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10 Best TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired – Reviews 2023

by William Sanders

If you're hard of hearing person, you may always find yourself cranking the TV volume soo high and making everyone else in the room go crazy.

But this doesn't have to be the case always. With the best TV earphones for hard of hearing, you can watch your favorite TV show without disturbing the others. These headphones work independently of your TV-allowing you to set a comfortable hearing level for you without touching the TV volume.

The following guide will introduce you to the most popular, most effective TV headphones that you can order today for a more enjoyable TV watching without bothering anyone.

Best TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired:

Best TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired:
Best TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired:

1. Zihnic Wireless Over-Ear Headset

Zihnic Wireless Over-Ear Headset
Zihnic Wireless Over-Ear Headset

If you're on the market for great TV listening headphones for the money, this Zihnic headset is a sure bet. Equipped with noise reduction technology, it keeps off ambient noise to give you clear TV listening sessions plus high-definition stereo music for immersive TV listening without increasing the volume levels.

One of this headset highlights is the built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect it to your TV wirelessly. Using the Bluetooth function is easy as pie; you just slide the on/off button, and your headset is ready to pair with the TV. If your TV has no Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the 3.5mm plug cable to make a wired connection.

Another cool thing about this headphone is its long-lasting 450mAh battery, which grants you quick charging (with only 2.5 hours period). And once fully charged, it will give you up to 20 hours of playtime. This is long enough to last a whole day watching TV!

You'll feel comfortable wearing these headphones for long hours-the earmuffs and headband feature super-soft memory foam leather for maximum comfort. The headphones are also foldable and stretchable to let you adjust them for the perfect fit ad extra comfort.

This pocket-friendly over the ear headphone comes with a durable design and will last longer with good care. The set is shipped to you with a sleek, sturdy case to offer you a convenient way to carry or store them while shielding them from tear and wear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Immersive, high-fidelity sound
  • Quick and stable Bluetooth connection
  • Up to 20 hours of playtime
  • Built-in mic for TVs with voice control
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Comes in a premium protective case
  • Backed by a 24-month warranty

2. ARTISTE ADH300 Wireless TV Headphones


The Artiste product is also a great choice for the best TV headphone for hearing impaired. It comes ready to deliver Hi-Fi stereo sound for an amazing, crystal-clear TV dialogue listening experience.

One of the features that push the performance of these headphones to the next level is the integrated 2.4GHz RF technology. This wireless technology can easily penetrate walls and has a longer transmission range of up to 100ft (triple that of Bluetooth tech), allowing you to listen to the TV while walking around your home without skips or interruption.

Unlike most of the headphones in its price category, this unit comes with a smart saving mode to help preserve the battery life. The headphone automatically switches to standby mode if no audio signal is detected for approx. 5 minutes. And if the audio signal returns, the headset will automatically switch back on so you can continue listening to the TV.

Your comfort is also well cared for in this headset. It features a soft-padded headband and over-the-ear pads to provide you with maximum comfort. Moreover, the headband is adjustable to offer you a perfect fit.

The headphones also come with a long-life battery, which powers them continuously for up to 20 hours on a single full charge. This further sets these Artiste headphones from the other models, which offer you roughly 7-8 hours of playtime.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers Hi-Fi sound quality
  • Wireless transmission range: up to 100ft.
  • Up to 20 hours battery performance
  • Auto power off (saves battery power)
  • Adjustable soft-padded headband

3. Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

Avantree HT4189
Avantree HT4189

This headset is compatible with up to 99% of TVs on the market, making it an incredibly versatile option for watching your TV. It supports a couple of audio outputs, including AUX, RCA, and Optical. It also supports computer digital USB audio without requiring additional cables.

The complete set includes the headset plus a top-of-the-line Bluetooth transmitter that automatically connects when turned on, saving you from the pairing hassle. In other words, it offers a simple plug and play setup. Keep in mind that this transmitter can support more than one headphone at the same time.

If you like, you can connect the headset directly to your TV, and other Bluetooth enabled devices without involving the transmitter.

Probably the best thing about this headset that makes it great for TV watching for people with hard of hearing is that it doesn't cause audio lag. It comes integrated with low audio delay technology (<40ms latency), which reduces Bluetooth delay, letting you enjoy high-quality sound in perfect synchronization.

Because this unit is equipped with Bluetooth Class I technology, it will offer you an extended transmission range of up to 100ft, unlike the shorter 33ft. range you get with standard models. With such a long-range, you can freely roam in your house and still enjoy quality music.

And yes, this Avantree gives you an Ultra-long playtime, not seen in any other headset. Its battery lasts for a whopping 40 hours of playtime on a full charge, outperforming any other headphone you've used before.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wireless range: up to 100ft.
  • Simple plug and play headphones
  • Extended 40 hours of playtime
  • Low latency; eliminates audio lag

4. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

Sennheiser RS 175 RF
Sennheiser RS 175 RF

The Sennheiser RS 175 is a great all-around digital wireless headphone system designed to give you an amazing TV watching experience. The complete system comprises the headphones plus a transmitter that doubles as a docking and charging station for the headset.

The system offers you a truly impressive sound quality wirelessly. It incorporates innovative digital wireless technology that lets you enjoy watching your favorite TV program, listen to music, etc., clearly and accurately. With these headphones, you won't need to alter the TV volume again and disturb the others.

The top-rated headphone system also features Bass Boost and Surround Sound modes to upgrade your listening experience even further. The modes increase the audio bass response and more spatial, livelier stereo sound, respectively-giving you a whole new listening experience!

The headset itself feels light and comfortable, and you can wear it for long hours. It also lets you adjust its headband for a good fit and added comfort.

The Sennheiser headphones are widely compatible and will work with nearly all the TVs on the market, so you won't need to worry whether you have the best TV for hard of hearing. They feature an exceptional transmission range of approx. 330ft., to let you listen to your TV as you move from room to room.

The fact that all the main controls are strategically located on the headphone make it super-easy to operate.

For the battery performance, this unit has a powerful battery that lasts for as many as 18 hours. This makes the headset reliable for binge-watching the whole day and the following day for a few hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • bass boost and surround sound modes
  • Long-lasting battery with 18hours playtime
  • Up to 330ft. wireless audio transmission
  • Multi-receiver transmitter
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

5. Sennheiser HD 65 TV Closed Back Dynamic Headphones

Sennheiser HD 65 TV Closed Back Dynamic Headphones
Sennheiser HD 65 TV Closed Back Dynamic Headphones

This is a more affordable alternative from the Sennheiser. And another great option for listening to the TV for hearing impaired. It boasts neodymium moments plus lightweight diaphragms, which work together to deliver high-quality reproduction of your TV audio.

The headphones are designed to completely cover your ears to block out the outside noise while preventing audio leakage. This well thought out design also helps enhance spoken voice clarity, magically increasing your ability to listen to your TV clearly.

With these headphones, you'll be watching the TV with the sound on, so everyone else can still watch the TV…they can also adjust the TV volume with remote control without affecting your headphones' volume. The headphone offers you great volume controls to let you separately handle the right and left earpad volumes.

Another amazing thing about this headset is that it's comfortable to wear. It features an around the ear design plug with high-quality leatherette ear pads whose smooth feel delivers long-lasting comfort.

Inside the package, you'll discover a 17ft. long extension cable and a 6.3mm stereo adapter that allows for easy hooking to nearly any best TV for hearing impaired and enjoy a long distance from the TV.

Highlighted Features:

  • Independent volume control
  • High-quality leatherette ear pads
  • Integrated, in-line volume control
  • Adjustable padded headband
  • Includes a 6.3mm stereo adapter
  • Comes with 17ft. long extension cable

6. ZANCHIE Wireless TV Headphones

ZANCHIE Wireless TV Headphones
ZANCHIE Wireless TV Headphones

For the best TV headphones for hard of hearing at a fair price, these Zanchie cordless headphones are hard to beat. They're armed with a dynamic 40mm driver, which gives you superb quality sound, making it possible for you to enjoy watching TV, movies, listening to music, etc., without disturbing anyone.

The headset uses a rechargeable battery which takes around 4 hours to fully charge and offers you up to 10 hours play time nonstop. It also comes equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology which supports a wireless transmission range of up to 330ft., with no latency.

The Zanchies headset will accept various inputs on your TV, including the 3.5mm audio jack, digital optical output, and RCA.

You'll like how the headset feels comfortable in your head. They're incredibly light, at only 7 ounces, and won't feel like a burden on your head. The soft padded headband lets you wear the headset for long hours without getting discomforts of any kind. The fact that you can adjust the headband means you'll get a perfect fit for optimal comfort.

Unlike most of the headphones that come with many complicated controls, this set is quite simple and straightforward to use. You just need to press the easy to access on/off and volume to operate the headset. Even the elderly with hearing loss can use them without any problems.

The stylish looking headphones have a great build quality and feel pretty solid. Not to forget, they come nicely packed in a heavy-duty top quality box.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Supports transmission range of up to 330ft.
  • Adjustable soft padded headband
  • Fully sealed earpads reduce sound leakage
  • Lightweight design for extra comfort

7. Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones

Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones
Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones

Easy to setup. Marvelous sound quality. Robust wireless technology. These are the key aspects of these Jelly Comb headphones, which make them great for listening to the TV comfortably without disturbing the rest of the household.

The sound clarity you get with these headphones is mind-blowing. They're integrated with innovative digital technology that outputs loud, clear, and stereo sound, with no static or audio delay-giving you a clean listening experience.

The connection strength is high for these headphones. They boast 2.4GHz wireless technology which lets out a strong and stable RF signal that can work in an extended range of up to 100ft. This means you can walk around your house without interrupting your listening experience. Moreover, this wireless technology has no lag, allowing you to watch your favorite TV show or movie without those annoying delays or skips.

We like that the headset feels quite comfortable when you put it on. Its soft skin ear pads and adjustable leather-wrapped headband will let you can listen to the TV all day long without developing pressure points on your head.

The headset draws its power from a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery. Being a high-quality battery, it will offer you up to 10 hours' worth of playtime on a single charge. if the battery runs out, you can use the included audio cable to continue watching your TV.

Since the headphones come packed with a set of simple directions for easy setup, you'll have an easy time using them. They're widely compatible with most TVs on the market. Remember, the charger isn't integrated with the transmitter, like in most models out there, letting easily connect the headset to your nightstand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear loud stereo sound
  • Working range: up to 100ft
  • up to 10 hours playtime
  • Adjustable soft-padded headband
  • Lightweight design for maximum comfort
  • Includes RCA cable, 3.5mm adapter

8. ANSTEN D1 Wireless Stereo TV Headphone

ANSTEN D1 Wireless Stereo TV Headphone
ANSTEN D1 Wireless Stereo TV Headphone

If you have an elderly person with hard of hearing in your life and want to give them the perfect gift they'll never forget, get them these best TV headphones for hearing impaired today.

One of the biggest reasons we recommend this model as a great gift for the hearing impaired is that it delivers excellent audio quality. It features high resolution 40mm drivers, which improve the mids output, making the human voice clearer. This makes it suitable for elderly people to listen to TV vocals clearly.

This headset system also grants you unmatched flexibility in terms of audio inputs. It can accept RCA, digital audio input, digital coaxial cable input, or 3.5mm audio jack, which allows you to use them as normal wired headphones. With the 2.4GHz wireless technology integrated into the transmitter, you will enjoy a wireless transmission range of up to 100ft. with low latency.

The headphones come with large ear openings to ensure they easily and snugly fit over the ear. The earmuffs are made with soft leather material, which feels soft and comfortable on your skin. And the headband easily adjusts to let you achieve the perfect fit for your specific head size.

The setup part is an extremely easy plug and play process. You just plug in the audio cable and turn them on. The power and volume up/down buttons are easy to find with the headphones on, ensuring easy operation.

Battery life is also great as you'll get a total of 12 hours of playtime to let you watch a couple of TV shows without bothering with charging.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with nearly any TV
  • Extended 100ft. long-range
  • Up to 12 hours playtime
  • Crystal clear sound w/zero latency
  • Soft leather earmuff for comfort

9. SIMOLIO Hearing Protection Wireless TV Headphones

SIMOLIO Hearing Protection Wireless TV Headphones
SIMOLIO Hearing Protection Wireless TV Headphones

These headphones are also great for seniors with hard of hearing. They are optimized for the ultimate comfort and are suitable for anyone who has a problem hearing while watching the TV or simply wants to watch the TV without disturbing others.

You'll, no doubt, love the fantastic sound quality offered by these headphones. They sport a built-in voice highlighting and noise canceling technology. These two work together to dynamically minimize background noise-making your TV dialogue stand out and enabling you to easily understand your TV dialogue at safe volume levels.

Even better, the headphones offer you bass, normal, and treble adjustments to let you easily customize the sound frequency to your specific preferences.

They also offer you left and right balance adjustment to let you balance the sound levels to either side so that you hear equal sound in both ears.

These headphones are constructed using high-quality materials, which explains why they feel pretty solid. The earmuffs feature super-soft memory foam to ensure they comfortable around your ears for long hours. The 12-level adjustable headband gives you a comfortable, customized fit.

Setting up the headphones is the easiest part! All the accessories you need to set them up are included in the box for hassle-free setup. A set of detailed instructions is also included to guide you through the installation process.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100ft wireless transmission range
  • Reduces background noise
  • Built-in battery with 10 hours battery life
  • -Optical/RCA/AUX 3.5mm audio outputs
  • Soft-padded headband for long-lasting comfort
  • Ergonomic protein earmuffs

10. Bellman Audio Maxi BE2020 Wireless Personal Hearing Amplifier

Bellman Audio Maxi BE2020
Bellman Audio Maxi BE2020

The Bellman Audio Maxi is more of a hearing aid than a headphone. It comes equipped with state of the art digital technology to enable you to hear your TV clearer and louder, without cranking the TV volume. It also lets you listen to speeches and stereo sounds loud and clear, without asking your companion to speak louder.

As one of the high-end communication aids available on the market today, this unit comes engineered for superior sound quality. It fully exploits the advantages of integrated digital technology to clarify speech and reduce those annoying background noises and feedback.

You'll not only get to listen to your TV clearly, but you'll also be able to hold small group conversions and listen to stereo or mp3 music with this hearing aid.

The complete set comes with top-quality headphones, which feel pretty lightweight on your head to enable you to wear them for longer hours. The included audio cable lets you hassle-freely connect the headset to your TV for a clear listening experience.

The Bellman Maxi is incredibly easy to handle. It was designed with the ultimate simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. You can access all the common functions using a single button push. There is no complicated menu to get you confused and lost. All the buttons are large and easy for you to use. The LED indicators will help you quickly check the volume level and battery status.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reduces background noise and feedback
  • Includes stereo headphones
  • Clearer sound in difficult hearing situations
  • Large, clear tactile controls
  • Transparent belt clip for easy carry
  • Low battery warning indicator

Things To Check Before Getting One

Not all the headphones for TV watching on the market today will work as described by their manufacturers. This means you need to be more careful about which model you choose.

The following factors will help you easily choose best TV headset for hearing impaired that fits your unique needs.


You'll need to ensure you get a pair of headphones that easily connect to the TV in your home. Check the connection points that the headset system supports to determine whether it will work with your TV.

Also, if you'll p watching the TV with the rest of the household, consider a headphone system that lets you add additional headphone or works without affecting the TV sound for others. Most transmitters that come with TV headphones allow you to do just that.

Easy setup

Another important thing you need to look for in a headset for hearing impaired is how easy it is to set up. You don't want a headset that takes hours to connect to your TV or operate.

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Models with simple plug and play design are the easiest to set up as you don't need to go through the pairing process. Models with strategically located buttons are also easier for you to operate.

Battery life

As you already know, most of the headphones for TV watching you'll find out there are wireless and, therefore, come with rechargeable batteries to power them. With this in mind, getting a model with a powerful battery will enable you to use it for an extended period of time without charging it. A decent battery should offer you a playtime of around 10-20 hours.


If you like watching TV for long hours, then you need to get a comfortable set of headphones that will not cause discomfort to your head with time. So, how do you know a headset is designed for the ultimate comfort?

Firstly, check that the headband is adjustable to give you the perfect fit. The earmuff should feature soft materials construction that feels smooth and comfy against your skin. Above all, look for headphones that feel as light as a feather.

Added features

Some headphones come with extra features that make them even more convenient for you to use. One such helpful feature is the ability to cancel background noise and feedback to allow for more precise listening. Another good feature is the volume control to help you customize your device to your preferred hearing level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hear TV with wireless headphones?

Absolutely! Using wireless headphones made for TV listening and compatible TV, you should hear the TV dialogue crystal-clearly. We've just outlined up to 10 such headphones you can find on the market today for enjoyable TV watching.

How can I connect my headphones to my TV without a headphone jack?

If your TV lacks a headphone jack, you can still connect it using an aftermarket adapter that connects your headphones to the type of audio output the TV offers you.

Do movie theaters have headphones for hearing impaired?

Major movie theaters provide headphones for the hearing impaired. These headphones work with the assistive listening devices (ALDs) to carry the film audio through FM or infrared transmitter, letting people with hard of hearing get every vocal on the movie.

Does a soundbar help the hard of hearing?

Some soundbars will help you hear the TV if you're hard of hearing. These bars sit just below or above your TV and are designed to amplify your TV audio better than your TV's built-in audio speakers, making them great for hard of hearing ears.

Final Verdict

No more cranking TV volume to unsafe levels and making everyone go crazy! We have just given you our picks for the most effective TV headphones that help you hear every sound coming from the TV.

With these headphones, you'll be able to watch the TV without disturbing the others with crazy high volume levels. Get the best TV headphone for hearing impaired that matches your needs from this list today to start enjoying great TV watching the right way.

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