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5 Best Traveling Alarm Clock With Special Features For Money [2023]

by Alice Davis

Whether you are going for a business trip or official trip or for fun you need to manage your time. For tracking the time you just need the alarm clock. So traveling alarm is one of the important parts of traveling.

5 Best Traveling Alarm Clock Reviews

 5 Best Traveling Alarm Clock Reviews
5 Best Traveling Alarm Clock Reviews

1. Seiko Clam Travel Alarm Clock

Seiko Clam Travel Alarm Clock
Seiko Clam Travel Alarm Clock

This alarm clock shows analog time and pretty basic clock. You can stand the clock with the folding option on the back. You can get this at a reasonable price.

I don't need to say about the Seiko brand. It is famous and flexible. You will get the best experience from this clock.

2. Lascelles Travel Alarm Clock

Lascelles Travel Alarm Clock
Lascelles Travel Alarm Clock

This classic style clock is like an antique. It can provide you feeling like the pocket watch.

The handy leather case converts into the stand. The chrome exterior makes the clock robust. You can get this product at £45.

3. Braun Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock

Braun Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock
Braun Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock

With this model you can wake up with music. This digital alarm clock has an LCD which is easy to read and with blurry eyes, you can see the exact time.

You can set this clock for 12 hours or 24 hours mode. Radio control will automatically set your time when you are traveling.

4. Widdop and Bingham Metal Fold Up Alarm Clock

Widdop And Bingham Metal Fold Up Alarm Clock
Widdop And Bingham Metal Fold Up Alarm Clock

This alarm clock can be folded. This tradition design alarm clock is reliable and quartz timepiece.

The casing is sturdy and protects you from any unnecessary accident. There is no snooze button on this. You can get this product within £11.

5. JCC Multifunction Mini Alarm Clock

JCC Multifunction Mini Alarm Clock
JCC Multifunction Mini Alarm Clock

This all-rounder alarm clock is perfect for traveling. This clock has an alarm, date, and thermometer features. Also, it has a digital time display.

Backlit light gives you comfort at dark. You can watch the clock without giving pressure on your eyes. This clock can be available within 12£.

What to look for:

Analog Vs. Digital

Both analog and digital clocks are available in the market. Analog clocks are simple, and it doesn't have complicated features like digital clocks. Analog clocks run on battery and analog clocks are affordable. Few analog clocks have loud ticking noise. If you are a light sleeper then it is quite irritating.

#Digital Alarm Clock

Some digital alarm clock comes with built in thermometer. You can check the temperature before go outside. Some clock has the backlit, easy to watch at night and also in daylight. Digital alarm clock has snooze option so you can snooze.

You can make your clock 12 hours or 21 hours. The light bottom shows the display in the dark. The products are inexpensive in price. Digital clocks need two or one AAA batteries.

#Analogue Alarm Clock

From the past, the analog alarm is famous for its performance. Analog Alarm Clock is easy to set up and durable. Many clocks have the backlight so you can see time in the night. Many analog Alarm Clocks does not come with a snooze button. In Analogue Alarm Clock alarm sound gradually increase. Suitable if you want to wake up slowly.

The features of the best alarm clock:

  1. Reliable
  2. Accurate
  3. Durable
  4. Compact
  5. Lightweight
  6. Cordless
  7. Inexpensive

Noise Level

You are in traveling so no one may be there to wake you up. Make sure that your alarm clock has a loud sound which can wake you up. If you are a heavy sleeper, then you need that kind of alarm clock.

Look for alarm clock which has the different sound level so that you can adjust the sound level. You can find an alarm clock which gradually increases the sound. This is better than wake up from the loud noise.

You can get beep sound clock. Some model has a radio feature instead of alarm.


Travel clock needs to be more durable than a standard alarm clock. When you pack your alarm clock, it may be crushed under many bags. You do not want to replace another alarm clock during the trip.

Find alarm clock which made of strong material like metal or plastic. You also can find the rubber alarm clock. All alarm clocks made of glass or plastic. So make sure that glass or plastics are durable. Also, folding alarm clocks available.


Complicated one would kill your time. Better idea to choose the simple alarm clock. If you travel internationally, then multiple time zone alarm clocks would be the best idea.

Special Features:

A good alarm clock can do more than tell time. As I told you before, you can get multiple time in one clock. This makes your trip easy and enjoyable.

Dual Alarm

This is excellent features if you have multiple schedules in one day. A dual alarm Clock will give you multiple alarms. There are clocks which can set more than two alarms so you can set the alarm for a week.

Date and 24-Hour Readings

Many travel alarm clock will give you a date along with time. The clock will show the entire calendar so you can see it and make your plan. This might not find important on a regular day. But if you are a frequent traveler then this might get very handy.

The most clock you finds 12-hours duration. You can find clock which can give you military time and 24-time duration.

Radio and Weather

The radio feature is another excellent feature you may need for traveling. You can hear weather report which can help you to travel. And plenty of important local news you can hear on the radio. Many clocks have USB jack with it. You can connect your phone and play loudspeaker music.

So, go for the best traveling alarm clock for the money.

Buy now at eBay, Walmart, Etsy (quality guaranteed)

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