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10 Best Coffee Maker for RV Reviews 2022 — Buying Guide

by Alice Davis

RV Coffee makers can give you the taste of freshly brewed coffee from home if you pick the right one. When coffee is a morning essential for insomniacs like us to feel energized, we simply cannot trade its rich, full taste for a flimsy cup.

If you love your coffee just as much as you love covering exotic campgrounds in your RV, buying a good coffee maker is more of a necessity than a luxury. After all, nothing compares to relishing a hot cup with your buddies in the morning!

Get ready for the best coffee maker for RV so you can wake up to a cup full of steamy goodness, even in your camping days!

Top Coffee Maker in 2022 for RV by Editors

10 Best Coffee Maker for RV Reviews 2022

10 Best Coffee Maker for RV Reviews 2022
10 Best Coffee Maker for RV Reviews 2022

1. Keurig Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer

Keurig Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer
Keurig Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer

Being less than 5 inches wide, this super adorable coffee maker can satisfy your caffeine cravings in the morning and kickstart your day!

A spacious kitchen countertop is one of the things about RV that you wish could change. But it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy your favorite hot beverage. This compact coffee maker will fit anywhere and serve you delicious cups of coffee. For starters, you can place a travel mug up to 7 inches long on its removable drip tray.

Regarded as the best RV coffee maker, this one is compatible with Keurig K-Cup reusable coffee filters.

You can now brew your favorite ground coffee in the cleanest and comfiest way. Whether you drink a lot of coffee or take a few idle sips, this one of a kind coffee maker brews 6 to 12 ounces of goodness for everyone.

Other than holding a full cup of brew inside, it also has an auto-off feature that turns the coffee maker off 90 seconds after the last brew to save energy.


  • Energy-efficient and compact coffee maker
  • Turns off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity
  • Fits into small spaces with a 12″ height and 4.5″ width
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds


  • Problems with fitting reusable Keurig filters
  • Short cord length

2. CuisinArt Thermal Coffee Maker

CuisinArt Thermal Coffee Maker
CuisinArt Thermal Coffee Maker

Stainless steel coffee makers brew the hottest of the hot coffees and bring out rich flavors from your coffee grounds. This one by CuisinArt is the best coffee maker for RVs with some mind-boggling features.

To begin with, you can control how strong you want your coffee to be with its regular and bold flavor settings. This is an incredible option considering that not all of us like waking up to dark, bitter coffee.

Some would just like a light brew with milk and sugar. Moreover, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee in this sturdy coffee maker.

CuisinArt incorporated a brew pause button that lets you enjoy a coffee before its preset brewing cycle. It also has an easy-to-view window so that you can check the water level.

We also loved the fact that the brewer has a self-cleaning technology, which is simply perfect for the RV life. The optional ready-alert tone lets you know when your coffee is made. You can program the coffee maker 24 hours before to relish your hot cup right when you need it!


  • It's big and bright display is easy to read
  • You can set a coffee making schedule 24 hours before
  • Brew strength control and pause feature lets you have the versatility
  • A whopping 36″ cord length is perfect for camping days


  • Its warming plate might flake or rust

3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

You can now make a full pot of coffee besides brewing a fresh and flavourful single-serve. Get the best of both worlds with this versatile coffee maker!

This 2-in-1 coffee maker really lifts up your RV camping moments with its super useful features. For example, it has two sides - thermal carafe and a K-Cup single-serve side. It comes with a holder for single-serve packs and a brew basket for ground coffee.

When you need an extra shot of caffeine, using a K-Cup seals the deal. Then there is the big thermal carafe side where you can brew 10 cups of coffee in a few minutes.

What we loved about this coffee maker is that it has two separate water reservoirs and water windows for each side. Other than giving you the 10-cup brew and the single-cup pick-me-up privilege, this coffee maker has a programmable timer, auto shut-off, brew-strength control, and pause in an elegantly laid out panel.


  • 2-in-1 coffee maker with thermal carafe and single-serve side
  • Separate water reservoirs
  • Bold and regular brew option lets you control the strength
  • Fully-programmable coffee machine with timer and brew-pause
  • The cup rest can also be used for storing a pod holder or single-cup brew basket


  • Problems with the pod-piercing needle

4. KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker

KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker
KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker

For caffeine lovers like us, this one by KRUPS is a blessing. Because a cup of coffee barely does the trick to get us going sometimes.

If you're traveling with friends or family who are truly, madly, and deeply into coffee like you, you need to look beyond a single-serve coffee maker. We loved this specific model because it makes up to 5 cups of coffee for your camping group.

Your RV kitchen will look complete once you set this premium brewer on the countertop. Its stainless steel finish and glass carafe are so elegant looking. Whoever said that RV stuff looks flimsy definitely hasn't seen this gorgeous coffee maker.

The spacious coffee filter lets you store enough coffee grounds for 5 rounds of coffee. Its no-drip spout keeps everything in check and saves you the trouble of cleaning a hot, sticky mess first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, the coffee brewer is kept simple; the fact that you cannot schedule a brew beforehand might put you off, but the warmth, smell, and flavors from your freshly ground coffee are on point!


  • Pause and serve brewing system
  • Glass carafe holds 750ml coffee
  • Comes with a reusable coffee filter and spoon
  • Simple controls and modern design


  • No timer and K-Cup compatibility

5. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

You have surely heard about the K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker from other coffee maniacs. This tiny yet powerful brewer is the best example of "good things come in small packages."

When you are off to camping for days, it's natural if you get bored with the same coffee grounds. K-Cups come in a variety of rich flavors to satisfy your distinct tastes and whims. This coffee maker will make sure that you enjoy your hot cup in the RV whenever you wish.

A tidy countertop is sometimes too much to ask for when you're out camping. Flaunting sleek simplicity in a tiny case, the K-Mini Plus has a cord storage to hide away the cord when you're not using the machine.

This makes your RV kitchen look less messy and gives you the feel of your home kitchen. The removable drip-tray makes way for a swift cleanup too.

However, this brewer may keep a low profile in your RV, but it holds 9 K-Cup pods to last you a whole week if you consume a cup of coffee daily. It takes only a few minutes to brew a fresh, hot cup and satisfy your caffeine fix.


  • Stores 9 K-Cup pods for easy brewing
  • Holds an accidental brew for drinking later
  • Drip tray makes cleanup a breeze
  • Energy-saving brewer with automatic shut-off after 90 seconds


  • Plastic material doesn't have good thermal properties

6. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Brewer

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Brewer
CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Don't let its plastic housing fool you into believing that this coffee machine is not up to the mark; when a budget is involved, this single-serve coffee maker can take you to greatness!

Its stainless steel water tank keeps the water in perfect warmth, and the plastic housing was a smart decision to cut down extra weight. After all, we are looking at the best budget coffee maker for RV right here.

Moreover, its lightweight design makes it a great choice for travel. A small countertop or for business trips - whatever storage issue that you're dealing with will be gone for good.

Its water reservoir also has a safety lock to tackle the jolts on the road. The removable drip tray is ideal for making cleanups the easiest. Not to mention, if you have a huge travel mug, removing the drip tray lets you have more space to pour your favorite beverage right into the cup.

The automatic shut-off design is perfect for our rather stressed new campers who definitely do not want to find their RV on fire from coffee brewer overheating issues; kidding! It actually never happens. Just enjoy your brew and relax for the day.


  • Makes coffee in three minutes
  • Takes up little counter space
  • You can use its reusable filter for brewing ground coffee besides K-Cups
  • Exterior doesn't run hot from the insulated stainless steel water reservoir


  • No window for checking the water level

7. Hamilton Beach 46205 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 46205 Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach 46205 Coffee Maker

What if we told you that this coffee maker has all the brewing options from a high-end alternative for at less than half the price? That's right; caffeine-loving souls like us simply cannot compromise the taste and smell in their morning hot cup!

Hamilton Beach is a life savior when it comes to your early morning caffeine fix. Its timer option lets you schedule a brew the night before, and the Keep Warm feature will make sure that the prepared coffee remains hot hours after brewing.

We loved its brew basket that swings out at the press of its release button so that you easily fill it with coffee grounds and push it back inside. You can pause a brew cycle to fill a cup. The no-spill serving makes way for spill-free pouring and easy cleanup.

This one is hands down the best under counter coffee maker for RV; here you get not 2 but 3 brew strength controls for giving your coffee just the right amount of punch! Lastly, you can access its detachable water reservoir from the front with an easy twist.


  • 3 brew strength controls
  • You can twist and access the removable water reservoir
  • Non-stick warming plate and no-spill serving ensure zero overflow
  • Glass carafe has 12 cup capacity


  • No single-serve option

8. Chefman InstaCoffee Coffee Maker

Chefman InstaCoffee Coffee Maker
Chefman InstaCoffee Coffee Maker

If you are a minimalist, you are going to love this incredible coffee maker by Chefman. It flaunts the slimmest profile and radiates elegance while brewing you an excellent cup of aromatic coffee.

With an unbelievable weight of only 4 pounds, this is one of the best coffee makers for RVs you can get for the price. When you're out camping, you want to keep things simple and fast. Luckily for this coffee machine, a fresh hot cup is served to you in 30 seconds only!

Although you cannot select the brew strength, adding less water will prepare a bold brew. Simply play with the water levels until you find the right texture. Enjoy K-Cups or your own ground coffee in this super sleek coffee maker.

You can put loose tea leaves other than coffee grounds inside its reusable filter when you're craving something different. Moreover, its self-cleaning feature takes the hassle away from cleanups.


  • Narrow profile makes it suitable for camping
  • Fits most 14 oz. travel coffee mugs
  • Brews hot coffee in half a minute
  • You can use loose tea leaves, ground coffee or K-Cups


  • Limited capacity

9. Presto 02822 6-Cup Coffee Percolator

Presto 02822 6-Cup Coffee Percolator
Presto 02822 6-Cup Coffee Percolator

You are going to love this coffee percolator more than a drip coffee maker if you prefer dark, strong brews over light ones.

This percolator sports an elegant design, similar to traditional coffee pots, to give your RV interior a touch of sophistication.

The reason why coffee percolators are fan favorites worldwide is because its brewing system circulates water through the coffee grounds over and over again, extracting the fullest flavors with the best aroma!

A detachable cord, ready-to-serve light, drip-free spout, and cool-to-touch exterior made this special brewer our instant favorite! Drip coffee makers run hot water over the grounds just one time - resulting in a comparatively light brew.

But many of us simply cannot start the day without sipping a dark, hot brew. And its percolating sound is music to the ears of coffee lovers.


  • Brews coffee in a very hot temperature
  • Makes 2 to 6 cups of coffee at a time
  • You can connect this percolator to a timer for scheduling brews
  • Slim profile with simple controls


  • Short cord length

10. Gloridea Instant Coffee Machine

Gloridea Instant Coffee Machine
Gloridea Instant Coffee Machine

We have here another single-serve coffee maker to bring you closer to the same cup of fresh brew from home! Piping hot brew is no longer a dream in an RV because Gloridea has an affordable yet powerful coffee maker to save your day!

It takes only three minutes to serve flavourful coffee that hits all the senses! You have the privilege to use both K-Cups and ground coffee in this petite brewer. On top of that, you can control how much water to use from 6oz. to 14oz. for tweaking the brew strength. Lesser the water, stronger the brew!

Moreover, the glossy black finish and brewing versatility makes it the finest under counter coffee maker for RV.

The auto turn off feature saves energy, and self-cleaning technology saves you from the annoying hurdle of cleaning a sticky surface. Last but not the least, the no-drip tray easily detaches to fit taller coffee mugs!


  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Water adjustment option lets you fix brew strength
  • Self-cleaning and auto-shutoff
  • K-Cup holder and needle
  • Takes minimum counter space


  • Makes 6oz. coffee for standard size coffee mugs

What to Look for Before Buying?

Other than budget and ease of use, you need your coffee maker to have the features below to give you the best bang for your buck!

Spacious Water Reservoir

Coffee Makers for RV mainly focus on being compact and lightweight. Some stress on this feature so much that the water capacity on the single-serve coffee maker barely makes enough for a good cup of joe.

RV Coffee Maker
RV Coffee Maker

When it comes to RV camping, you are going to use big travel mugs and need more coffee to stay active throughout the day. So, make sure that the water reservoir is big enough to fill an oversized travel mug.

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Brew Strength Controls

"I like my coffee as dark as my soul," although it makes an aesthetic Instagram caption, the statement holds true for those of us who love a strong caffeine fix to think clearly in the morning.

A light brew might be fancy, but it's no help to the dedicated caffeine freaks who have built up good tolerance over the years. If you belong to this group, opt for a coffee percolator or a stainless steel coffee maker with high wattage that supports brew strength controls.

You can have a regular brew or a bold brew; it feels the best to have options, doesn't it?

Energy Saving Technology

You don't want a coffee maker with a "Keep Warm" feature that runs all day and drains your RV power all by itself. A coffee maker with an automatic shut-off feature will turn off after a certain time of inactivity.

RV Coffee Makers
RV Coffee Makers

Quality Insulation

Stainless steel water reservoirs hold the temperature for longer periods of time than the plastic housing.

Be it glass carafe or stainless steel carafe, if your coffee maker doesn't have good thermal properties, your day starts off on the wrong foot. And on action-packed RV days, you don't want that to happen.

Schedule Brewing

Just because you're away from home, doesn't mean you can't wake up to a cup of your favorite coffee every day. Many coffee makers have a timer option that you can program 24 hours before. Simply make sure that you have enough water inside with a K-Cup pod, and you're good to go!

K-Cup Compatibility

Whether you like chocolate, cinnamon, french toast, or Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast, K-Cup has all the flavors and more for keeping your caffeine craving satisfied.

Coffee Maker For RV
Coffee Maker For RV

In the world of coffee, staying committed to a specific roast and style is no fun. That said, a coffee maker that supports both K-Cup and coffee ground filters is the way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I unclog my coffee maker?

If your coffee maker is lagging or brewing substandard coffee, it's time to give it a good clean. Filling half of your coffee maker's water reservoir with water and the rest with white vinegar is the first step in unclogging coffee makers.

Placing a paper filter in the basket will catch the debris. Next up, brew this mix and shut it down.

2. Why does my single-serve coffee maker brew light coffee?

Single-serve coffee makers might brew weak coffee if the water is not heated enough. The hot water extracts the flavors of coffee grounds, and the more they stay in contact, the stronger your coffee is going to be. The best coffee brewing temperature is between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. How do I prevent bacteria growth inside my coffee maker?

Even self-cleaning coffee makers have a chance of bacteria growth. You can fill the reservoir with water and vinegar in equal portions and press the brew button. Vinegar will not only kill bacteria but also unclog the coffee maker and make it as good as new.

4. Are coffee percolators better than drip coffee makers?

If you like strong flavors in your coffee, go for a percolator because it swirls hot water in a circular motion around the coffee grounds - extracting the full flavor of the coffee. Conversely, a drip coffee maker runs water a single time through the coffee grounds.

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5. Is there a french press for RV?

You can enjoy full-flavored and dark coffee with a French press or a coffee plunger in your RV. A French press uses manual pressure to extract the natural flavors and aromatic oil inside the coffee grounds - something you don't get with pods and drip coffee machines.

Final Words

We have listed some fine brewers here, and they are ready to give your coffee breaks a glorious punch of flavors. The best coffee maker for RV will steal you with its luxurious stainless steel finish, save your counter space and brew your coffee hotter than Florida in the summer!

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Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black/Stainless Steel - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker,Black - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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