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5 Best Brass Spray Paints 2023 – Reviews & Guide

by William Sanders

The brass spray paint can be a fun way to spend your free time breathing new life to various items around you. Whether it's old furniture, plastic toys, or metal items, this paint will easily decorate them with exceptional shine and brilliance-turning them into WOW pieces! We've sieved through various brands, sizes, colors, price tags, and customer feedbacks to find the best spray paint for brass for you as outlined below.

Top Brass Spray Paints in 2023 by Editors

Best Brass Spray Paints:

Best Brass Spray Paints:
Best Brass Spray Paints:

1. Rust-Oleum 1936830 Specialty Topcoat Metallic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 1936830 Specialty Topcoat Metallic Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum 1936830 Specialty Topcoat Metallic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum is a highly popular brand in the world of spray paints. Their products stand from the rest due to their quality formulation and excellent, long-lasting results they produce. This particular product from the manufacturer will let you create a rich metallic shine on the interior surfaces of various items, including wood, metal, plaster, and more!

It features a unique formula that carries the actual metal flakes. These give it the ability to create a decorative touch of ultra-bright, shiny metal look on your picture frames, custom holiday decorations, candle holder, scrapbook projects, and so on.

Using this spray paint is pretty easy, even for beginner hobbyists. It comes in an aerosol can for hassle-free spraying. It also dries up quite fast (as fast as 15-20 minutes), so it won't keep you waiting to accomplish the looks you desire on your project.

Also, this paint boasts great coverage with up to 12 sq. ft., which makes it one of the most efficient brass spray paints you'll ever work with, giving you the real bang for your buck. The paint is 100% water-resistant. And for metallic surfaces, it keeps guard against rust and corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries to touch in 15 minutes
  • Creates high gloss metallic finish
  • Great for virtually any surface
  • Great coverage: up to 12 sq. ft.

2. Krylon K02766007 Fusion All-In-One spray-paints

Krylon K02766007 Fusion All-In-One Spray-paints
Krylon K02766007 Fusion All-In-One Spray-paints

If you want to an all-purpose brass spray paint for metal and just any other surface, then this Krylon K02766007 is worth taking into consideration. The all-in-one spray boasts a powerful formulation that excellent bonds to various metal surfaces to form a superior layer of rust protection and fade resistance.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor jobs, this spray paint is super-easy to apply. It easily bonds to the most challenging surfaces without requiring you to do any sanding or priming.

It dries to touch in approx. 15-20 minutes and is dry to handle in 60 minutes. It boasts a unique Spay Any Way nozzle design, which lets you spray the paint at any angle. The big button spray tip is comfortable to use, further ensuring easy application.

With great coverage of up to 25 square feet, this paint is also highly efficient and well worth your money!

Overall, this all-purpose paint will get just any DIY project you have at hand done. It's great for both indoor and outdoor use and will protect your metallic surfaces from rust. It has superior adhesion and creates long-lasting results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Superior adhesion and durability
  • No sanding or priming needed
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes
  • Big button spray tip for easy spraying
  • Offers maximum rust protection

3. Rust-Oleum Antique Brass Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Antique Brass Universal All Surface Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Antique Brass Universal All Surface Spray Paint

The trusted manufacturer peeps again on our list, this time offering you the best antique brass spray paint. The universal metallic brass spray paint is formulated to create an attractive, deep, rich, shimmery metallic look to your interior or exterior projects.

Not just looks, this oil-based spray paint enhances the durability of the surface you spray it to, preventing rust and corrosion. Further, it prevents fading and chipping, further ensuring the longevity of your items.

This Rust-Oleum is also highly efficient, with the ability to cover up to 15 square feet of a surface with just a single can.

When it comes to the application part, the whole process is easy for you, regardless of prior experience. It has a drying period of around 30 minutes…though lower than what we have seen in the other paints, it's still fast in the sense that you won't be waiting for hours to accomplish your results.

It features an ergonomic cap that lets you spray at any angle while eliminating finger fatigue.

If you're wondering what is the best spray paint to replicate brass, this product is just what you need. It has great versatility and efficiency, works with virtually any surface, has excellent coverage, and is easy to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Prevents rust and fading
  • Forms attractive, rich, shimmery metallic look
  • Fast dries in 30 minutes
  • Covers up to 15 sq. ft. per can
  • Works with any surface

4. Rust-Oleum 7275830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7275830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum 7275830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

Do you want to give your heavy-duty use items such as mailbox, bike, door hardware, etc., superior attraction against rust and corrosion? If yes, this is the right product to get the job done.

The vintage metallic brass spray is rated as the brass spray paint for metal due to its ability to form a great barrier on your metal surfaces against weather and corrosion. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are well-protected and will last a longer.

We like that this spray paint formulation carries with it the actual metal flakes. And these enable it to create a brilliant, shiny finish on any surface you apply it to.

Besides metal, you can also use this spray paint for other surfaces like wood, masonry, concrete, and more. It creates a fade, abrasion, and chipping resistant coat on these surfaces to enhance their durability and longevity.

Like all its siblings from Rust-Oleum, this spray paint comes optimized for easy application. It comes with a comfortable tip and features any angle spray nozzle for easy spraying experience.

Note that the paint dries to touch in 20 minutes only (pretty fast, right?) and has efficient coverage capabilities of up to 15 square feet per can.

For maximum rust resistance and added durability to your items, this is the right brass spray paint for you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Weather and corrosion resistance
  • Great for interior/exterior surfaces
  • Direst to touch in 20 minutes
  • Provides a brilliant, shiny finish
  • Resists abrasion, chipping, fading
  • Excellent rust protection

5. Krylon K02204 Brilliant Spray Metallic Brass Spray Paint

Krylon K02204 Brilliant Spray Metallic Brass Spray Paint
Krylon K02204 Brilliant Spray Metallic Brass Spray Paint

Want to give your home décor items a touch of rose gold color finish? If yes, this polished brass spray paint is for you. The spray paint is a great choice for decorating your office supplies, cosplay, and a variety of other indoor items.

The spray paint also delivers great coverage of up to 15-30 square feet per can. Moreover, it lets you achieve good results with just a single coat. This means you don't need to do multiple coatings, saving you money.

Any hobbyist or DIYer can achieve great results with this paint. It comes in an aerosol can for easy application. It dries to touch super-fast; in a matter of 15 minutes. It goes on smooth and little or no dripping from the nozzle, giving you an easy time applying it.

Overall, this is a great spray paint for indoor use. It gives your items a rose gold effect and helps you achieve a great brushed gold finish. It offers great coverage and excellent performance. It's totally worth every penny.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for indoor use only
  • Fast drying; in 15 minutes
  • Offers high-quality metallic finish
  • Up to 15-20 sq. ft. coverage

Does polished brass look like gold?

Polished brass looks like gold. Polished brass simply means solid brass that has been finished with a lacquer finish to prevent the tarnishing that solid brass suffers over time. The polished brass usually has a bright and shiny appearance and looks quite reflective.

Solid brass has a similar yellow appearance to gold. As long as you use a high-quality clear coat to polish your brass item, it won't change the color of the item, so it's safe to say that polished brass looks like gold.

Polished Brass Look Like Gold
Polished Brass Look Like Gold

Remember that you can always remove the lacquer without damaging your brass item, by simply using a lacquer thinner or paint remover. This is quite a relief if you don't get the desired results after polishing a brass item. Or if you wish to repolish your brass item.

How can you tell real brass?

Brass is now enjoying wide usage on a wide variety of materials you come across at the stores. With limited knowledge of metals, and brass in specific, you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place when trying to tell real brass from fakes.

In this section, we have outline 3 surefire methods for telling if it's real brass.

Method #1: Use your eyes

The easiest and fastest way to tell if an item is made of real brass is to simply look at it with your bare eyes. As we have just mentioned above, brass looks similar to gold. So if the item doesn't have a golden yellow look, it's not brass. Also, check for tear and wear signs; real brass tends to tarnish with time, unlike brass plate, which rusts with time.

Method #2: Using a household magnet

The other method for testing it an item is made from real brass involves placing a magnet against it. If the magnet sticks, it means the item is brass plated or features other types of metal. Real brass doesn't attract magnets.

Method #3: The scratch test

You should only consider this method if the above two methods aren't conclusive. This is because it involves making a scratch on the product surface to reveal what's beneath. If you chose to do this test, look for an unnoticeable spot and scratch. If the scratch reveals a different color from the item surface, that's definitely a brass plating. In case it exposes a bright yellow surface, similar to that on the surface, then you have a real solid brass.

What to look for before buying?

Indoor vs. outdoor surface

As a beginner, you might not know this, but spray paints are designed for use on indoor or outdoor projects. The latter formulations come with additional protective aspects such as weather, rust, and chemical resistance to ensure the longevity of your outdoor projects, which are always exposed to harsh weather. The interior paints mainly focus on adding beauty to your items and making them look more attractive.

Fast-drying results

You don't want to spend the entire day waiting for a single household item you're working on to dry, so you should ensure you get a brass paint formula for fast drying. Anything that dries as fast as 15 to 30 minutes is worth considering.

Brass Spray Paints
Brass Spray Paints

Rust resistance

If you're looking for brass paint for a surface or time susceptible to metal, then you should ensure it (the paint) comes formulated to resist rust and corrosion as well. This way, it will enhance the beauty of your item and, at the same time, protect it from rust.

Ease of application

The best brass spray paint should also be easy to use for you. Paints that come in spray cans are easy to apply. Cans equipped with any angle nozzle and comfort tips make the spraying even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brass as heavy as gold?

No. Pure old weighs heavier than brass. Gold is denser than brass, and you'll be surprised to find that the former weighs twice as heavy as the latter.

How long will brass last?

In ideal conditions, brass can last for up to 1000 years. It has excellent endurance, even when used outdoors. The only issue you might deal with is tarnishing of this metal with time, but this isn't a sign of decay.

Does brass have any value?

Absolutely! Depending on the condition, age, and form, the value of brass per pound is usually worth more than that of steel or aluminum, but less than pure copper. Solid brass is also worth more than a brass plate.

Is it safe to wear brass jewelry?

There's no direct answer to this question. Checking the composition of metals used to make the brass jewel you want to buy can give you an idea of whether it's safe for you. Some manufacturers add nickel and lead, which can cause allergic reactions when these metals react with your skin.

The brass metal itself is hypoallergenic. As such, some people may turn out to be allergic to it, making brass jewelry unsafe for you.

Does brass gold fade?

The gold plated brass will surely fade after some period of use. Moreover, it can get scratched or chipped with time.

What are the disadvantages of brass?

The biggest disadvantage of brass is that it tarnishes with time if not well taken care of. This means you'll need to do regular maintenance to maintain its shine and brilliance. The metal is not hypoallergenic and may cause skin irritation and discoloration when used in jewelry.

Final Verdict

Turning all the items around you from boring to beautiful can become an easy task when you've got the best brass spray paint at hand. The paint will create a decorative layer of brass around your items, giving them the shine and brilliance that makes them appealing to the eye. Grab one of the top brass spray paints we have selected for you above and start transforming your home items today.

Buy now at Walmart, eBay, Etsy (quality guaranteed)

Rust-Oleum 1936830 Specialty Metallic Leafing Spray Paint Topcoat, 11 Oz Aerosol Can, - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Krylon K02774007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Metallic Vintage - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Rust-Oleum 260728 Universal All Surface Metallic Spray Paint, 11 oz, Antique Brass - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Rust-Oleum 7275830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint, 11 Ounce, Burnished Brass, 11 Ounce - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Krylon K02766007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Metallic Aluminum - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

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