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10 Best RV Recliners – Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

by Alice Davis

Do you love to relax? Are you the type of person who loves cracking up a cold one and watching some TV while you're on the road? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this article is perfect for you. Recliners are the second most crucial thing when it comes to enjoying an RV ride, the first thing being the RV itself.

To really enjoy that ever so long RV ride, or just to put your feet up and relax while the RV is parked at home, the best RV recliners should be on your purchase list.

Here is where we come in, this article will list down the top grade recliners currently available on the market and also gives you a good idea on how to choose one that best meets your needs.

10 Best RV Recliners - Reviews and Buying Guide 2023
10 Best RV Recliners - Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Best RV Recliners Reviews

Best RV Recliners Reviews
Best RV Recliners Reviews

Buying a recliner is a relatively expensive investment, an investment that should be taken carefully. Since everyone has varied needs, we've decided to write about the top ten best recliners available in the market. Each recliner in this review is designed differently from the other, ensuring you get the product that helps satisfy your needs.

1. RecPro Charles 58″ Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat

RecPro Charles 58
RecPro Charles 58

If you're on the lookout for recliners for RV campers, RecPro is one of the most trustworthy brands that you can go for. RecPro is a brand that has been specializing in RV equipment for quite a few years, so they know what they're doing.

For this 58″ wall hugger recliner, the company has gone all-in producing a product that steps out from the rest of the market.

The company has made sure the entire experience of using the product is as smooth as possible, starting from the installation. For easy installation, the company has broken down the product into a modular design. Meaning, you're no longer going to have to struggle to try and fit in the recliner through the RV's narrow doors.

Built using 100% Suprima fabric makes sure that you get the most comfortable feel while sitting on the recliner. The fabric also comes in handy when it's time to clean; the easy stain removal abilities of the fabric allows stains to be wiped off the chair with nothing but some detergent and a mopping cloth.

Furthermore, the seats feature some technological improvements as well. The recliner uses a high power motor to run the powered reclining abilities of the chair. Additionally, the recliner is built with some hi-tech features as well; features such as LED cup holders and USB charging ports provide the cherry on top.


  • Built using 100% Suprima fabric
  • Easy to install
  • Powered reclining abilities
  • USB port for charging phones
  • Includes LED cup holders


  • Available in only four colors
  • Does not come with a dividing armrest

2. RecPro Charles 67″ Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa

EcPro Charles 67
EcPro Charles 67

The 67″ wall hugger is quite similar to the 58″ recliner; however, this sofa steps up the game with a few extra features. But in a fundamental sense, it's relatively the same; the machine features the same 110V plugin motor able to drive the sofa's reclining abilities smoothly.

A greater width of the sofa at 67″ means you're getting an abundant amount of space on the recliner to relax. A few extra inches on the recliner make each chair of the sofa a very comfortable place for a nap.

Other than the already highly cushioned sofa, you also have a middle armrest installed onto this chair for increased seating comfort.

To further help you get through those long RV journeys, the sofa comes with a few tech-based tricks that help make life easier. The cup holders on the sofa come with a USB charging port included. This concealed port should allow you to watch a movie on your smartphone while you relax on your sofa.

Furthermore, the build quality for the 67″ model has been kept the same as the 58″ one. This model uses 100% Suprima fabric on the surface of the sofa, giving it that well-known and desired soft sofa feel.

The fabric also ensures the impressive longevity of the sofa through its easy cleaning and maintenance of overall rigidity and shape.


  • Suprima fabric provides easy to clean abilities
  • Comes in a modular setup for easy installation
  • Powered reclining abilities
  • USB charging port included on the cupholder
  • Equipped with a middle armrest


  • Only four colors available
  • The middle armrest takes away the recliners love seat capabilities

3. Charles 70″ Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa

Charles 70
Charles 70

If you're on the lookout for a higher-end sofa that adds a premium touch to your RV, then Charles should be on top of your list. The Charles is another creation that originates from RecPro, thus making the machine one of the best dual RV recliners you'll find.

However, good things come at a price, and Charles is certainly not a bargain. With the recliner's 70″ body, you're getting more than enough space on the sofa to give yourself the ultimate relaxation abilities.

The extra elbow room that you're getting on the recliner makes it a great way to watch movies with your loved ones. Fit in a TV onto the RV; this paired with the recliner will make the boring long rides boring no more.

Another advantage of being such a large couch is that the manufacturers have been able to fit in a storage compartment right under the armrest. Thus, ensuring that movies remain uninterrupted and pure relaxation is achieved on your vacation.

The 12″ width of the compartment allows you to stuff up the space with snacks for an entire movie, at least.

Not unlike the other machines, the recliner also features a powerful motor that allows the sofa to slide into a comfortable seating position smoothly. All this reclining happens through the push of a button that is located conveniently on the cupholder.

The LED lights and the USB charging added to the cupholder make this recliner even more fun.


  • Large 70″ body for extra comfort
  • Storage compartment for keeping snacks
  • Powered recliner system
  • Premium light and breathable fabric with unique design and color
  • Convenient to reach buttons


  • The unique design is only available in one color
  • Price is relatively high

4. La-Z-Boy 67″ RV Camper Double Recliner Couch

La-Z-Boy 67
La-Z-Boy 67

The La-Z-Boy is a name well known in the American recliner market. This name has come into play due to La-Z-Boy's generations' worth of exceptional products that beat most other brands in the market in terms of quality and reliability.

If you're looking for something simple yet brilliantly built, then this dual RV recliners should fit in perfectly.

Its simple yet elegant design and different color patterns available make it the perfect recliner addition to most RVs. The La-Z-Boy, however, is a somewhat more space occupying sofa.

The recliner needs a 4″ gap from your RV's wall to be able to function correctly, and this might prove like an issue for those of you with smaller sized RVs.

Included in the RV is a mechanical lever system that will allow you to adjust the sofa's reclining abilities. These levers and handles provide the most satisfying and smooth movements, with the best part being they don't have to rely on electricity.

Therefore, there are no worries about a motor or electrical system on the recliner dying out.

Additionally, you have very conveniently placed cupholders placed perfectly in reach of the user, so they don't need to move much while reaching out for their drink. Furthermore, the recliner has used a woven fabric and foam padded material; these materials keep the sofa cool, even when you're driving in extremely hot climates.


  • Simple design with unique colors available
  • Large seating space for more comfortable seating
  • Sports a smooth mechanical reclining system
  • Does not drain out RV's battery to function
  • Center console provides an armrest for long movie marathons


  • The sofa is relatively large in size
  • Not being modular will make installation in RV tough

5. Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair
Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

The Jummico, which is essentially a home theater chair, proves to be a fantastic addition when you put it to the test on an RV. This chair is claimed as the bestseller for home use and proves itself yet again on the RV.

From the stylish looks down to high functionality, the chair is a fantastic piece of furniture for you to consider.

Above all the thick and comfortable padding provided on the chair, the Jummico uses a very light and breathable fabric. This breathability makes the fabric an excellent addition for the RVs to keep the seats cool and fresh even in hot conditions. However, this fabric does become a bit of a pain when it comes to cleaning up.

The entire body of the reclining system is supported using a steel frame; these give the recliner much better support. The rigidity of the steel frames also makes an excellent addition for traveling on bumpy roads in your RV.

Additionally, the steel frames are designed in a way to allow limited reclining movement for different resting positions.

These steel frames run using a heavy-duty motoring system; these motors are controlled by a remote that adjusts the height of the recliner exactly to the requirement.

Other than the reclining, the seat also includes massagers; these should make your RV feel somewhat like a spa, making your vacation really feel like one too.


  • Includes a massager
  • Steel frames for rugged support
  • Immensely breathable fabric
  • Beautiful and uniques design with different color variations
  • Different reclining modes included


  • Cleaning the seats is quite a hassle
  • Electric motors tend to form issues

6. RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Swivel Glider RV Recliner

RecPro Charles Collection | 30
RecPro Charles Collection | 30

The uncomfortable RV seats on long haul journeys can have quite a toll on your body, some bad enough to make you regret coming on the trip in the first place. Why have such an uncomfortable trip when you can ride in ultimate comfort with the Charles 30″ recliner, another creation coming from RecPro.

For the build of this 30″ recliner, Rec Pro has relied on a complete metal base and swivel system. Thus, providing the recliner with an exceptionally well-built structure, allowing it to survive those extreme bumpy road conditions.

The swivel adds a fun little element to the chair, allowing it to spin around so that you can avoid having to get up.

On this single-seater, RecPro has gone on a more classical route by giving the chair a faux leather covering. The classic leather tone gives the recliner a much more premium feel and livens up the environment inside the RV.

Additionally, you can find the same material cover in four different finishes; thus, you'll be able to match it with the RV's interior.

This entire single-seater setup comes as a modular broken down version, meaning you don't have to push a large chair through the RV doors.

Instead, all you need to do is spend 5 mins putting together this chair while inside the RV. Additionally, with a total width of 30″ and a length of 30 ¼", the recliner shouldn't use much space in your RV.


  • Compact design for space-saving
  • Premium leather faux material
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • Modular design for easy installation
  • Completely padded for greater comfort


  • Leather faux heats up in warm weathers
  • 12 inches of clearance required for reclining

7. RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner

RecPro Charles 28
RecPro Charles 28

For all the RecPro RV furniture reviews we have done, the Euro chair is one of the unique products you'll come along too. It's a chair that keeps the strong ideals of the brand for good quality and reliability alive.

However, this time, you'll find the chair has been designed in a more modernistic view to meet the designs of the modern RV.

The unique design of the chair is not only something that makes it look far more streamlined, but it also is a more practical option. With its streamlined profile, this 28″ single-seater recliner takes up much less space than a regular chair would while providing a similar amount of comfort.

For the reclining, the chair uses a mechanical tension rod reclining system. These rods allow the chair to provide a deeper, reclining setting.

The mechanical system further ensures a smooth and quick adjustment that doesn't require any motor system. Thus, you save yourself from depleting your RV's battery and have lesser issues to address.

To match with your RV, you can get the chair in three different colors, which should be able to fit into most color templates. Lastly, the entire support setting of the chair is made using a mix of steel rods and mahagony wood. Where the steel provides the structure, the mahogany gives the chair an extremely premium finish.


  • Made using a steel and mahogany structure
  • Compact style recliners
  • Smooth reclining mechanism
  • Unique and modern design with flavorful colors
  • Lightweight and easy to move around and install


  • Not as comfortable as a traditional recliner
  • Only three colors to choose from

8. THOMAS PAYNE Euro Recliner Chair with Footrest

THOMAS PAYNE Euro Recliner Chair With Footrest
THOMAS PAYNE Euro Recliner Chair With Footrest

If you're looking for a similar piece of reclining equipment, as mentioned in the previous review, but at a lower price, then we highly recommend this chair. Don't get us wrong! The price may be lower, but Thomas Payne is a company that in no way delivers poorly when it comes to quality, reliability, or style.

This Euro chair from Thomas Payne is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. It comes with extra comfortable foam padding and a quite stylish Poly Hyde upholstery being used. Not only does the covering have a great feel to it, but it also provides easy cleaning and low maintenance abilities.

The Euro chair further moves on to have an extremely smooth mechanical reclining system put in. These mechanical parts move in the swiftest of motions while also being able to take on 250 pounds of load. Such high maximum weights are possible mainly due to the steel structure of the chair and the high-grade wood.

Furthermore, this chair is not limited to just reclining; you also have the smooth bearing system underneath that gives you the ability to do a full 360-degree swivel. Surprisingly, a full swivel on this chair in an RV is completely possible due to the compact and lightweight design it boasts.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Smooth mechanical adjustment systems
  • High max carry loads
  • 360-degree swivel abilities
  • Deeper reclining motions for more comfort


  • Only available in two colors
  • Doesn't use a premium wooden material

9. THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider Recliner

THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider Recliner
THOMAS PAYNE Swivel Glider Recliner

Recliners for RVs come in many shapes and sizes, but what stands out the most is the traditional single seater recliners. These recliners cut right at the sweet spot since they're not only relatively cheaper than dual seaters; they also take up quite less space.

With all its advantages, we had to include another swivel glider, this time by Thomas Payne.

Not unlike the ones we reviewed before, the recliner, in this case, possesses most of the same features you'd expect to find. For example, this recliner comes with some of the smoothest mechanical adjustment systems in the market.

These systems, paired with high-density foaming, provide one of the most comfortable reclining experiences.

Over the foam pads, the chair is covered with an easy to maintain upholstery. Thus, giving you a chair that can be cleaned up and prepped quite quickly and easily - very handy when on long haul RV rides. Moreover, the fabric used on top of the cover can be varied by selecting one of the few options the company has to provide.

There are, however, a few slight issues we'd like to make you aware of; the first one would be the size of the chair. Since this is not a compact chair, it takes up quite a lot of your RV's floor space. Additionally, there is also the issue that the deep reclining position will need quite a bit of clearance to be fully utilized.


  • High-density foam used for greater comfort
  • Easy to clean fabrics used
  • Comes with a few color and fabric options
  • Robust steel frameworks and mechanicals
  • Provides a complete 360-degree swivel ability


  • Large-sized recliner
  • Require quite some wall clearance

10. Camper Comfort 58″ RV Theater Seat Recliner

Camper Comfort 58
Camper Comfort 58

For those of you looking for a simple fix to their RV's interiors, the 58″ dual seat recliner from Camper Comfort provides a fairly sweet deal. Not only is the sofa a simple fix to your seating needs, but it is also one that will provide your money's worth.

Even though the product is not the best in design, Camper Comfort makes sure to keep quality on top.

Its dual seating arrangement features an individual mechanical reclining system, which should allow each user to sit according to their own comfort. The recliner's fully mechanical adjustment system provides smooth movement of the couch, without the need for any gimmicky motors.

Not having to rely on electricity to adjust your recliner is a fairly relieving opportunity, more so for the older RVs that already have battery issues. Furthermore, the couch handles also include two cutouts that will function as your cup holders for the complete relaxing experience.

The relaxing experience is further complimented due to the thick foam pads that make up the couch, making it great fun to sit on.

These foam pads are covered with quite a comfortable linen fabric. The fabric may not be as colorful or premium as other competitors; however, it is breathable and light, making it great for hot climates.


  • Good value for money
  • Solid mechanical adjustment system
  • Includes cup holders
  • Thick foam pads
  • Individually reclining double seater


  • Size is relatively large
  • Installation might be an issue

Which Company Makes the Best RV Reclines?

From all the reviews you were provided above, it's quite apparent to see RecPro RV furniture reviews were the highest, and the reasons for that are relatively well-known.

RecPro-being a company entirely dedicated to creating equipment for RVs-has found itself specializing in these criteria. Therefore, when it comes to their customers, RecPro knows exactly what they need and try to provide accordingly.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

This bond with the customer is another reason why you'll find that RecPro, has one of the widest variety of RV-based recliners available. This variety starts from dual seating love seats to Euro chairs; RecPro has it all.

Another factor that makes them one of the best RV recliner manufacturers is their attention to detail and high-quality products. Each product by RecPro is designed to keep the highest standards in mind, thus making the products highly reliable and giving them extended longevity.

The recliners are also some of the best-looking RV furniture you'll find available on the market. Recliners are not only kept to trend with the types of colors and designs that go with most RVs, but the company also offers a selection of colors for the customer to design his/her RV using.

Things to Check Before Getting One

Before you end up buying a recliner just in terms of its looks, we want you to go through this section! The perfect recliner is a product that can meet your body's needs in terms of comfort, size, and many other factors. This buying guide should give you the necessary information that should help you make the right choice.


The first and most important factor to pay attention to while choosing the best RV recliners is the product size. RVs or recreational vehicles are large live-in vehicles with only a limited amount of space available for additional furniture to be added.

Additionally, the size factor is worsened when it comes to recliners due to the wall clearance required for the recliner to work.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

Although choosing the right recliner to fit your RV isn't much complicated, all you need to do is make sure to get the measurements right. Most recliner brands will provide a detailed sizing chart that shows the total amount of space the recliner needs in its normal and reclined position.

Once you have an idea of the space requirements, figure out the amount of space available on your RV using a tape measure. According to the collected data, figure out if the recliner you have your eye on will fit in or not.

We recommend going for more compact recliners or wall huggers when you find yourself being short on space. These products provide the same amount of comfort for a minimal loss in square footage.

Build Quality

The material that makes up a recliner determines how comfortable the overall feel of the recliner will be. Additionally, it also determines how your entire experience with the recliner is going to be as well.

When choosing the type of material that fits on to your recliner's foam padding, you first need to decide the type of trip you're looking forward to. For trips to hotter climates, fabrics like leather can have disastrous effects, as the fabric retains heat and will making sitting on the chair unbearable.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

For these types of weather, you need to consider purchasing a material that is not only light but also breathable. Thus, the fabric will allow a smooth flow of air, keeping the seat cool and fairly lovely and relaxing to sit on.

Other than just the density of the material, you must also check out how easy they are to maintain. RVs tend to get quite dirty being on the road and traveling large distances; this takes a toll on the look of the fabric.

In this case, make sure to purchase easy to clean fabric, from which stains can be rubbed out using mere household products.


Being a vast market with relatively different needs, the number of varieties available for a recliner sofa can be staggering. The ability to have a few choices is great; however, understanding which variation fits you the best is the tricky part.

For a basic understanding, we'll be breaking down the categories into two types - powered recliners vs. non-powered recliners and single-seater recliner vs. double-seater ones.

1. Non-Powered vs. Powered

Mechanical recliners have been around for ages, and they're some of the top category machines you'll find available in today's market. These non-powered recliners may not provide as much functionality as a powered recliner; however, they are incredibly smooth and relatively more comfortable to use.

The non-powered recliners further save you from having to use up your RV's electricity and depleting its batteries.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

On the other hand, powered motors do provide a very easy to use recliner adjustment system. The ability to fix your reclining position with not much than a push of the button is certainly a relaxing way to get things done.

Other than reclining, powered motors help include other features as well. These powered chairs include massagers built into the seats themselves. You'll also find the cupholders with LED lights and even USB charging ports to charge up your devices while you sit back and relax.

These differences will allow you to better choose between a non-powered recliner and a powered recliner.

2. Single Seater Recliner vs. Double Seating recliners

One of the most significant contradictions you'll fall into while purchasing a recliner is whether to get a single-seater one or a double seater. The answer to this will depend on many factors, including the type of use, price, no of travelers, etc.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

However, the factor that we're mainly going to be focusing on is the type of use each will be able to provide. The single-seater recliners are great if you're looking for something simple just to relax or even have a nap on.

On the other hand, double seaters are a great choice if you're on the road with a partner. The recliner can double as a bed, and if you put a TV in front, it could become a great place to watch a movie on.

Once you're done figuring out which type of recliner to go for, selecting the right product that fits your needs perfectly will become ever so easier.

RV Recliner Frequently Asked Questions

Can any regular recliner fit into an RV?

This answer will significantly depend on the type of recliner you're looking at while making the purchase. If the dimensions of the recliner fit onto your RV and the product isn't too heavy, then the product should perform pretty much the same job.

How many days can I expect my recliner to last?

Like any couch, recliners, too, have a pretty long product life if taken care of carefully. However, the addition of moving parts does cut this life short by a bit. Most recliners with frequent usage patterns should give you about ten years; service life is fairly higher if the recliner isn't in use often.

Can a recliner be bad for my health?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Overuse of a recliner does create cases of lower back problems in the future; this is due to the hollowed out pad at the bottom of the back support.

RV Recliners
RV Recliners

However, you can fix this problem easily by buying the right recliner that comes with the appropriate back support.

When should I consider changing my recliner?

The answer to this becomes apparent when the material of your recliner starts to sag. Saggy and worn-out fabrics and padding provide drastically lower support and can take a big toll on your body. Worn out recliners will also start squeaking through their weakened down frames, increasing the chances of the recliner breaking down.

How can I clean my RV recliner?

Recliners for RVs tend to get really dirty and dusty since they spend most of their time on the road. Cleaning these recliners is a challenge; however, you can easily get through this with a vacuum, some detergent, and a wet and dry cloth.

If you're looking for a deeper clean, you can buy specific recliner cleaning products from your local departmental store.

Final Words for RV Recliner Buyers

Finding the best RV recliners isn't something that you'll get right on the first try. You'll have to spend some time searching product lists to find the perfect fit for you and your RV. We hope this article helps cut down that researching time to make your life a little bit easier.

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