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5 Best Dry Eyes Contact Lenses in 2023 – Reviews

by Alice Davis

If you are a contact lens user, then you are unfortunately disposed to dry eyes. It causes for thin plastic lens block oxygen pass to the eyes.

Recent lenses pass an adequate amount of oxygen through your eyes. But still, you may experience dry and stretchy eyes end of the day. This term is known as the contact lens-induced dry eye (CLIDE).

Dry eyes one of the main reasons why many users quit wearing them and back to their old fashion glasses. There is some way to stop this problem.

Top Dry Eyes Contact Lense Products by Editors

5 Best Dry Eyes Contact Lenses in 2023 - Reviews

5 Best Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses Reviews With Editorial Ratings [2021]

5 Best Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses Reviews With Editorial Ratings [2021]
  • Thera Tears, Lubricant Eye Drops
  • Refresh Plus, 100 Single Use Containers
  • Bausch and Lomb Eye Drops
  • Systane Eye Drops

1. Thera Tears, Lubricant Eye Drops

Thera Tears, Lubricant Eye Drops
Thera Tears, Lubricant Eye Drops

This is a very popular lubricant for dry eyes. The most top rated preservative used in this product. If you have the dry eyes problem, then it will work instantly. This product is very effective and efficient.

This drop also can provide protection against infections. For instant eye relief, this one is the best. This product can use for two years. The expiration date can be found in the bottle.

2. Refresh Plus, 100 Single Use Containers

Refresh Plus, 100 Single Use Containers

This product can instant relief your dry eyes problem. This excellent drop protects your eyes from moisture.

This chemical is healthy and friendly, like natural tears. This is also preservative-free, toxic or harmful chemical-free. Without any hesitation use it if you have irritation or burning eyes.

This product is highly recommended for those who had LASIK surgery. The single-use bottle cannot be reused after you opened it. Do not use drops if it has different colors or cloudy.

3. Bausch and Lomb Eye Drops

Bausch And Lomb Eye Drops
Bausch And Lomb Eye Drops

This is a well-known brand. This product company one of the leading manufacturers for eye drops. This can give you instant relief from eyes irritation. These artificial tears clear your dusty surface.

This product works very quickly and efficiently. Severe dry eyes problem can be solved with this product.

For preventing the contamination, avoid touching the top of the product. Keep it fresh, in a dry environment and also keep it safe from children.

4. Systane Eye Drops

Systane Eye Drops

This drop is more comfortable for the eyes. This offers instant result when you use them. Remember if your drops get cloudy, or other colors than usual then stop using them.

Try not to expose them to the environment for a long time. Close them quickly after use.

The best treatments for dry eyes

  • Eye drops, sprays, and washes
  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Silicone hydrogel/low water content contact lenses
  • Eye vitamins
  • Cleaning routine advised by your expert optician.

Eyewashes supplies you can get from online or nearest pharmacies or supermarket or chemists shop. Sprays and liquids are the best way to clean your eyes.

However if your eye washer or liquid are not working for you, then it's better to contact with an eye specialist.

Eye Vitamins

Eye vitamins can boost up your eyes nutrients which daily your eyes get. It improves your eye health, and it reduces contact lens discomfort.

The best eye vitamins have lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and omega-3. These can surely make positive changes in your eyes.

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel lenses are manufactured with the most recent technology available in the market. This is one of the popular choices for soft lens users.

Technology allows to flowing five times more oxygen than regular lenses. It is also breathable and more comfortable for extended period of time.

Before using anything contact with your eyes specialist.

Low Water Content Lenses

It is a common misconception that if the water content of the lens is higher. Then it will be more comfortable. Those users who have suffered from dry eyes could be faced problem for moisture.

Moisture can pull your natural tears away. High water content lenses can also become dry quickly for the environment.

Standard contact lenses are contained water between 39%-79%. If you think low water content contact lenses are better for you, then you should talk to the expectations.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are a great option for those who suffer from dry eyes. They can provide support for your eyes only one day then you have to through it away.

Dry Eyes Contact Lenses

Good Eye Drop For Contact Lenses

One of the challenging factors for eye drop manufacturers is to preserve the formulation in the bottle. It needs the good preservative. Every eye drops in the bottle use some kind of preservative.

Excellent preservative should evaporate when you use them. If eye contact uses toxic preservative which won't drain out when you wear them, then you might get eyes problem within few days.

Who Needs Eye Drops

Eye drops are suitable for everyone who wears contact lenses. Certain performing could be more discomfort than others. It is recommended to use eye drops.

Computer users

People who work in front of computers all day long. They might get dryness or discomforts in their eyes. Working with computers required stare on the monitor for a long time.

Stare at some time for a long time caused blink-less eyes frequently. Blink is needed for contact lenses users. For the computer users best idea to use eyes drops for a regular basis.

Those working outdoors

People who use contact lenses for outdoors. A construction worker is more exposed to the dust.

It is a better idea for them to use eye drops frequently. Eye drop will wash out the dust or other elements which create discomfort.

Allergy sufferers

Visual allergies are sometimes frustrating. During allergies, people should keep out their lenses for several weeks.

It depends on types of the allergies. Sometimes frequent eye drops can wash out allergies from the eyes.

Dry eye sufferers

This problem could occur for many users. If the condition is severe, then contact to your eye specialist.

Eye drop needs to use for preventing discomfort. Also, it can wash your eyes surface.

How to Decide the Right Drops

There are many brands available in the market. Different brands have different specification. Most of the drops can prevent moisture. Drops usually come with a suitable chemical.

Two type of drops available in the market. One has preservative and one without preservative. Some preservative caused irritation to their eyes. Because it requires some chemical to prevent grow of bacteria.

Keep them to the cool room temperature. Watch carefully what is saying to the expiration date and caution. This product you can use for one year without any problems.

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