5 Best RV Blinds Review 2020 – Expert Buying Guide

Your RV is your second home. As such, it deserves the right window treatment that not only appeals to the eye but also gives you total control of your privacy, lighting. But choosing the perfect blinds for your RV is easier said than done. You’ll need to spend hours comparing various products to ensure you get the perfect RV shades.

We’re here to make your search for the best RV shades as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for new or replacement shades for your RV, we have done our research and put together some cool options that we’ll share with you below.

Can I use regular blinds in RV?

Regular blinds are not the same as the RV blinds. The latter are specifically made for recreational vehicles. Unlike the shades and blinds in your home, those made for RVs come with special modifications such as cordless lift controls, hold down brackets, etc., that enable you to install them in your RVs easily.

Your home blinds are mostly standard-sized. This means they won’t perfectly fit the spatiality windows in your recreational vehicle, camp van, or motorhome. This further explains the need to get blinds and shades specifically made to fit in all your RV windows.

There’s no shortage of RV blinds and shades. With soo many options at your exposal, why would you want to use regular blinds in your RV? The RV-specific blinds even come in various styles—including roller, solar, pleated, aluminum mini blinds, and more—giving you even more options. These blinds are also affordable, making them accessible to all RVers.

5 Best RV Blinds:

1. AP Products 015-201512 Slim Shade

This slim shade is one of the most popular window treatment options for travel trailer you can find on the market today. The shade comes packed as a window unit that directly replaces or upgrades your RV entry window door. This means you can also install it in a door with no window.

The shade features a black frame with a tinted window and recessed pleated shade that promotes easy privacy and light control. The tinted window plays a significant role in blocking the sun’s glare.

You won’t struggle to install this shade in your RV as all the screws required come included in the package. You just need a screwdriver to drive them in and put the shade in place. The included template makes the installation even easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Replaces existing window and frame
  • Easy installation, hardware included
  • Fits doors with 12" x 21" radius corner window
  • Glass tinted window blocks sun’s glare
  • Pull down blinds for privacy

2. Trader Blinds Light Filtering Cellular Shades

These are light filtering cellular shades designed to add privacy to your home on wheels without sacrificing the natural light. They softly disperse the incoming light to provide a soft luminosity around your home.

You’ll notice that the cellular shades come with a cordless lift. This is a hidden control system that eliminates the use of a lift cord and enables you to raise or lower your shades with a touch of the finger. This cordless design is a safer option if you have children or pets in your RV, and you mind their safety.

The cellular shades also do a great job of insulating your home against cold and heat, saving you the money used on energy. It’s also worth noting that the shade comes in up to five color options and multiple sizes to choose from, ensuring you get the perfect shades for your RV window sizes and style.

Regarding the construction, these shades are made using 100% polyester fabric to make them durable and long-lasting. All the hardware and instructions needed to install these shades in your RV are provided in the complete package for easy setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cordless lift for easy shade lifting/lowering
  • Insulates your home against heat and cold
  • Comes in multiple size options
  • Various colors to pick from
  • 100% polyester fabric construction

3. RecPro RV Blinds Pleated Shades

These pleated shades will also make the perfect upgrade or replacement to your RV. They come in an eye-appealing cappuccino color, which blends well with most RV interiors. Measuring 32’’ by 24’’, they’re sure to fit your RV windows perfectly, without any issues. They also come with mounting hardware to make it easy to install in your RV.

After you install these shades in your RV, you’ll be amazed by how well they block the harmful UV rays to protect you from getting skin cancer and other skin issues. By blocking these rays, the shades also keep your RV interior from fading.

Another fantastic benefit you get from these shades is the top-level privacy they grant. The material used to make them is incredibly thick and opaque, totally blocking the outsiders from peeping into your camper. This level of privacy is especially great for nighttime. Nevertheless, you can still raise/lower the shades to allow light to get in or have a peek at what’s going on outside your RV.

Despite the thickness, these shades feel pretty light, and won't collect dust and allergens that might affect your health. This also makes them effortless to clean. The shades feel sturdy and durable and will continue offering you privacy for a longer period of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Light design resists dust and allergens
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays
  • Opaque for high-level privacy
  • Cappuccino color is perfect for RV interior
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Durable and long-lasting

4. LUCKUP 3 Pack Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Fabric Shade


This shade is made using 100% non-woven fabric. This kind of fabric offers excellent breathability that allows clean air to flow into your RV. Bearing in mind that this material is also environment-friendly material, it doesn’t have any odors. The shades have a simplified design—with no bead chain, curtain line, and other enhancements—making it safe for pets and kids.

The shade material also does a great job blocking the harmful UV rays infrared light, keeping you safe from them. It also blocks most dust and allergens, further assuring you a comfortable RV interior. With the added light filtering capabilities, they allow less light to come in so that you still have enough light to see around your RV.

For the sake of aesthetics, this shade comes in several color options (white, grey, and black) to enable you to pick one that matches your RV interior.

Keep in mind that this shade is also straightforward to install as you simply need to cut/trim it to the right size and then paste it on the border of your RV window. The material itself feels sturdy, so the shades will stay on for a bit longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from breathable, eco-friendly material
  • Cuts of harmful UV rays, infrared light
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy to clean shade
  • Different color options to pick from
  • Light filtering capabilities

5. RV Door Window CloZures Shade

 CloZures Shutter

Lastly, in our list of the top RV window shades, we have this door window closure made for your recreational vehicle or travel trailer. The shade comes dedicated to controlling the sun’s glare, promote your privacy, and grant you the outside view by simply moving an integrated fingertip lever.

Operating this shade is extremely easy, as you don’t need to open your trailer entry or screen door. You simply close it using the integrated fingerprint lever to lock out the sun’s glare, harmful UV rays, interior heat and even enjoy your privacy when traveling or in the RV park.

Just like in the other products we have discussed above, you can slide open this shade to enjoy an unobstructed outside view…Or you can partially open it to see who’s knocking at your door.

Installing this shade is a breeze. The complete kit comes with tempered glass, CloZures shutter, control handle, and weather seal for hassle-free installation. The mounting screws are also included in the package, and you just need a screwdriver to put it in place.

With the dark brown, light beige, and white color options available, you should get a chance to choose one that blends with your RV interior for a more streamlined look.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Blocks the sun’s glare, UV rays, and heat
  • Lets you view the outside by turning a lever
  • Easy to install; all the necessary hardware included
  • Up to 3 color options to pick from

RV Blind Buying Guide For Newbies

First time buying RV window shades? Not sure where to start or what to look for? Choosing the right shades and blinds for your RV doesn’t have to be complicated if you focus on the key factors we have outlined below.


Cooling down your RV during the hot summer months can be a challenge. However, installing shades that regulate the heat entering your RV can go a long way in lowering the temperatures for a cooler interior. The solar shades reflect light while letting in natural light while cellular shades hold in the conditioned air in your RV.


You should also choose your RV blinds depending on what level of privacy you need. Models featuring a thicker fabric tend to offer the best level of privacy as they keep the light out completely. If you want to enjoy privacy while allowing some light to get in, go for shades made with less dense material.

Easy installation

The ease of installation of new blinds in your RV can vary depending on the blinds you buy. Make sure you get blinds that come with instructional manual and installation hardware to make the installation easy.


With repeated raising and lowering of your new blinds, wear and tear can catch up with them pretty quickly. Operating the blinds in rough, bumpy roads can further heighten their damage. To avoid this, ensure you go for durable, well-made shades that can withstand regular use.


You should also ensure you choose blinds that match your RV furnishings and the general interior décor. Also, consider your style preferences when choosing the right blinds. This will ensure your RV looks cozier and inviting.

Easy cleaning

Heavy blinds tend to attract a lot of road dust and grime at a fast rate, and cleaning them can be a real hassle. Ensure you get light blinds that you can easily wipe down or vacuum to clean them. Flat roller shades are considered one of the easiest types of shades to clean.

Size of the window

Above all, ensure you get the right size of blinds for your RV windows. You’ll need to take measurements of your RV before you go shopping to enable you to pick the perfect size of blinds. How to make the measurements? Let’s discuss this next…

How are RV blinds measured?

To get the best RV window shades that perfectly fit your RV windows, then you need to measure the length and width of your window first. And when doing so, keep in mind that the width ought to be accurate. You can always adjust the length to fit your preferences.

When taking the measurements, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a steel measuring tape to take the measurements
  • For the height, measure from top to bottom
  • For the width, measure from left to right
  • Round up your window height to the nearest 1/8”
  • Round down the window width to the nearest 1/8”
  • If your windows have angles, then you’ll need templates to obtain correct fitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do day night shades work?

As you can easily tell from their name, the day night shades perform double duty. They protect your eyes from the harmful sun’s UV rays during the day. And at night, they blackout the light to help sleep easily. These shades bring together convenience and privacy.

Q: How do I clean pleated shades for RV?

Keeping your RV pleated shades clean can be as simple as regularly vacuuming them. If your shades are stained, then you can use a gentle spot remover to clean them.

If your shades/blinds have accumulated a lot of dirt, then soak them in soapy water and use a brush to scrub any tough stains present.

Avoid using bleach or washing machine to clean your shades and blinds.

Final Verdict

Just as you value the privacy of your home, you should do the same when you get onboard your RV to seek adventures. Be sure to invest in the best RV blinds and shades that enable you to travel with privacy, keep unwanted eyes from peeping on your belongings, and be in total control of the light entering your RV. With our beginner guide for the best RV blinds above, choosing the right window treatments for your RV just got easier.

  • Updated March 24, 2020
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