The cost is a lot and is more expensive than the established companies in this new and growing sector but with the option to use existing hardware their is a market for them.


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