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10 Best 55″ 4k TV Under $600, $700 Budget in 2023

by Alice Davis

As most TV buying Americans will agree, 55-inch is one of the most popular TV sizes today. Couple this giant display with the breathtaking 4K resolution, and you're sure to elevate your home entertainment.

A few years ago, getting a quality 55-inch 4K TV would mean spending thousands of dollars. But things are different now. The many 55-inch 4K TVs available today have made the market highly competitive-causing prices to go down and making these TVs affordable for everyone.

Through hours of research for the best 55 inch TV under 600, we found the following models of TVs from popular brands that offer you great performance while costing you less than 600 dollars.

Top 55″ 4k TV Under $600, $700 Budget in 2023 by Editors

Best 55 inch TV Under $600-700

Best 55 inch TV Under $600-700
Best 55 inch TV Under $600-700

1. SAMSUNG TU-8000 55-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV


The SAMSUNG TU-8000 is doubtlessly one of the best 4k 55 inch TV models you can find on the market today under $600. The TV comes from one of the most reputable TV brands on the planet and offers you greater picture quality regardless of what content you're watching on the screen.

It comes equipped with an ultra-fast 4K processor that transforms everything you watch, from videos, TVs, movies, sports, etc., into stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. This simply means you'll be watching all your favorite content with lifelike picture quality.

The 4K TV also supports high dynamic range (HDR), which unveils shades of colors not possible with the regular, further elevating your viewing experience.

With an exceptionally high motion rate of up to 120, this TV will let you watch high-speed action movies, sports, etc., with excellent motion clarity and zero blurs.

For gamers, this TV features Auto Game Mode, which automatically optimizes your screen and minimizes the input lag. This way, you'll enjoy a smooth gaming experience without motion blurs and judder. Here's to a mind-blowing gaming experience!

The 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV features built-in Alexa to allow you to take advantage of the Alexa convenience to perform tasks such as change channels, open apps, search for movies, play your favorite music, control your smart home devices, and more.

Above all, this Samsung TV is optimized with various connectivity options, namely HDMI ports, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet. These will give you versatility when it comes to connecting other devices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Crystal-clear 4K display
  • Built-in WIFI, Ethernet, and Bluetooth
  • Built-in HDR for stunning detail
  • Built-in Alexa for voice control
  • Includes 4 HDMI ports
  • Sleek, elegant, minimalistic design

2. TCL 55″ 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV

TCL 55
TCL 55

This TCL has also won a spot on our top 55″ TV reviews. This TV's popularity comes from the premium viewing experience it offers you for under 600 dollars. It presents you with best in class LED display for fantastic image quality, with great black depths and purer whites.

Watching your favorite movies and TV shows with lifelike picture quality gets better, thanks to this TCL's true 4K Ultra HD resolution.

It also features Dolby Vision HDR. This advanced HRD technology uses the info embedded in the Dolby Vision content to optimize every scene in your movie or TV show for 100% accurate display of details in the dark and bright scenes simultaneously. This sets it apart from other HDR technologies, which offer consistent brightness for all the content.

You will have no problems watching this TV in just any environment, whether you're in the darkest home theater to the brightest rooms with sunlight, thanks to the built-in HDR Pro Gamma technology.

The smart TV comes with a built-in Roku smart platform to give you easy access to a whole new world of entertainment. You can stream from popular platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, to name but a few. It also comes with built-in WiFi to let you stream your favorite content in the ultimate 4K resolution.

Keep in mind that this TV is fully compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. You can count on these virtual assistants to help perform various tasks on your TV by just speaking. The 4 built-in High-speed HDMI ports let you conveniently attach other devices to your TV.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-HD 4K resolution
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • 3 HDMI ports, 1 HDMI 2.0
  • High-speed 802.11ac WiFi
  • Works with Google Assistant, Alexa
  • Remote with voice control included

3. LG 55UN7300PUF UHD 55″ 4K Smart UHD TV

LG 55UN7300PUF
LG 55UN7300PUF

If movies make a big part of your life and you long for an immersive viewing experience, this LG 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV will be a great choice for you. This is a high-quality model from one of the most respected consumer electronics manufacturers around the globe. Plus, it comes at a great price tag of less than $600.

The model comes equipped with the REAL 4K Ultra HD display to offer you stunning color reproduction and detail. It also comes equipped with active HDR (high dynamic range), which helps adjust the picture quality scene by scene, allowing you to enjoy full details in every scene of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Your movie nights will get even better with the TruMotion 120 technology, which lets you enjoy high-speed action scenes with unmatched motion clarity.

As a genuine product of LG, this smart 55-inch TV also comes armed with an instant and intelligent quad-core processor that works tirelessly to ensure you enjoy super-clear audio and picture.

You'll get the chance to access LG's renown WebOS smart platform when you buy this TV. There, you'll get easy access to the latest streaming apps such as Disney+, Apple TV, and other popular apps like Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Prime Video.

You'll also appreciate that this LG affordable smart TV comes with Film mode function to easily translate the director's cinematic vision to your TV with automatic picture and processor settings-giving true authenticity to your movies.

The LG works with both Google Assistant and Alexa, so you'll be able to control a variety of tasks and functions by just using your voice. A voice control remote is included in the box to make this possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Real 4K Ultra HD display
  • Built-in active HDR
  • 120 high motion rate for high motion clarity
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • 3 HDMI, 1 Ethernet, 2 USB ports

4. Sony X800H 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony X800H
Sony X800H

This smart LED TV also comes from a well-known producer of top-notch products and ushers you into the world of premium 4K watching experience without breaking the bank. From our 55 inch 4k TV comparison, we can confess that this TV gives you much more than the price tag they put on it.

Sony has integrated their incredibly powerful 4K HDR processor X1 into this TV to ensure you enjoy 4K resolution exactly the way it's intended, rich with real-world detail and texture. The TV is also optimized with a TriLuminous display to offer advanced color and degradation to ensure you get every detail the way the creator intended you to see.

The TV sports HDR plus Dolby Vision, which brings scenes in TV shows, videos, and movies to life with striking highlights, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors. Not to forget the MotionFlow XR, which reduces blur in fast scenes for true lifelike motions.

If you love gaming, this Sony will also prove to be a gaming beast for you. It comes with a built-in gaming mode for smoother and lag-free, more responsive gaming experience. This is your chance to take your PlayStation experience to the next level!

Because this is a smart TV, it features Android smart platform which lets you access thousands of apps and stream all your favorite content. It's designed to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to execute a myriad of tasks on the screen by voice input.

Despite hanging in a budget price range, this 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV comes with Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit support. These will let you seamlessly integrate iPhone and Siri devices with your TV for smart home management and easy content streaming.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers premium 4K picture
  • Offers game mode for smoother gaming
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Integrated HDR and Dolby Vision

5. Hisense 55H8F 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart ULED TV

Hisense 55H8F
Hisense 55H8F

The Hisense 55H8F is also a great 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV option for offering you a smart TV experience on a wide display. It boasts built-in Android 10.0 OS, which offers you an unlimited selection of apps and content, highly intuitive navigation, and countless fun features-all for less than 600 dollars.

The TV utilizes Hisense's ULED technologies to amplify the brightness, color, and contrast and provide smooth motion, raising the bar for picture quality. The 4K TV employs a wide color gamut to provide you with an extended range of 1billion+ colors for more lifelike pictures.

Similar to the high-end TV models, this affordably priced Hisense TV also comes with built-in HDR10 plus Dolby Vision HDR to deliver high dynamic range, adding detail, contrast, dramatic color, and brightness to your TV shows and movies.

With the built-in Android smart platform, this smart ULED TV also takes away your boredom and replaces it with 500,000plus movies and TV shows…plus video streaming from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more.

Besides, it comes with a built-in Google Assistant to let you easily operate it. You can quickly access entertainment, control smart devices around your home, change channels, play your favorite music, get answers, etc., by just using your voice.

This Hisense comes with a higher motion rate (of up to 240; this is double what you get from most TVs) to completely laminate lags, give you smooth motion, and let you easily keep up with fast-paced sports and movie scenes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powered by Hisense ULED technology
  • Includes HDR10 + Dolby Vision HDR
  • 240 high motion rate
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet connections
  • Up to 60 local dimming zone for higher contrast
  • Built-in lag-free game mode

6. TCL 55″ 5-Series 4K UHD QLED ROKU Smart TV

TCL 55
TCL 55

Another great 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV from TCL pops up on our list! This model also appears in the 5-series line of smart TVs from TCL. It comes armed with Roku smart platform and premium 4K display to give you endless entertainment while elevating your home theater experience.

It boasts Quantum Dot Technology, which delivers improved brightness and extended color volume than your current TV, resulting in a highly vivid picture. On top of this, it features HDR Pro Pack, which combines with Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, and HLD formats to deliver greater contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites.

As it's standard across all the 5-Series models from TCL, this smart TV comes integrated with AiPQ Engine, which employs artificial intelligence to optimize contrast, color, and clarity-giving you an unrivaled 4K HDR experience.

The easy voice control enables you to control your home entertainment system with just your voice.

And if you're a gamer, this smart TV will equip you with Auto Game Mode, a great function that automatically adjusts the picture settings to give you a fully optimized, fast-response gaming experience.

You'll also get to use the Roku OS that comes with this smart TV from TCL to easily access cable box, gaming console, Blu-ray player, and other devices without having to flip through inputs and complex menus. Included in the package is a simple-to-use remote, with fewer buttons than the traditional remotes, to give you total control of your home entertainment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptionally vivid picture quality
  • Built-in auto game mode
  • Includes 4HDMI cables
  • 240 motion rate for smooth motion clarity
  • Built-in 802.11ac Dual-band WiFi
  • Simple-to-use voice control remote
  • Premium, slim profile design

7. Sceptre U550CV-UMR 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Sceptre U550CV-UMR
Sceptre U550CV-UMR

The Sceptre is the best 4k 55 inch TV for elevating your home entertainment system. IT pairs up with 8 million pixels to encompass you with highly realistic visuals. Watch as vibrant colors come to life before your eyes for the purest form of entertainment at a surprisingly affordable $600 price range.

This TV commands compelling imagery with a true resolution of Ultra HD 4K resolution. This completely transforms how you watch TV shows and movies, with an extra-ordinary landscape of colors, contrast, and lifelike clarity.

Its display comprises LED technology that delivers a wider array of rich colors to ensure you enjoy nothing short of eye-pleasing moving images on your screen.

UHD upscaling feature makes this TV unique by giving it the ability to easily upscale the resolution of SD, HD, FHD to the 4k picture quality level. In simpler words, this TV breathes new life into your old movies and other content.

Thanks to its high motion rate of 120, This 55-inch TV ensures that all your action-packed sequences smoothly flow from frame to frame, further enhancing the picture quality of your favorite sports, movies, and video games.

As for the inputs, it offers you up to 4 HDMI inputs to let you connect up to 4 devices at a go. It also offers you one USB port, one ARC port, and one MHL Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port to let you easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV and play your favorite content in masterful 4K picture quality.

You'll like that this TV is VESA wall-mountable, so you'll get it to set to a perfect position for comfortable watching and eliminate cable clutter. With its sleek body, this Sceptre 4K 55-inch UHD TV will seamlessly blend into any home décor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers 4K full HD resolution
  • High 120Hz refresh rate
  • 3 HDMI, 1 HDMI 2.0 ports
  • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port
  • VESA wall-mountable

8. Sceptre U550CV-U 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED HDTV

Sceptre U550CV-U
Sceptre U550CV-U

This is another top-rated 4K TV from Sceptre. This is the best 55″ flat screen TV for transforming your home into an epic adventure with a pocket-friendly budget of less than 600 dollars.

Like its sister above, this TV comes ready to spoil you with unequaled color and clarity of 4K (or over 8 million pixels) resolution. This level of picture quality allows you to enjoy more natural and lifelike images on a large 55-inch screen from the comfort of your sofa.

Similar to the other Sceptre 55-inch model, this model offers you up to 4 HDMI ports to let you connect multiple devices to it at a go. Of the 4 ports, one is HDMI 2.0, which lets you seamlessly stream 4K video and enjoy the most rewarding viewing experience the market has to offer.

The included USB port further extends the versatility of this TV by letting you connect additional devices to it.

You can also easily explore your apps and your favorite content saved on your smartphone or tablet on this giant LED screen. This is made possible by the included MHL port, which lets you easily connect your smartphone/tablet to the TV.

Don't forget that this TV also comes with a built-in digital TV to let you enjoy your favorite local TV shows with great HD quality. You just need to connect a good antenna to pull in the signals. The Sceptre 55-inch 4K TV is wall mountable and supports VESA 600x400mm standard.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4K Ultra-HD display
  • 3 HDMI ports, 1 HDMI 2.0 port
  • 60Hz effective refresh rate
  • 1 Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port
  • VESA 600mm x 400mm compatible

9. Caixun 55-Inch Smart LED TV 4K Android TV

Caixun 55-Inch Smart LED TV 4K Android TV
Caixun 55-Inch Smart LED TV 4K Android TV

Are you wondering the best gift you can give your friend or family this Halloween or Christmas? Look no further! This Caixun TV will make a good gift, with its unrivaled 4K picture quality and a pack of amazing, smart features at a pocket-friendly budget.

Like all the other best 55 inch 4k TV under 600 models, we have featured on this list, this huge 55-inch TV comes designed to offer you the real 4K Ultra-HD resolution. This means you'll be getting every detail on your favorite movies and TV shows with excellent clarity.

The TV boasts HDR, HDR10 compatibility for magical improvements in contrast so that you can enjoy a wide spectrum of colors plus visual details, even in dark movie scenes. The screen adopts vertical and horizontal 178-degree viewing angles for a deeper immersive viewing experience.

Powered by a 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor, this TV will please you with fast loading time for all your apps, videos, movies, games, and content.

It operates on the Android OS platform to give you access to over 700,000 shows and movies, listen to music, cast photos, and more. The built-in Google Assistant plus voice control remote (included) lets you perform any task on the screen using your voice.

With the Chromecast built into this Caixun, you'll also get to put your small screen on your bigger 55-inch screen. What's more, it offers you 3 HDMI inputs to let you connect additional devices such as gaming console, Firestick, and computer to the TV.

On top of all this, this TV comes in an elegant stick stand design. It's wall mountable and works with VESA back hole 200x400mm pattern, so you can hang it on the wall to save floor space.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4K Ultra-HD picture quality
  • Compatible with HDR10
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • up to 3 HDMI inputs
  • Supports VESA 200 x 400mm

10. Konka 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Konka 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
Konka 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The last best 4k TV under $600 on our list goes to the Konka 55-inch 4K UHD TV. Like all the other TVs above, this model provides you with a true-to-life quality picture with clearer detail. It's great for not only streaming shows but gaming as well. And it features an incredibly affordable price, making it a great value choice.

The TV is engineered with 4K Ultra HD resolution. It integrates Konka's Quad Core Ultra HD Engine, which delivers superior clarity, contrast, and color.

It comes equipped with the HiBright Pro LED Backlighting. This creates brighter and more dynamic images, so you can continue to enjoy high picture quality even in rooms with ambient light or sunlight.

We also feature this Konka on our top-rated 55″ TV reviews because it comes with built-in AcuMotion technology. This is a special technology that gives you a fully immersive watching experience by improving motion clarity. This helps maintain accurate picture clarity, even when watching high motion videos such as action movies, sports, etc.

As an android smart TV, this model offers you access to Google Play Store so you can stream over 500,000 movies and TV shows.

It features built-in Google Assistant to let you play your favorite music, ask questions, change channels, and do a lot more with just your voice. The included voice remote control to make the TV voice control function possible right out of the box.

The easy setup TV comes with a total of 4 HDMI ports, which you can use to connect other devices like gaming console, computer, etc., to your TV via HDMI cable to enjoy your favorite content in stunning 4K resolution.

The frameless design gives this smart, affordable TV a stunning, virtually edge-to-edge screen that blends well with many home decors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Built-in Google Assistant for voice control
  • Android TV with Google Play Store
  • High-speed dual-band 802.11ac WiFi
  • Stunning frameless cosmetic design
  • Free voice remote control

What To Look For Before Buying?

Just because you're shopping for the best 55 inch TV under 600 or the best 55 inch TV under 700 budget range doesn't mean you don't have many options to choose from. You'll need to take your time to compare and analyze the many models out there to ensure you get the perfect fit for you.

Check the following features to help you easily narrow down your choices to the perfect TVs for your needs.

Screen resolution

The 4K resolution is currently the industry standard for TV resolution, so we urge you to get this futureproof resolution for your new TV. The good thing about 4K UHD (Ultra HD) resolution is that it lets you enjoy more natural, lifelike picture quality for an enhanced viewing experience. A full HD TV is also a considerable resolution for this budget range.

HDR compatibility

Another important thing to look for is HDR support. TV screens that are compatible with high dynamic range (HDR) will offer you more realistic colors for more detail.

They will also enhance your picture contrast so that you can enjoy deeper blacks and brighter whites in every movie scene. Look for a TV equipped with the latest in HDR technology such as Dolby Visual, HDR10, HDR10+, etc.

Refresh rate

Also referred to as the motion rate, and usually expressed in Hertz (Hz), the refresh rate of a given TV model will provide you with a clue how it displays fast-paced scenes in sports, action movies, and games.

You definitely want a TV that shows such scenes with incredible clarity and minimal blurs. The higher the refresh rate a TV comes with, the smoother the motion picture it displays. We suggest getting a TV with a motion rate of 120Hz or higher.

Smart TV

Most TVs on the market are now smart, so it won't be a problem getting a smart-ready TV. However, smart TVs widely vary on what smart features and capabilities they offer you.

Smart TV
Smart TV

Make sure the TV model you get comes with an App store, a built-in browser for surfing the web, and some default Apps installed. Such a smart TV will let you easily connect and stream hundreds of thousands of TV shows, videos, movies, etc.

In case your budget doesn't allow you to get a smart TV, you've nothing to lose as you can still covert your regular TV to smart using Dongles such as Roku TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chrome Cast, etc.

Input options

Your new TV will get even more fun to use if it comes with a couple of ports that allow you to hassle-freely connect other devices to it.

Firstly, make sure you get a TV with several HDMI ports (the maximum number is 4 for most TVs) to let you connect a gaming console, PC, Blu-ray player, and other devices to your TV simultaneously. Additional ports to consider: USB, Ethernet ports, composite input, component input, RF input, optical I/O port, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 4K TVs under 600 dollars any good?

Most of the 4K TVs that fall under 600 dollars are definitely great. As we said earlier, it's not a wonder that you can find a great TV with premium 4K picture quality within this affordable budget in today's market. Nearly all the new TVs being introduced into the market now are 4K.

This means you have plenty of options available, making the market highly competitive and forcing the prices to go down.

What's the best 55 inch TV under 700?

There are many 55-inch TVs under 700 on the market, so you should be able to compare them to get one that has favorable features that fit your needs. Check our 55″ TV reviews list above for some of the top-performance TVs hanging around this price range.

Should I get a flat or curved 55-inch TV?

Unlike the common myth around the internet that the best 55″ curved 4k TV is better, curved TV models only give you a better viewing experience but don't do anything special to increase the picture quality, so they're not really a must-have.

Where can I buy a 55 inch 4k ultra HD TV for under $600?

You can find 55-inch TVs under 600 dollars in many stores around the US. But if you want to get the best deals, consider buying online. An added benefit of purchasing online is that you won't have to deal with the sometimes frustrating sales assistants who keep bothering you with questions like what kind of TV you're looking for.

You'll also get to compare different models and read previous customer reviews to help you make a more informed decision.

Can I use a 4K TV under 600 for gaming?

You absolutely can use a TV under 600 for gaming. However, we suggest that you look for a TV that comes with a built-in gaming mode to help minimize lagging and offer you a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

Final Verdict

The 4K resolution is undoubtedly one of the best things that ever happened to the TV industry. Everyone is racing to get this piece of cake, and you don't want to be left behind. As you have seen on our list of the top 55″ TV reviews above, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a real 4K TV with a 55-inch screen size.

Don't let the amazing 4K experience slip away from you! Get the best 55 inch TV under 600 from this list today, and elevate your home entertainment system with lifelike picture quality at a budget-friendly cost.

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Hisense 55A6G 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with Alexa Compatibility (2021 Model), - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

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