Best Safety And Comfortable Travel Wallet for Money of 2021

When you are heading off for a trip, you need to keep safe all your belongings.

If you want to travel with the safe mind then you need a good wallet which can keep safe all of your documents and important belongings.

Best Safety And Comfortable Travel Wallet for Money

1. Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

Bellroy Leather provides a long support. This product made of heavy-duty leather. You do not have to worry about spill your coffee by accident, it has water-resistant zipper.

Wallet contains a travel pen which is too much useful. It has enough space to keep your passport, cash, and coins.

This model is popular among who iPhone users. It has sufficient room to put your iPhone. Also, comes with 3 years warranty and RFID blocking technology.

2. RFID-Blocking Leather Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

RFID-Blocking Leather Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

If you are a frequent traveler and travel with your family, then this wallet could give you the best support. Without paying a higher price, you can have a good quality wallet.

This has the RFID-blocking technology. So you can put your passport and credit card in it without any hesitation.

This wallet comes with beautiful, stylish design and company provide you the 1-year warranty. This wallet made with the finest leather.

RFID technology can prevent stolen information. It has a well-organized compartment. It can hold multiple passports. Best one for family users.

3. Access Denied Women’s RFID Blocking Leather Slim Trifold Wallet

Access Denied Women’s RFID Blocking Leather Slim Trifold Wallet

This product made of 100% leather. And this made of RFID blocking technology.

Also, Nappa leather uses in this. Soft and inside it have 8 card slots, which meet national security standards.

This wallet can protect you from the cyber hacking. Also, has 2 slip pockets, and magnetic snap closure. Various colors are available for this wallet. Affordable price and compact design make this wallet more attractive.

4. Travelon Safe Id Daisy Ladies Wallet

Travelon Safe Id Daisy Ladies Wallet

Travelon is a high-quality product. They made quality travel product over 35 years. This travel wallet has RFID technology so it can protect you from taking information from wallet.

It has 2 slots for your travel currency and also has 12 cards slot. ID window helps you to show your ID without open your wallet.

This product made with lightweight nylon and a great option for those who travel light. This model comes with various fashionable colors.

Compact wallet it may not give space for your passport but easily can carry all other your documents safely.

5. Obosoyo Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Wallet

Obosoyo Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Wallet

This product made of pure leather. Top quality grain leather with waxing and oiling makes expensive look.

Vintage look and genuine soft leather make it more desirable. Also, anti-scratch properties make this wallet durable.

It can hold 21 cards and has photo slots. 4 compartments give you much space for putting your necessary things.

This multi-folded design allows you to put your phone even iPhone or Galaxy 7. This product doesn’t have RFID technology, but it will give you much space.

Why You Should Use a Travel Wallet?

When you travel somewhere, you bring your passport, cash and credit cards. These are most valuable things you need with you. Now the question is how you keep them safe.

You can divide the money from different places and use a money belt or have an extra pocket. But after all of these you need a good travel wallet which can organize all of your important documents.

Usually, travel wallet has several pockets. Comfortably you can use for your passport, credit cards, documents, phone book, even can put cash in it.

How to choose the best travel wallet?

What kind of documents you usually bring with you? Boarding pass, cash, passports, credit cards or other similar documents you carry for a trip.

Depending on your items you should choose the wallet size. If you have several documents, then you need large size wallet.

Will the wallet be kept in your pocket?

By your work style, you should choose the size, types, and style of your wallet. If you use credit card frequently then you need card holder on your wallet though every wallet has that holder.

If you don’t use cash much then, you do not need to carry a big wallet. The Large Wallet is hard to maintain and sometimes uncomfortable. On the other hand, the large wallet can give you enough space to bring all the necessary documents.

Safety and security features

When you choose your wallet your priority is to check your wallet safety features. A good wallet can provide safe from thieves and from losing coins.

RFID technology

Nowadays travel means electronic passports and cards which contain microchips. These are best modern advancement but also creates a new level of risk. Electronics chips contain important information on the card or passport.

It could be hacked by a digital hacker if hacking device RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) placed very near to your card or passport. Hacking can prevent by RFID blocking technology.

Good wallet nowadays provides this technology. But pickpockets and slash wallets can be done by any expert thief. So you need to be careful from the picketers.


Large bulky wallets are easy targets. And thieves always take their eyes on large wallets. As I told you before, large size wallets are not bad for keeping documents. If you go with your family, then it’s better to have the large wallet.

If you don’t have many documents, then better to use medium or thin wallet which has various compartments and you can put in the pocket smoothly.


If you want to buy the wallet, there are plenty options available in the market. There is much cheap material quality available on the market. Do you want to waste all of your money to buy a second quality wallet? I don’t think so.

Cheap travel wallets always come with low-quality materials. After using cheap quality, you have to buy another one a few days later. So isn’t it better to buy a better quality wallet at the beginning? Go for a good quality always.


Most of the travel wallet in the market you can find made from China. Kind of shocking isn’t it. Yes, but wallets price depends on materials. Which material they use for it is the main thing to consider.


As told you before good material matters. Travel wallets can give you the best performance if it’s made from the very good material. The leather is a good choice for a wallet material.

Leather is durable, secure and stylish. Also, you can buy cheap faux leather but it won’t go further.

Wallet wears around the neck under your clothes are made from durable nylon. It is uncomfortable in hot weather. They dry very quickly and also washable.

I hope you like our articles on best travel wallet.

  • September 12, 2020
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