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10 Best RV Ladder Reviews in 2023 – Expert Buying Guide

by William Sanders

The roof of your home on wheels needs regular care and maintenance to prevent leaks from catching you by surprise. The roof is also home to air conditioners, antennas, and other equipment that need proper care to keep them in good condition.

To give your RV roof and equipment the best care, you need to get yourself up there. And to do that, you'll need a the best ladder for RV access to the roof.

In this guide, we'll help you get a great ladder that supports your body weight and safely gets you up there. We've listed the best rv ladders on the market today for you to choose from.

Top RV Ladders in 2023 by Editors

Best RV Ladder Reviews:

Best RV Ladder Reviews:
Best RV Ladder Reviews:

1. Stromberg Carlson 139.21 LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Stromberg Carlson 139.21 LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder
Stromberg Carlson 139.21 LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Our list begins with this great RV exterior ladder from Stromberg. The ladder boasts a design and works with all RVs to give you access to your roof for cleaning, maintenance, setting up your antennas, and more.

One of the highlights about this exterior ladder is that you can easily customize it to work with your specific camper model. This is made possible by the pivoting mounting brackets and hinges that let you mount it to your angled, slopped, or flat walled RV.

Because you can easily customize this ladder, you can mount it to the side or rear of your camper or RV-whichever works best for you.

This ladder secures to your camper at up to 8 different positions for the ultimate safety and stability. Its rungs are 12 inches apart and come with a non-slip surface to ensure your safety. This ladder is by far the most popular among RV owners. It is versatile, it is sturdy and secure.

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction, this ladder won't easily rust or corrode. It has a capacity of up to 250lbs and will safely support you as you go up there on your RV roof. All the hardware needed for installation comes with the package for a hassle-free setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum constriction
  • Features 1″ diameter tubing construction
  • Offers universal fitment for all RVs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250lbs
  • One of the best rv ladders
  • Very easy to use

2. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder
Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

A telescoping RV ladder is great because they allow you to adjust its height according to your specific needs. This ladder from Ohuhu is one of the best telescoping ladders for RV on the market today.

Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, this ladder feels quite sturdy while being lightweight and easy to carry. It's so strong that it can safely support users with a maximum weight capacity of up to 330lbs.

Whether you need a small boost or serious height, this ladder will meet your needs. It has a user-friendly, high-quality extension mechanism to let you quickly and effortlessly adjust its height up to 12.5 feet to meet your unique needs. After extending the ladder to your desired height, its locking pins will hold it into place to ensure it doesn't slide and cause injuries.

After using it, simply press a single button to smoothly retract it into a smaller size for easy storage in your RV. As a BONUS, the manufacturer sends this ladder to you with a heavy-duty carry strap to help you keep your ladder closed in the compact areas in your RV. That's why they've designed this ladder with easy one button retraction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extends up to 12.5ft
  • Easy one-button retraction
  • Up to 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Premium aluminum alloy construction
  • Maximum height: 12.5 ft
  • Easy to store in limited space in an rv

3. Stromberg Carlson LA-460 60″ Bunk Ladder

Stromberg Carlson LA-460 60
Stromberg Carlson LA-460 60

Are you looking for a great ladder for getting to your RV bunk bed? If yes, this model from Stromberg Carlson will sure meet your needs. It features 4 steps which grant you easy and quick access to your bunk bed or other tricky areas inside your RV.

Its steps feature padded rubber tread to give you barefoot comfort when getting to your bed. The treads also give you a boost in traction, so you don't easily slip when using the ladder. These rubber paddings come out easily for easy cleaning.

On the bottom of this rubber, you'll discover rubber feet. These help keep your ladder from moving when using it on slicker surfaces, further guaranteeing your own safety. Moreover, they help prevent scratching of your camper flooring.

The ladder itself is made from durable aluminum for great sturdiness and lightweight feel. It features 1-inch thick diameter aluminum tubing all-around for excellent durability. It is very durable, lightweight, and very easy to set up.

You can attach this ladder to your RV in two ways. You can use the small hook and extrusion style for positive attachment…or the larger hook to save you from having to drill any fascia board. If need be, you can always trim this ladder to give you access to a shorter bunk bed.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1-inch diameter ladder tubing construction
  • Features padded rubber treads
  • 250pounds maximum weight capacity
  • 11″ ladder rungs spacing
  • Offers 2 attachment options
  • Measures 60 inches tall
  • Easy to use

4. Quick Products QP-LA-460S RV Bunk Ladder

Quick Products QP-LA-460S RV Bunk Ladder
Quick Products QP-LA-460S RV Bunk Ladder

Here comes another great ladder you can use in your RV to enjoy easy access to your camper or RV bunkbed.

This ladder will solve your bedtime struggles by offering you an easy way to get into your hard to enter top bunk. It does so without requiring permanent installation, so you won't have to worry about it taking up the limited floor space in your camper or RV.

Setting up this ladder in your RV does not require any special expertise. It easily mounts over the edge of your bed frame…or into the mounting brackets (included in the box) to give you a secure climb.

It features up to 4 steps that let you comfortably and safely reach the tricky top bunk bed in your camper. Each step is equipped with a soft rubber sleeve to give you a safe, comfortable grip while going up or coming down the ladder.

When not in use, you can easily unhook this ladder for storage. Its rubber foot pads will offer you a non-slip grip on any surface and ensure your valuable RV floor doesn't get scratched.

Highlighted Features:

  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Fitted with rubber foot pads
  • Easy mounting over existing bed frame

5. STROMBERG Carlson LA-401BA Universal Outdoor RV Ladder

STROMBERG Carlson LA-401BA Universal Outdoor RV Ladder
STROMBERG Carlson LA-401BA Universal Outdoor RV Ladder

If you're on the market for a ladder for RV access to roof that works with all RV models, you'll love this universal model from Stromberg. It has a universal fit and will fit the rear of your RV, whether contoured or straight, without a lot of hassle.

The exterior RV ladder presents you with as many as 7 steps, which translate to easy and fast access to your RV or motorhome's roof. It features pivoting mounting brackets at the top to deliver a secure fit on your RV. Additionally, it comes with optional hinges for easy installation to RVs with flat, angled, or slopping rear wall.

The ladder has a pretty high build quality score, thanks to the corrosion and rust-resistant high quality aluminum alloy construction. It can withstand harsh outdoor elements and rough usage and last a long period of time. Plus, aluminum is known for its lightweight properties, which makes this ladder easy to carry in and out of your RV or camper.

Unlike the exterior RV ladder that came with your camper, this model is also engineered to support pegs (stand-offs) along its length to offer additional strength and give you confidence when climbing up/down the ladder.

Note that this ladder has a customizable length in the sense that the manufacturer advises you to cut its legs to get the perfect height you need. Its black color will genuinely complement your RV's exterior. Thus it's in our list of best rv ladders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Fits the rear of all RVs
  • Design for cutting to length
  • Includes 4 standoffs for extra strength
  • Mounting hardware included for easy install

6. Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder

Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder
Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder

100% made in the USA, this is another best universal motorhome ladder currently available on the market. Like the other top-rated universal ladders featured here, this model adapts to every manufactured RV, making it a highly reliable unit for use with different RVs and campers.

Inside the box, you'll discover a set of unique hinges to let you hassle-free attach the ladder to RVs with a contoured or angled rear.

The ladder itself is made from heavy-gauge 1-inch aluminum metal. This gives great sturdiness and enables it to safely support your weight (supports up to 250lbs) so you can safely gain access to the top of your RV roof.

The highly noticeable non-slip, wide feet increase the ladder's overall stability and offer high grip-ability on different floors. Needless to say, this further ensures a secure and safe climbing experience.

Overall, this is a great quality-great price ladder than you can use to access the roof of just any RV or camper. The aluminum construction resists rust and corrosion for long-lasting performance. All the necessary mounting hardware is included in the package for easy and quick setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Bright, dipped polished finish
  • Wide, non-slip feet
  • Unique hinges adjust to your RV contour
  • Included 4 standoffs
  • The wide legs and rubber feet are great safety features

7. OxGord 12.5 FT Extension Telescopic Ladder

OxGord 12.5 FT Extension Telescopic Ladder
OxGord 12.5 FT Extension Telescopic Ladder

If you're still looking for a telescoping RV ladders, you might want to consider this as one of your most viable options. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to extend or collapse with just a simple press of a button.

The ladder features an excellent telescoping mechanism that enables you to reach your RV roof for regular repairs or to set up the antenna, clear the AC, and more. It's capable of extending up to 12.5 feet high, and you can use it at an angle of 75 degrees.

When done using this ladder, you just need to press a button, and it'll smoothly and safely retract into a compact size for easy storage. This makes it a great collapsible ladder for RVs that fits compact storage compartments.

Another thing that makes this ladder perfectly suitable for use in your RV is its high-quality, durable aluminum alloy construction. This enables it to withstand regular abuse, resist rust and corrosion, and serve you for countless camping trips.

The non-slip feet boost the ladder's traction for your ultimate safety. And the extra-wide ladder steps offer you the safest, most stable climbing experience.

The ladder's ability to extend from 3.3 ft. up to 12.5ft. makes it incredibly versatile for performing different tasks on your RV that need varying height boosts. It's not quite as small as the other telescoping ladders we've looked at. This is a great ladder for RV owners on a budget who want a quick, convenient solution

Highlighted Features:

  • Extends up to 12.5 feet
  • Single button retraction
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Supports up to 330lbs weight capacity
  • Non-slip foot grips

8. Stromberg Carlson LA148 Universal Outdoor RV LAdder

Stromberg Carlson LA148 Universal Outdoor Ladder For RV
Stromberg Carlson LA148 Universal Outdoor Ladder For RV

Accessing your camper or RV rooftop for routine repairs will become a stress-free task when you get this outdoor ladder for RV from Stromberg. The outdoor ladder has a universal design, which means it works with a wide range of RV models.

The 48-inch ladder will let you safely climb up your pre-existing attached RV OEM ladder. It can support users up to 250lbs at an inclination of 12 degrees. Like in the other RV ladders from Stromberg, this model also comes with all the necessary mounting hardware to let you securely attach it to your RV exterior for safe climbing.

Its padded rubber feet will firmly grip the surface where you place this ladder, leading in a boost in traction and added security. This is why it's our choice of best rv ladder.

The ladder is constructed from aluminum metal for a lightweight but sturdy feel. It resists rust and corrosion to give you a long-lasting service.

All things considered, this RV exterior ladder is an excellent addition to your RV and will perfectly fit in your compact storage space when not in use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal RV outdoor ladder
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Rubber padded feet
  • Measures 48-inch long

9. Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder

Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder
Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder

No more jumping in and out of your camper bunk bed! Coming in the second last spot on our top ladders for RV, this good quality ladder from your Blantex will give you and your little ones an extra leg for easy access to your bunker top bed.

Suitable for use by both kids and adults, this ladder features heavy-duty steel welded tubing to make it durable and long-lasting. It measures 40 inches and will offer you an easy way to get into your bed after a long day of seeking adventures in your RV.

The ladder comes fully pre-assembled. And installing it to your RV bunk bed is easy as hooking it to the bed frame with the included air of durable steel hooks. You don't need to use any tools to set it up.

While this might not be an RV folding ladder, it has an incredibly lightweight design. This makes it easy to move and tuck away when not in use. The price is great for the quality. Both the kids and adults can safely use this ladder to get to the top bunk bed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of sturdy tubular steel
  • Length of the ladder: 40 inches
  • Easy installation; no tools needed
  • Includes a pair of steel hooks

10. Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder

Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder
Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder

Last in our list, we have this bunk ladder from Quick Products. Like its sibling from the same manufacturers, this model is engineered to offer you or your kids a struggle-free way to get into your travel trailer or RV bunker bed when on vacation.

It comes with a couple of great features that add up to give you the ultimate safety and convenience. One of these features involves high-quality aluminum construction. This makes it feel sturdy and highly stable while making it lightweight for easy carry from place to place.

If the need arises, you can cut down this ladder a bit to make it even more suitable for your specific RV ladder needs.

You can simply mount this ladder over the edge of your bed frame or into the provided mounting brackets for a secure climb. Since all the 4 steps come fitted with rubber sleeves, you'll enjoy a comfortable grip as get up there. The rubbed padded feet will further boost your confidence when climbing by keeping the ladder from moving while protecting your floor from scratches.

The 250-capacity RV bunker ladder will give you and your little ones an easy experiencing climbing in and out of your bed. And it will do so without the hassle of mounting inside your RV permanently and taking up the already limited floor space in your RV or camper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Rubber foot pads prevent slippage
  • Rubber sleeves for a comfortable grip

How To Install RV Ladder?

So you bought an exterior ladder, but you're not sure how to attach it to your RV? The good news is that you can do the installation on your own without hiring an expert.

RV Ladder
RV Ladder

Follow these quick steps to get it done:

Step 1. Place the ladder where you plan to install it on your RV. Ideally, you should mount your ladder on the rear of your RV or camper, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

Step 2. Mark two spots on your RV where your ladder will connect to the RV. Drill two pilot holes approx. 3/32-inch and about an inch deep on these spots.

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Step 3. Grab your RV caulking or silicone or any sealant you're using and apply a liberal coat on the underside of your ladder mounting tabs. These will help make the holes you just created in the previous step leak-proof so that water doesn't get into your RV later on and cause damage.

Step 4. Finally, attach your new ladder using the included metal screws through the caulked mounting hardware. Screw in any additional screws and wipe off the excess sealant. Give the sealant time to dry and bond with your RV surface before you start using the rv ladder.

Note: This guide is only for exterior rv ladders. The ladders meant for interior, including the folding ladders for RVs, aren't meant for permanent installation due to limited RV floor space.

What to look for before buying the best rv ladder?

The wrong choice of a ladder for RV access to roof, top bunk bed, ceiling, etc., can be a safety hazard to you. Before you purchase any ladder, make sure you examine it fully to ensure it meets your needs.

Follow our selection criteria below for easy selection.


Safety is the top-most important consideration when shopping for a new RV ladder.

A good ladder for RV should safely support your body weight, so be sure to check the weight capacity rating of any ladder before buying. It should also feature extra safety features, such as non-slip rubber feet to prevent possible accidents.

Models that come with additional hooks and attachments for superior security and safety. Any other safety features in an RV ladder is a plus for you.

Type of ladder

The market has a variety of ladders designed to meet the needs of different RVers. The type of ladder you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for.

Here's a quick look at the most common ladders on the market:

  • Telescopic ladder: this is the perfect ladder for you if you want a multi-purpose ladder. You can use it outside or inside your RV to carry out various tasks. And you can easily adjust its length to meet your needs.
  • Exterior/outdoor ladder: this type of ladder comes designed for fixing to the outside of your RV or camper. It lets you access your vehicle roof to carry out routine maintenance.
  • Bunk ladder: if you have a bunk bed in your RV, this is the perfect ladder for you. You simply attach to your bed to give you and your kids easy access to the top bunk bed.
  • Step ladder: this is your go-to ladder if you want something that allows you to reach the tricky areas in your RV, e.g., the high up cupboards, changing a light bulb, etc. These are mostly RV folding ladder models that you can fold down into a compact size for storage when not in use.


RV ladders have no standard height. They come in various heights, so you should also check the height your ladder comes with. This will ensure you get a ladder that meets your needs.

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If you're looking for a bunk ladder, for instance, make sure it'll fit in the available space to avoid frustrations. Some ladders let you trim them to meet your space needs, making them pretty convenient to use.


RVers are always looking for ways to space in their recreational vehicles. With this in mind, you don't want to invest in a bulky ladder that takes up all the space you have in your camper or RV.

We highly encourage you to look for an interior folding or folding exterior RV ladder so that you can fold it down into smaller size when not in use for easy storage.

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If you will be moving your ladder a lot, you'd also want to make sure you get a lightweight model for easy carry.

Ladders made from aluminum are usually lightweight and easy to move around while being durable enough to let you safely use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a ladder to an RV?

Absolutely! If your camper doesn't have a ladder or you need to upgrade your OEM ladder, you can easily replace it with a better one to allow for easy and safe access to the roof. See our top recommendations above for the most reliable RV ladders on the market today.

Why do RVs have ladders?

The RVs and campers have a ladder to allow easy access to the roof and the equipment up there for regular cleaning, maintenance.

How much weight can an RV ladder hold?

Most of the RV ladders have a maximum weight capacity rating of 250 pounds. This means they can support people of all ages, including adults. However, you can also get models that support even heavier users, up to 300 pounds.

Final Verdict

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a good ladder for RV access to roof might not be easy as you think. You have to go through multiple models until you get the perfect one for your needs. This post will guide you through each step of the way and make the buying process easy for you. Our list of the top-rated ladders will introduce you to some of the highest quality RV ladders you can get at the market today.

Buy them at eBay, Walmart, Etsy (limited quantity)

GP Logistics SLDS5 Ladder - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

GPLogistics SLD-D5 5 ft dbl sided ladder - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

GP Logistics SLDD6 6' Compact Folding Ladder - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

GP Logistics SLDD7 7' Compact Folding Ladder , Red - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Telesteps 500FLS OSHA Compliant 5 ft Single sided folding step ladder (STIK) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Telesteps 600FLS OSHA Compliant 6 ft Single sided folding step ladder (STIK) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Telesteps 600FLD OSHA Compliant 6 ft Double sided folding step ladder (STIK) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Telesteps 700FLD OSHA Compliant 7 ft Double Sided Folding Step Ladder (STIK) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Xtend & Climb 750P Xtend+Climb Home Heavy Duty Telescoping Ladder, 225 Lb, 8.5 Ft, Yellow - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Xtend & Climb 760P Xtend+Climb Telescoping Extension Ladder, 225 Lb, 1-1/2 In, 10.5 ft, - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Xtend & Climb 770P telescoping-ladders, 12.5 ft, Yellow/Gray - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Xtend & Climb 780P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type IA Professional Series, 12.5-Foot - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Xtend & Climb 781 Telescoping Ladder Carrying Bag for Model 780P - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Xtend & Climb 782 Telescoping Ladder Carrying Bag for Model 785P - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

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