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10 Best Photo Booth Printer 2023 – Reviews & Guide

by Alice Davis

You know what's easy money? You set up a photo booth, people come to take photos, they click, and you get money. Sounds fun, right? Well, it's easy money if you make your investment right.

Now, most people face a problem here. They get a good photo booth, but when it comes to choosing printers for photos, most of them stay behind. You don't want this to happen to you as well, right? Speaking of turning your business upside down here.

Well, just get your hands on the best photo booth printer and damn son! You'll have them good photos coming out of the lips of your booth.

Top Photo Booth Printers in 2023 by Editors

Top 10 Best Photo Booth Printer Reviews

 Top 10 Best Photo Booth Printer Reviews
Top 10 Best Photo Booth Printer Reviews

We have spent lots of hours and looked depth into each product. Moreover, we also went through authentic reviews from valuable customers to know their thoughts, and then added the photo booth printers.

We assure you that you won't regret it if you opt for any of our products. So, let's check them out.

1. Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer
Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Whether for your personal desire or business purpose, you want photos that sparks life. Well then, the Epson PictureMate PM-400 Compact Color Photo Printer going to do exactly the same for you.

As it mentions the word compact, it kept its word. This printer comes with a dimension of 3.3-H × 9.8-W × 6.8-D inches that weighs only 6 pounds! Hence, you can carry it anywhere conveniently to perform whatever task you want.

Now, how you going to print by it when you're on the go? Relax, you can print out from the Epson PictureMate PM-400 by using a smartphone, tablet, PictBridge camera.

That's not it, you can connect it to Wi-Fi Direct, USB, Wi-Fi so that you can print photos without a hitch.

Nevertheless, don't judge this inkjet printer's performance by its look. By using 4-color CMYBK, it prints out striking and exquisite photos. Not only that, but the photos are also confirmed to last for centuries owing to scratch, smudge, fade, and water-resistant.

Ah…. Speed, our favorite! The PictureMate PM-400 takes on average 34 seconds to print 4×6-inch borderless photo. At the same time, it takes 62 seconds on average for larger size 5×7-inches. That's fairly impressive for such a compact printer.

Besides, this printer boasts a 2.7-inch color display along with a built-in memory card slot. As a result, you'll be able to preview photos and do some edit before printing out.


  • Easy to carry
  • Versatile connectivity
  • High-quality photos
  • Fast printing
  • Ease of use


  • A little bit expensive
  • AC power required

2. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer
Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

So, you're looking for the best photo printer for the photo booth, right? Try out the Canon SELPHY CP1300 Photo Printer. And, nope, it ain'tgonna click "selfie" of yours; SELPHY is just its name.

You'll be surprised to know that this printer weighs exactly 2.5 pounds being loaded with the ink cartridge and cassette. That's why its dimension is quite small- just around 2.5-inch high and 7 inches wide. You, therefore, can take it on an adventure or a campaign to share lovely moments.

Besides, connect this printer to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or camera by using the Canon PRINT app to give yourself the ease of printing remotely.

However, it also offers the convenience of printing from Wi-Fi, Mopria Device, AirPrint, USB, or memory card, apart from the app.

Additionally, the SELPHY boasts a 3.2-inches LCD screen so that you can easily maneuver the printing process.

What's amazing about the SELPHY CP1300 is its Dye-Sub Technology. This new technology makes sure that you get utterly dry as well as splendid looking photos instantly. And being unworn, unblemished, they shall hang on your wall for hundreds of years.

Plus, the Dye-Sublimation ensures no color bending or fading, thereby providing all the photos in HD quality.

In fact, it can print on various sized papers such as photo booth size, ID card size, credit card, and postcard with 300×300-dpi resolution. Hence, it'll be able to meet your versatile demand indeed.

Moreover, if you're going to print photos from an SD card, it'll take 56 seconds on average. And while on printing over Wi-Fi, USB connection, or Direct Wi-Fi it'll take 1 minute and 2 seconds.


  • Pretty small
  • Easy to carry
  • Effortless to control
  • Supports various paper size
  • Sharp printing quality


  • USB cable not included

3. Primera Impressa IP60 Photo Printer

Primera Impressa IP60 Photo Printer
Primera Impressa IP60 Photo Printer

Do you want to provide photos to your customers with some unique and delightful specialty? Then check out the Primera Impressa IP60 printer. It'll surely stun you with its superb characteristics.

Whether you want touse it in your studio, or by the beach to share lovely moments, it'll support you wherever you want. That's because this printer weighs 8 lbs (3.6kg), so it's gonna be easy for you to move around with it.

To operate this printer, you'll be provided with PrimeraSNAP photo software along with 4×6 print catch, drivers, and power cord. So, it isn't gonna take much of your time to ready for print.

Plus, the Impressa IP60 printer is going to blow your mind with its high-resolution picture quality. You'll be able to print photos up to 1200×4800-dpi. As a result, color saturation, sharpness, details will be just awesome.

Now, what distinguishes it from other printers? Well, it comes to help you create your very own custom props by using Primera's repositionable adhesive paper. So, you can add a name, personal messages, and much more to your props.

Also, this printer is able to print panorama 2×6, 4×6, 6×6, 6×8, 6×12, 6×18 and 6×24-inches but without changing the supplies. That's a good chance to charge more at events to print panoramic.

As we go further, Primera Impressa IP60 can be considered to be the best printer for a photo booth for its super speed print. It takes 3.5 to 4 seconds to print 2×6 photo strips; 7 to 8 seconds for 4×6 photos and 14 to 16 seconds for printing 6×8 photos.

Moreover, it'll take out less money from your pocket for each print out which calculates to about $0.12 per 4×6 photo, including ink and paper.


  • Carrying is effortless
  • Supports versatility
  • Great picture quality
  • Prints very fast
  • Very easy to work


  • Hard to replace the ink
  • No Wi-Fi

4. Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer
Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer

We all like things that are easy to do, eat, write, draw, etc. don't we? How about the printer that takes fairly zero effort but still cando a fabulous job? The Epson PictureMate photo printer is from that easy-to-do breed.

It boasts a simple menu that allows you to print lab-quality 4×6-inches photo in a snap. Hence, it'll be a piece of cake to work with this printer at any time.

As you move forward to print, this printer offers memory card slots, USB as well as optional Bluetooth for both PC and Mac. So, you can easily print delightful memories of yours and others.

It also accepts various types of cards such as SmartMedia, SD, Sony Memory Stick, CF Type I, and II.

However, the photos that this printer going to spit out is completely water, fade, and smudge resistant. If you keep the photos in an album, which is a kind of dark place, they'll live up to 200years!

Plus, whether you print a bordered or borderless photo, the Epson PictureMate combines sturdy stock with the photo to provide you excellent looking prints.

Besides, it tops in delivering a high-resolution picture that reaches a maximum of 5,760×1440-dpi along with 2.5-picoliter drops. You, therefore, won't have to compromise with the quality, whatsoever.

Moreover, the printing cost by this printer ain't so high. It literally costs 29 cents per photo, which is fairly standard.


  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Very simple to install
  • Super-resolution


  • Slow speed

5. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Dye-Sub Photo Printer
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Dye-Sub Photo Printer

The Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S photo printer for those who're running a business and need a printer that can save time and still provide quality products.

This dye-sublimation printer boasts two print formats by using only 1 media paper. As a result, without exchanging either the ink ribbon or the paper rolls, it can switch between 4×6"and 6×8". Thus, it'll be saving a lot of your efforts and time while printing pictures.

Plus, this printer supports versatile sizes of paper including 2 x 6″, 3.5 x 5″, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″, 6 x 6″, and 6 x 8″. And one more thing, if you're a Instagram lover, you'll love the Mitsubishis 1:1 image print ratio.

You've to just connect the printer with the USB, and get ready to start your printing work.

It comes with a thermal transfer method so that you can get high-quality natural-looking images at 300-dpi. At the same time, this method reduces the color bleeding, providing smooth edges.

On top of that, you'll get your photo printed in a matt finish. Though a matt finish is similar to satin, matt does not reflect light. And the demand for this kind of finish is increasing day by day.

Now, when we talk about time-saving, the printer takes only 11.4 seconds to print out a 4×6" photo. As a result, you'll be able to print many pictures in less time.

Besides, Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S has integrated ink rewind and rollback function. They optimize 4×6" and 3.5×5"-inches print by allowing you to use the complete surface of the ribbon. As a result, you'll be able to get the maximum output of your consumables.


  • Supports various pages
  • Time-efficient
  • Easily load paper and ink
  • Nice printing quality
  • Prints fast


  • No wireless capabilities

6. DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS

DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS
DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS

Do you need to go through heavy printing every day? Want the best photo booth printer for that purpose? Then, try out the DNP DS-RX1HS Photo Printer to equip your business fortress with power and production.

Weighing 30 pounds, this printer shows off with a 20percent increase in print speed. As a result, you'll be able to print 4" ×6"-inches in 12.4 seconds that can reach up to 290 prints per hour.

At the same time, it can give you the highest resolution print 600×600-dpi by taking 22 seconds. So, it's going to be a tower of strength for you in your business.

Plus, the DNP DS-RX1HS printer is capable of printing even 2" ×6" photo strips. Not only that, but it also supports 700 print capacity of 4" ×6"-inches and 350 prints of 6" ×8"-inches.

Moreover, this dye-sublimation printer boasts full-color ribbons that give an overcoat to the pictures. As a result, you get the option to choose between matte or glossy finishes in high-resolution mode.

And, you won't have to change the media during the process, thereby lending you more time to do extra prints.

Further, its printing quality will make you aww. The matte finish looks absolutely flat and mute, whereas the shiny glossy finish will mesmerize your eyes with vibrant and rich colors.

In addition, you can connect the printer to your laptop, PC, tablet via its USB 2.0 and start printing bucketloads of documents, photos instantly.


  • Efficient
  • Very fast
  • Bulk print capacity
  • High-picture quality
  • Easy to operate


  • A little bit heavy

7. Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Photo Printer

Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Photo Printer
Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Photo Printer

In today's world, there are events, conferences, occasions everywhere. You can't carry a bulky photo printer anywhere, right? Consider the Sinfonia CS2 Photo Printer, it'll back up with its compact design and lightweight.

This printer comes with a dimension of 11 inches by 13 inches by 7 inches that gonna do your light printing work, whether its wedding or mobile events, or mini-kiosk.

And it weighs only 22 pounds so that you can carry it easily, everywhere. Just place it on wherever you want and connect to your device via the USB 2.0 port. And get set to pull your weight!

Plus, it boasts thermal control technology to provide excellent print quality. As a result, you'll get a 300-dpi high-resolution photo printed out without any smear or color bending.

When it comes to the print speed, the compact size Sinfonia CS2 doesn't make it any slower. That's because it has the ability to produce 4" ×6"-inch print in about 11 seconds.

This printer has a unique capacity of cutting a 4" ×6"-inch into two strips of 2" ×6"-inch. You, therefore, won't need to cut the photo manually.

Besides, you can feed versatile sizes of paper into this printer, including 2×6", 4×6", 5×7"and 6×8"-inches. It'll devour each of them and will deliver you with stunning printed results.


  • Suitable for lightwork
  • Easy to carry
  • Satisfactory print quality
  • Prints out quickly
  • Versatility


  • Doesn't support 5×7-inch print

8. HiTi P720L Photo Printer

HiTi P720L Photo Printer
HiTi P720L Photo Printer

Do you want toboost photofinishing profit in your printing business? Get your hands on the HiTi P720L photo printer. It makes sure that you get the maximum output in the shortest time to alleviate the business.

It boasts a printing capacity of 1000-print continuously without the hassle of changing the rolls every often. As a result, your precious time won't be wasted on little stuff.

Plus, while concentrating on your profit, this printer doesn't lack the quality. In fact, it has the capacity to deliver both matte and glossy finish with no media change. That's also going into a time-saving category.

In addition, HiTi boasts exceptional printing technology combining with the roll-fed mechanism. As a result, it can produce a 4×6-inch print in 7.9seconds only.

To top it off, it comes with HiTiPicvite Kiosk (express) software to give a platform for the front-end user. And as well as a complete working administration system for back-end management.

In addition, HiTiPicvite Minilab (express) delivers efficient tools to smoothly handle mass print orders along with the fast processing of the digital image. Therefore, it'll help you to increase the efficiency of work at the photo booths.

But you as well your customer also wants splendid picture quality, right? The HiTi color technology has two color preferences to back up the quality. The Passport Photo Color produces portraits providing awesome skin tones, whereas the Classic Color produces a digital image with life-like true color.

Besides, it supports the most versatile paper sizes including all the regular paper sizes we use.


  • Very fast printer
  • Large-volume printing
  • Easy to use
  • Improves efficiency
  • High-grade photo quality
  • Supports various papers


  • Quite heavy

9. Fujifilm Ask 300 Quick Print Station

Fujifilm Ask 300 Quick Print Station
Fujifilm Ask 300 Quick Print Station

Lay your hands on the Fujifilm Ask 300 photo printer to start your print business right away. This compact kiosk system will make printing a piece of cake for you.

You might be wondering how compact this printer is, right? Well, it comes with a 170mm dimension that takes place equal to A3 paper.

Whether it's construction sites, design offices, or portrait studios, this printer has the capacity to print office quality images. What you need to is just install the printer driver and connect it to the computer via the USB port. You can now work your fingers to the bones.

To give you peace of mind, the ASK 300 from Fujifilm comes with a sleep mode that only consumes 0.5W more or less. As a result, it'll not only help you get some bucks but also shall save energy and cost.

It boasts image intelligence processing technology to handle problematic photo conditions, e.g. high contrast, poor lighting, under or over-exposure, etc.

Plus, it does something special with the ink-ribbon and paper to deliver photos with matt finish yet without exchanging them. Thus, the photo looks stunning and luxurious. You, therefore, shall get high-quality images that just blow your mind away.

Besides, you'll have a customer who asks for different photo formats, and you've to provide them what they demand. Now, this printer is capable to provide various photo finishing formats like ID, template-ready, and standard. So, your customers will be pleased and return back to you whenever they need it.


  • Small in size
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Cost-efficient
  • Can improvise photo condition
  • Luxury print quality


  • No wireless connection

10. Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Color Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Color Inkjet Printer
Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Color Inkjet Printer

When it comes to printing, color is at the beginning and the end. That's why in our photo booth printer reviews, we placed the Epson Stylus Pro 3880. Try this out, you'll be stunned by its awesome playing skill with colors.

This printer boasts advanced magenta pigments to deliver blues and violets in more dramatic textures. The AccuPhoto HD2 screening algorithms also ensure that the highlights and shadow details are marvelous along with the sleek color transition.

You'll get sharp and rich blacks with awesome tonal range and an unparalleled gray balance, thanks to its three-level black technology. Hence, all the black-and-white prints shall display a classy and luxury look.

Plus, the Stylus Pro 3880 automatically switches between the Matte and Photo Black ink. You, therefore, will be getting high contrast on matte, fine, and glossy art papers.

Besides, whether you need to print on artboards, semi-matte paper, fine art media, or fiber paper, no worries. This printer can print on up to 1.5mm thick media to give you flexibility in the work.

Apart from business work, flourish your creativity in arts and colors with this Pro 3880. It comes with a MicroPiezo AMC print head to create gallery-quality color as well as black-and-white on paper size up to 17" ×22"-inches.

Moreover, the color that comes out of this printer stays stable and displays the true moments even after decades. To make such stability in colors, this printer is built on Epson's heritage of professional ink technology that allows the pigment ink set to do so.


  • Awesome prints
  • Simple to do the prints
  • Well-engineered
  • Consistent colors
  • Easy to follow manual


  • Hard to print borderless

Things to Consider Before Buying

You've read all the products in our photo booth printer reviews. Though all of our products are similar, they aren't the same. You've your needs to fulfill, and that's why you need to know which factors are the most essential for a photo booth printer.

Don't worry, we're gonna point them down and describe them for your convenience.

Size and Weight

When buying a printer for the photo booth, size and weight play a very crucial role because size and weight are straightly connected to portability.

If your job requires you to travel a lot, a lightweight printer is going to make your work much easier. Plus, a compact designed photo printer is often recommended for personal use.

Photo Booth Printer
Photo Booth Printer

On the contrary, if you aim to use it in your house or business shop, then you can opt for a bulky one. Although we don't support heavyweight printer, high-quality picture out can ease that heavy burden.


We all use versatile devices for capturing moments that we love, hate, enjoy, etc. Some of us use android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, and so on.

Now, if you buy a printer that doesn't support all of these versatile devices, it'll be a regretful purchase. That's why make sure that the photo booth printer you're about to buy is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android as well as Mac.

Photo Resolution

The most vital function of a photo printer is how superior quality of pictures it can provide. Because at the end of the day, you and all of us want pictures that'll just trigger moments instantly and clearly.

Now, a low-resolution photo printer ain't able to produce a picture that qualifies to be superior. And such resolution doesn't only waste your money but also creates a bad impression upon your customer that'll lead to damaging your business. (if you're using the printer for commercial use)

Photo Booth Printer
Photo Booth Printer

You had better opt for a printer that has the capacity of providing a minimum 4500×1000-dpi resolution. As a result, you'll feel glad to provide the customers with stunning and high-quality photos at ease.

Fast Printing

While the best photo booth printer is busy providing you with a quality picture, it's also important how fast it's printing. It's obvious that neither you nor any of us would like to wait for a single image to print out in several minutes.

You, hence, better choose a printer that takes less than 60 seconds to print images so that you, along with the customer, can avoid the nuisance.


Last but not least is connectivity, meaning how you can connect to the printer. However, you don't need to worry about this one, because most of the manufacturers provide several connectivity options.

Some of the options are Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, etc. so that the users find it easy to maneuver the printer the way they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have a photobooth at the wedding?

Mostly photo booth comes with a three-hour package with the starting price at about $551. It provides fun non-dancing activity for both you and your guests.

2. What's a selfie station?

Where individuals or groups of people can take and share photos via a touch-screen camera kiosk that is connected with the internet, is called a selfie station.

3. Can I make money with a photo booth?

A photo booth can make you a fair amount of money, but the exact amount of money is hard to predict. Because it depends on your situation, where you live, what's your culture, and tradition.

4. What is the equipment needed for a photo booth?

Firstly, you'll need a digital point-and-shoot camera along with a camera tripod. Then, a backdrop stand is kind of optional but must require a backdrop. Finally. Spotlight, lighting umbrella, and tape.

5. Why Backdrop and Background are considered as different?

A Backdrop displays a painted cloth that hangs at the back of a theater stage. Whereas Background is anything that goes behind, whether it's temporally or physically.

Wrapping Up!

Pheew…That was everything on the best photo booth printer reviews. We tried our best to pull up all the things that may help in the long run of personal or commercial use.

With hand-on-heart, we hope that now you can make the final purchase with confidence.

Meta- You want to fortify your photo booth business, and we want to help you out with a true heart. So, check out our best photo booth printer review to crank-start.

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Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Primera Impressa® IP60 Photo Printer for Photo Booths, Events & Professional - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

HiTi P525L Compact Dye Sub Event Photo Printer, for Booth Portrait Printing - Bundle with - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Canon SELPHY CP910 Portable Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer, White (Discontinued By - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer, 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7, - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Photo Printer - with 3 Year Warranty Included! - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Color Inkjet Printer (CA61201-VM) - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS 6" Dye Sublimation, for Booth Portrait Printing, 290 - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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