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10 Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews 2023 — Buying Guide

by Alice Davis

Going on a big trip with your family can be awesome. If it's on an RV, the adventure gets even better. However, no matter what, if you can't respond to the call of nature perfectly, you'll have your trip ruined.

Try installing a waste tank inside your RV. With a portable waste tank in your arsenal, you won't have to say, 'how do I poo?'. Have it attached with the toilet of your RV and feel at home. You can also port it to the dump and get rid of the wastes.

Try reading our best RV portable waste tank reviews as we help you pick the one you need.

Top 10 Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews 2020

 Top 10 Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews 2020
Top 10 Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews 2020

Secure sanitation is undisputedly the most important matter for camping in RVs. After inquiring about lots of RV riders and going through a lot of reviews, we came to the decision of presenting you with our top picks. So, if you're ready, let's check them out.

1. Camco Rhino Heavy Duty RV Waste Holding Tank

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty RV Waste Holding Tank
Camco Rhino Heavy Duty RV Waste Holding Tank

Get your hands on the exquisite Heavy Duty RV Waster Holding Tank from Camco Rhino. It comes with a myriad of features to make your RV trips fascinating.

Not only the look, but this tote tank is also made of blow-molded HDPE, which is UV stabilized. As a result, it's going to stay strong and keep the stench within the tank whether you keep it under the sun for a long period of time.

It's going to support fairly on your short camping trip, as the tank can hold 28-gallons of waste. So, pack your bags and set out to witness the thrilling yet beautiful camping experience.

Besides, the Camco Rhino comes with no-flat wheels with bearings, though, large, heavy-duty makes easy and smooth transportation of the tow tank. Also, it's able to function as a suitcase or luggage with the removable steel tow adapter.

Apart from that, you can transfer this tote tank via a truck or golf cart by towing it slowly behind.

With this waste tank, you'll get accessories such as 15-inches water hose rinse adapter, 4 in 1 adapter with a clear elbow, 3 storage caps, 3-feet rhino extreme sewer hose, etc. Thus, you'll find it pretty convenient to use.

Moreover, to save you from contacting with the gruesome work during emptying, gate valves have been attached. And the integrated tank rinser will increase the cleaning process and effortlessly clean the waste residue leftover.


  • Doesn't leak
  • Large-volume
  • Transportation is a breeze
  • Can be towed via RV
  • Effortless to clean


  • Fill level indicator isn't present

2. Barker 30844 4-Wheeler Tote Tank

Barker 30844 4-Wheeler Tote Tank
Barker 30844 4-Wheeler Tote Tank

If you're craving for the best RV portable waste tank , get your hands on the 4-Wheeler tote tank from Barker. This one is going to blow your mind with its outstanding features and capability.

As the name mentions, this tote tank comes with 4 plastic wheels so that you can easily pull the tank with the pulley on the ground. Besides, the front-swivel double wheels make maneuverability more easy-going and friendly. Hence, you won't need to lift it for conveying the tank to the dumpsite.

Besides, the Barker 30844 has integrated humongous 42-gallons of waste holding capacity. So, take your loved ones and hit the road with the RV for a solid 1-week trip.

Not to mention that it is built from aluminum and zinc-plated steel along with blow-molded polyethylene. Thus, it offers unmatching durability while ensuring you won't experience any leak anytime soon.

Barker 30844 comes with a 3-inches valve, which helps to empty the tank at ease. You won't need to lift and trip it over to dispose of the waste; rather, all you need to do is just open the valve during emptying. And since it's 3" long, there won't be any kind of blockage.


  • Effortless to move
  • Superb maneuverability
  • Plenty of capacity
  • Prevents leakage
  • Very enduring


  • Not very high pulley

3. Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport

Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport
Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport

It's a horrific task to get rid of the waste from RV if you don't have a convenient portable RV black water tank. Get hold of the 25609 Portable Waste Transport from Tote-N-Stor to deal with the gruesome job.

The 32-gallons of waste holding capacity makes it reliable on long trip days. So, let the tank think about the doo-doo while you enjoy the adventure.

Plus, the two rubber rear wheels of this tank will make the mobility pretty easy. And it doesn't even make squealing or growling noise while moving around. It's going to be sneaky during the visit to the dumpsite.

However, moving 32 gallons full tank can give you a real hard time. That's why an 8-inch long tow bracket is there for you so that you can pull the tote tank to the dumpsite effortlessly.

Plus, the Tote-N-Stor 25609 comes with rugged construction, making it strong and durable to withstand all the abuses from every trip.

And all the additional accessories starting from a 15-inch garden hose, drain hose, garden hose camp, hose clamp to the adapter is there with the whole set. That's a great plus for you.


  • Abundant capacity
  • Quiet wheels
  • Easy to pull
  • Enduring structure
  • Emptying is pretty easy


  • No built-in hose

4. Barker 31342 Tote Tank

Barker 31342 Tote Tank
Barker 31342 Tote Tank

A portable camper sewage tank is a must if you're on a trip for 2 or 3 days. Try out the Barker 31342 Tote Tank to eliminate the worry of sanitation when going outdoors.

Since you're talking portability, the Barker 31342 boasts two extra-large rubber wheels that you can move easily on a versatile type of surface. As well as, it integrates a high-class tow-handle so that you can drag towards the dumpsite at ease.

It's a blow-molded tank built from polyethylene and aluminum. The polyethylene makes the tote tank durable, whereas the aluminum contributes to making it lightweight.

The tank capacity is as much as 30-gallons, which is fairly enough to support you on a couple of days of trips; thereby, you can have less nuisance and more wonderful memories.

Besides, this waste tank is not going to take much of your effort regarding installation, as it comes in a pre-assembled way. Also, it comes with a 5-foot hose along with a 3-inch sewer connection. So, installing and using the Barker 31342 Waste Tank will be as easy as pie.

Not to mention, the set offers you an accessory kit that includes a bayonet cap, a garden cap hose, stainless steel clamps, a drain hose, and hose adaptors.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very strong
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Huge capacity
  • Simple to use


  • No limit indicator

5. VINGLI Tote Tank

VINGLI Tote Tank
VINGLI Tote Tank

You don't want to ruin your delightful camping days in an RV with disgusting waste, right? Then get the VINGLI Tote Tank as it's going to make your trips much more pleasing and mesmerizing.

With a cutting-edge design, this tank is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which a mighty and sturdy plastic. Along with that, the anti-leak feature is there for you. Meaning, you won't see any more cracks or leaks anytime soon.

On top of that, it has included three large wheels along with a handle so that you can take the tank to a dump station at ease. And it doesn't even weigh that much when compared to the mainstream waste tanks in the market!

Plus, with 20-gallons waste holding capacity, it's suitable for recreational vehicles, mobile homes, or campgrounds. It's going to fully participate in handling your waste.

Meanwhile, the VINGLI Tote Tank can be used for transporting either freshwater, greywater, or black water.

The best part? This tank boasts a level indicator along with the air release button. So, you can save yourself from a splash when dumping all those wastes. Simply press the air release button, and Voila!

Since it's a pre-assembled tank that comes with a wide mouth, you'll be able to clean it by even using your hands. The Anti-sticky surface of HDPE will help you at times of cleaning.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to pull
  • Well capacity
  • Effortless to clean


  • Noisy wheels

6. Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport

Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport
Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport

The 25608 Portable Waste Transport from Tote-N-Stor is going to make a great addition to the RV. Another portable waste tank for campers to help in eliminating the waste from your RV.

This waste transport comes with 2 rubber wheels. As a result, you won't have a tough time while removing the wastes. And if the wheels bother you for any reason, use the towing bracket to tote the tank effortlessly.

If we talk about capacity, the Tote-N-Stor can carry about 25-gallons of waste. So, whether it's black water, greywater, or you're talking both, this tank is going to swallow all of your discharges.

To prevent deterioration and keep it in a working shape, the tank shows off a rugged construction. Plus, you'll get it in a completely assembled form so that you can start using it right after the purchase.

You'll love the storage compartment. There, you can keep the fittings that are mostly used to drain or connect your Tote-N-Stor 25608 Waste Transport.

Besides, you'll get your hands on an array of accessories, including 1 hose clamp, garden hose fitting with 3-inch cap, 36 inches of 3-inch drain hose, 15-inch garden hose, and straight adapter.


  • Effortless movability
  • Large capacity
  • Strongly made
  • Convenient storing chamber
  • Helpful accessories


  • Difficult to move when full

7. Class A Customs RV Waste Black Water Holding Tank WT-1850

Class A Customs RV Waste Black Water Holding Tank WT-1850
Class A Customs RV Waste Black Water Holding Tank WT-1850

Are you specifically looking for a portable RV black water tank? Give a try to the Black Water Holding Tank WT-1850 from Class A Customs.

Now, this black/grey waste holding tank comes with an 18.5-gallon capacity. Though it won't be a good choice for large family use, yet it's enough to support a couple.

It has exclusive one-piece seamless construction that can withstand all the beatings. The wow-factor? This water holding tank is capable of resisting corrosion, rust, and stain.

Along with that, it's made using MDPE, a.k.a, the Medium Density Polyethylene resin that makes it strong and durable. For which, it will keep up with you for a long time.

Thanks to the 3 inches PVC female pipe adapter, removing the wasted water from it will be a piece of cake.

And guess what? This tank can only be used to hold wastes such as black water or gray water. So, don't even think about using it for freshwater. However, don't tighten the fittings extremely, as there remain the chances of damaging the tank.


  • Great capacity
  • Excellent construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Rust and stain resistant
  • Prevents corrosion


  • Bit unusual shape

8. Thetford SmartTote2 40501

Thetford SmartTote2 40501
Thetford SmartTote2 40501

For an adventure-loving couple, the Thetford Waste Tank 40501 from SmartTote2 is the perfect catalyst. It is small, but it is enough to make your short trip amazing.

This waste tank comes with 18-gallons of waste holding capacity. Meaning, it has enough room to hold the wastes.

Besides, 40501 is made of polypropylene. It doesn't matter how rough you're going to use it; this waste tank will stay durable and sturdy for a long time.

Also, it won't take much of your effort when you're taking it at the dumping station, thanks to the two rubber wheels along with the handle.

To make it easier, you can use the optional tow strap for ferrying the tote to the dumping site. Just hook the tow onto a trailer hitch, and you're good to go!

However, the Thetford Waste Tank 40501 comes with a pre-attached retractable discharge hose with a cap. The hose is kept and stored securely, utilizing a retainer strap so that the hose remains undamaged throughout the uncountable operations.

Nature call has no limits, but unfortunately, the waste tanks have! It's likely that you can overfill the tank if not supervised every while. No worries, this tank boasts an AutoStopTM level gauge that not only prevents overfill but also increases the emptying process of the tote via ventilation.


  • Enough waste storage
  • Enduring
  • Simple to use
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Stops overspill


  • Handle not long enough

9. SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank
SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

Still looking for a portable sewer tank for RV ? How about we suggest to you something with widespread adaptability? Get your hands on the SmartTote2 RV Portable waste tank to meet your desires.

Whether you want to set it in tiny homes, camping grounds, mobile homes, and of course in RVs, it's going to blend in with your place easily.

Apart from that, the SmartTote2 from Thetford 40503 can hold 35-gallons of waste. Bring on a lot of people on your short trip and pay fewer visits to the dump station.

Now talking about the dump stations, this waste tank is not going to give you a hard time while transporting, thanks to the 2 wheels.

Plus, this tank is made of polypropylene to withstand any sudden, violent, or irregular movement. So, don't sweat out over the fear of leakage and smelling the repugnant things.

Besides eliminating your worry of overfilling the waste tank, Thetford 40503 comes with an AutoStop level gauge. Whenever the tank gets full, the gauge pops up to alarm you and save you from unpleasant incidents.

Also, the 90-degree elbow nozzle works with the AutoStopTM to speed up the emptying process.

Additionally, to securely keep the retractable sewer hose in place, there is a rubber retainer strap. And you won't even face the hassle of connecting and detach the hose during the filling and emptying session.


  • Compatibility
  • Huge capacity
  • Effortless to move
  • Durable body
  • Prevents overfilling


  • Plastic wheels

10. Alpha Systems B22548H Holding Tank

Alpha Systems B22548H Holding Tank
Alpha Systems B22548H Holding Tank

Undeniably a sewer tank for RV is the most important component during a short or long trip. So, consider the Alpha Systems Holding Tank to spend more time on the campsite a bit. We're going to wrap up the RV portable waste tank reviews with this little champ.

What makes it stand out? The simplest answer is its distinctive thickness, which exhibits the difference of not being the same as thermoformed and rotational molded ones you'll find in the market.

Thanks to its blow-molded HDPE construction, the tank is built to last for years to come. Both the thickness and unique construction make it super durable.

Since B22548H from Alpha Systems comes with 33-gallons of waste holding capacity, it will be perfect for you when your whole family is on the trip.

Let's not forget that this tank has met all the Canadian Standards Association and IAPMO standards. So, you can have the peace of mind of using a quality sanitary system on your RV.

Moreover, you can use this tank on any RV owing to its standard configuration along with customizable fittings. It's capable of handling both grey water and black water as well.


  • Very enduring
  • Huge waste holding capacity
  • Supports any RV
  • Easy to install


  • Difficult to transport

How Do You Empty a Portable RV Waste Tank? How Often?

Emptying a portable waste tank can be a very crucial and gruesome work if you're not familiar with the techniques. We're going to briefly point out how you can empty a portable RV waste tank. Keep reading.

RV Portable Waste Tank
RV Portable Waste Tank
  • Firstly, connect the portable waste tank hose with the sewer connection.
  • Then, empty the contents by opening the valve.
  • Now, on the opposite end of the tank press the air valve to accelerate the process and the flow as well.
  • To end draining, turn the waste tank upside down. Turn the waste tank upside down at the time of draining. Then you can flush it by using either a water hose or garden hose. Now shut off all the connections.

What to Look Before Buying?

Portable waste tanks help you dealing with the waste in a very convenient and, most importantly, hygienic way. It's an assurance that your adventurous trip is not going to get dumped in disgusting waste.

While details of the product contribute a lot in regards to buying a waste tank, certain features need to be present in the product. We're going to mention them below.


Portability is what you need most. If the tank is not portable enough, you'll have a hard time transporting it to the dump. So make sure you have something that has got wheels.

Go for the ones that have got at least two wheels for easy maneuverability. They also include a tow-handle pulling the tank effortlessly.

However, it'll best for you if you choose a portable waste tank that comes with four wheels. A two or three-wheeled tank cannot move smoothly as a four-wheeled tank.


Another important factor of a waste tank is the materials that have been used to construct it. If it's not durable, chances are, you won't be able to use it for a long time.

That's why, before buying the product, make sure it's durable enough to withstand any kind of abuse and still remain in shape to serve you. Now, most manufacturers use two kinds of materials to build up a waste tank - polyethylene and aluminum.

RV Portable Waste Tank
RV Portable Waste Tank

Polyethylene ensures that the waste tank is durable as well as lightweight. It also prevents air vapors from leaking, which translates to be safe from the repugnant smell of waste.

On the other hand, aluminum does a superb job resisting corrosion and lightweight as well. Some manufacturers use the aluminum coating on the body to ensure that the water tank remains working well for a long time.

Both of them boast durability, more or less. So opt for one that convinces you.


The more waste holding capacity your tank has, the better. However, it's you who need to decide which one you should go for. If you have a large number of members in your RV, you can go for a waste tank that comes with 18 gallons of space in it.

For a bigger family, you can go up to 42 gallons of waste holding capacity. Meaning, this tank will be able to hold a big pile of wastes in it.

RV Portable Waste Tank Frequently Asked Questions

What are the places where I can dump RV waste?

You can go to the gas stations, recycling centers, national and provincial parks, RV dealerships, wastewater treatment plants to dump your RV waste.

What usually makes a black tank stink?

Blackwater tanks often clog due to using regular toilet paper, which you're not supposed to use. Now, when the tank clogs up, it starts to smell.

How often should I empty a portable RV waste tank?

The exact timeframe on how often to empty a portable RV waste tank cannot be estimated. A rule of thumb is you empty the tank when you think it's two-thirds full.

And unless you've no options left, never fill a tote tank completely. Otherwise, overfilling and spilling of waste is going to be an obvious scene, which is very disgusting and will harm the internal of the tank as well.

Wrapping Up for RV Portable Waste Tank Buyers

That was everything about the best RV portable waste tank reviews . We are damn sure that our products come in the top-shelf cluster in the running market.

You won't be disappointed and end up with disgust in your RV if you opt for one of our products. Therefore, get a septic tank before you set out for another journey.

Buy now at Walmart, eBay, Etsy (subject to availability)

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