5 Best Magnetic CB Antenna Reviews 2020 – Beginners Guide

Looking for a super-easy to install CB antenna? If so, you can’t go wrong with the best magnetic CB antenna. Beside painless mounting, this type of antenna has fantastic performance and can give your radio a really good transmission range.

However, the magnetic CB antennas you’ll find on the market are NOT the same. They vary significantly in terms of quality, performance, and features. In the following post, we’ll give you the finest, most popular magnetic CB antennas you can purchase today.

Are magnetic CB antennas good?

For those who have never used a magnetic CB antenna before, you might be skeptical about whether it’s the right choice for your CB radio. This is pretty understandable given that a CB antenna dictates the performance of your CB radio.

The truth about the mag mount antennas is that they enjoy exceptional popularity among CB radio users. Why? We give you the MAIN reasons below:

Easy to install

The no.1 reason why every trucker, off-road lover, emergency response unit, cops, and all the other CB radio users are rushing to get a magnetic CB antenna is how incredibly easy it is to install. You just need to place it where you want it to go, and you’re done. The fact that they’re shipped with all the necessary parts makes the installation hassle-free as you don’t have to go looking for individual parts.

Outstanding performance

The other top reason why these antennas have such a huge fan base is the exceptional performance they bring with them. The top-rated models come with a great length, which translates to better reception. The result is a boost in clarity and efficiency. You can trust a 3-feet magnetic CB antenna to offer you an effective range of around 3-4 miles.

Easy to remove

If you only use your CB radio less frequently, say during weekend trail trips only, then you’d want to get an antenna that’s easy and quick to remove, without the need to unscrew any bolts or nuts. The magnetic mount antenna perfectly fits this description. You just lift it up from your vehicle, and that’s it! Easy-breezy, right?

Our Best Magnetic Mount CB Antenna Reviews:

1. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

This is one of the most popular magnet mount antenna you can get for your CB. It’s a product of Wilson, a respected name in the CB antenna industry. The antenna has a crazy power handling capability of up to 300 Watts, which means real performance.

One of the coolest features you’ll get from this antenna is the large 10oz magnet. This makes the antenna stay attached to your vehicle while boosting its durability and resilience in the face of various forms of beatings and interceptions.

The Little Will comes with an aerodynamic design that enhances its endurance. It prevents the antenna from thrashing away against winds and dry weather.

As for construction quality, this Wilson has no match. It features a 36-inch stainless steel whip and comes built with high-impact thermoplastic material for the ultimate longevity. Moreover, it has a low loss coil made with 14-gauge copper wire for increased clarity in your communication.

As a mag mount antenna, the installation part is straightforward and fast. The antenna even features a rubber cover at the base to prevent the magnet from forming scratch marks on your vehicle.

Highlighted Feature:

  • 300 Watt power handling capability
  • Large 10oz magnet-Stainless steel whip base load antenna
  • High-impact thermoplastic construction
  • Heavy-duty low loss coil design

2. K40 K-30 CB Antenna

The K40 K-30 CB Antenna is another best mag mount CB antenna loved by CB radio users all over. Like our previously discussed antenna, this K40 also offers you excellent power handling capability of up to 300 Watts.

One of the top features of this antenna that make it stand out involves the magnet. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty magnet that enables it to remain securely in place once you mount it on your vehicle.

We also like that this antenna arrives at your doorstep with prewired 95% shielded coax cable to eliminate background noises for quality signals. The antenna has a great length of up to 35 inches for enhanced signal reception. The cable measures up to 15 feet and comes stranded to prevent a potential breakup. This makes it the perfect choice if you hit the rough trails/off-road more often.

Keep in mind that this antenna comes with a PL-259 connector that does a decent job. It also has a 180-degree radius tip. And a stainless steel whip of 35 inches.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Up to 15 feet long antenna cable
  • 300 Watts power handling capability
  • 35-inch 17-7 stainless steel whip
  • Strong magnet w/strong adhesives

3. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

If you’re looking for the perfect magnet mount CB antenna for the money, this Tram 703-HC is a great choice. The resilient design and performance of this antenna make it an excellent choice for SUVs and trucks.

One of the things that make this antenna popular is the durable, heavy-duty magnet. This enables your antenna to stay in place even in windy weather or when it brushes against various obstacles.

You’ll also like the perfect length of 2 feet that comes with this antenna. This not only gives it a great look but also takes its performance over the roof. The antenna tip is 100% adjustable and tunable to help maximize the signal reception.

The CB antenna boasts an extra-long (17ft.) cable that makes the installation hassle-free while further improving its performance. This antenna covers all the CB frequencies, so it’ll give you access to any channel you want to listen to.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Covers all CB frequencies
    Stainless steel whip
  • 3.5-inch magnet mount
  • Measures 2 feet tall
  • Whopping 17-feet cable included

4. Cobra 36 Inch Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

Cobra HGA 1500

When it’s from Cobra, you know it’s a good magnet mount CB antenna. Cobra has enjoyed its spot as one of the top-rated manufacturers of top-quality CB radios and parts that are well received by users all over the states.

This particular antenna comes equipped with a non-marring, 4-inch heavy-duty magnet. This not only ensures the magnet doesn’t scratch your vehicle paint, but it stays throughout. And when you don’t need it, you can easily remove it by lifting it off the surface you have attached it to.

Another cool thing about this antenna is the 15 feet match-braided coaxial antenna it comes equipped with for a stable performance. The stainless steel whip assures you of endurance in all weather conditions.

Best part? Unlike most of the antennas you have used before, this Cobra doesn’t offer you excellent SWR without requiring any prior adjustments.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and durable magnetic mount CB antenna with an incredible performance, this Cobra won’t disappoint you. The antenna is ideal for use in trucks, SUVs, and other recreational vehicles.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Heavy-duty 4-inch magnet
  • 15-ft coaxial cable
  • Works with all CB radios
  • 300 Watta power handling capability

5. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna

Midland 18-2442

Straight from Midland, another reputable name in the CB world, this antenna works with all Midland mobile CB radios as well as other similar units from other brands.

This is a 29.5-inch long antenna that features a center loaded coil for increased efficiency.

It features a plastic-coated strong magnetic base. The plastic part helps ensure that this antenna doesn’t leave those ugly scratches on your vehicle. Plus, it prevents rust and corrosion from catching up with your car. The magnetic itself is strong enough to stay in place throughout the period you’ll be using it.

Just like the previously discussed antennas, this Midland also features 17-7 stainless steel whip for high performance and ability to withstand various weather conditions. The whip even has a relief spring affixed to it to minimize damages, say when riding on rough roads or jarring muddy loads.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Center load mag mount antenna
  • 17-7 stainless steel whip
  • Prewired with cable & connector
  • Plastic coated magnetic base
  • Comes prewired for easy installation

Things To Look For Before Buying

Shopping for the best magnetic mount CB antenna for the first time? Don’t have a clue where to begin your selection process? Don’t panic. Below, we have outlined some crucial factors to help you easily navigate to the most suitable CB antenna for your unique needs.

Antenna length

One of the things to look for when choosing a magnetic antenna for your CB radio is its overall length. Apart from affecting the quality of the signal, the length of the antenna will also affect the clearance you have over your vehicle. The taller the antenna you get, the better the range boost you’ll get.

As for the clearance, you need to keep in mind where you’ll be riding your vehicle. Is your path characterized by tunnels and under tracks? Where will you be parking your truck? All these will give you a clue on the ideal length of the antenna to buy.

Power handling capability

Another essential consideration to make when picking a magnetic mount CB antenna is its power handling capabilities. This is because this factor greatly contributes to the clarity of signals your antenna intercepts. The higher the wattage, the better the reception. As much as possible, look for antennas with up to 300 Watts power handling as they tend to offer a remarkable reception.

Construction materials

Yes, you should also check the materials used to construct the antenna you want to buy. The trick here is to go for an antenna designed using materials that stay strong for an extended period of time without showing any signs of damage. The materials should also be weather-resistant since you’ll be hooking the antenna on your truck. Stainless steel is the most preferred material for these CB antennas by the top manufacturers.


We said that magnet CB antennas come as all-in-in packages. This means that they come with a coaxial cable included as well.  For this reason, you’ll need to check the cable quality as it directly affects the antenna performance. Aside from quality, you’ll also need to consider how long cable is. The perfect length will depend on the size of your vehicle. For trucks, 18-wheelers, and other larger vehicles, you’ll need a longer cable.

Magnetic mount

A magnetic CB antenna employs a magnet at its base to be installed on your vehicle. That said, it’s important to check the mount that comes with your antenna. Ensure you get one with a heavy-duty magnet that securely attaches your antenna in place and prevents it from being knocked by winds.

Also, make sure the magnet has a non-abrasive surface to prevent scratching your vehicle paint. Some manufacturers use a rubber base or plastic coating on the mount to prevent it from scratching your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a magnetic antenna?

This is a type of CB audio antenna designed for use in the vehicle. It mounts to your truck, jeep, wheeler, etc., using a magnetic base. They come equipped with strong and durable magnets that securely hold them in place throughout your trip.

Q: Does a magnetic CB antenna need to be grounded?

Not really. Unlike other types of antennas, you don’t need to ground your magnetic CB antenna. By placing it on your antenna magnetic base into contact with the metal part of your vehicle, you’ve already achieved grounding by capacitive coupling.

Q: How do you install a mag mount antenna?

Installing a CB antenna in your vehicle is easy as pie! You start by selecting the most suitable location for mounting it. Remember, the place you choose will also act as its ground. Most people prefer the center of the car roof.

Once you have identified a suitable spot, set the magnetic mount right there.

Now connect the coaxial cable included in the box to the antenna, making sure very little of it is showing. Also, avoid running the wire next to any cords, as this may lead to electrical interferences.

Finally, tune your antenna to optimize your CB system; an SWR meter will make this step easier for you.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read through this guide, you know all the crucial details you need to know before buying a magnetic antenna for your CB antenna. You also have an idea of what are some of the best magnetic CB antenna models on the market today. You’re fully equipped to get your first magnetic CB antenna for outstanding performance.

  • Updated May 13, 2020
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