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How to Remove Spray Paint from Brass? | Palmgear

by William Sanders

Have you ever painted brass and later changed your mind? Or have you found a brass object in your home and wish to change its coat and color?

If yes, you're in luck because spray paint can be easily removed from brass surfaces. But to do this, you'll need to arm yourself with the appropriate equipment and employ the correct procedure.

Here, we'll get into more details on how you can easily and quickly remove spray paint from that item you want to give a new look.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Brass?

How to Remove Spray Paint from Brass? | Palmgear
How to Remove Spray Paint from Brass? | Palmgear

Things you'll need

  • Citristrip paint and varnish stripping gel: This is the best gel because it can be used indoors and has a sweet smell.
  • Old container: any container can work but make sure you will not use it again for safety health reasons.
  • Gloves: these are necessary for skin protection from the paint stripper
  • Paper towel
  • Old toothbrush: it is used to scrub off any little detail of paint's remains.
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cheap chip brush
  • Eye protector
  • Respirator
Remove Spray Paint From Brass
Remove Spray Paint From Brass

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Start by preparing the working surface.

Step 2: Put on a respirator, plastic gloves, and eye protection

Step 3: Pour citristrip gel into the old container in small amounts.

Step 4: Using the chip brush, evenly slather the gel all over your brass item. Spread it to every inch and comer and allow the gel to firmly stick

Step 5: Now, take the plastic wrap and press it onto the painted surface covered with gel and seal it completely. It helps to prevent the gel from drying up, and it loosens the paint slowly and perfectly.

Remove Spray Paint From Brass
Remove Spray Paint From Brass

Step 6: Let your item settle until the paint loosens and becomes really wrinkly. You can give it around 30 minutes. You can use this extra time to relax or have a cup of tea.

Step 7: After the brass spray paint starts to peel off in patches, develop wrinkles, use a paper towel and wipe off the paint. At this point, things can get a little bit messy, so make sure you have your gloves on.

Step 8: If you're working on a flat surface item, using a plastic scraper can be helpful and quicker. However, on brass figurines, using a flexible paper towel to wipe off the paint is much easier.

 Remove Spray Paint From Brass
Remove Spray Paint From Brass

Step 9: The toothbrush helps to scrub the softened parts out of any small crevices.

Step 10: Those stubborn paints patch left, add more stripping gel, allow it to soften, and then wipe it. Repeat this step until the paint is completely removed.

Removing Spray Paint From Brass
Removing Spray Paint From Brass

Step 11: Finally, wipe off the stripping gel residue with a wet paper towel. Hurray, you are finished, and you can now repaint your item with your desired coat.

Chemical-free Method for Removing Spray Paint From Brass

Here's an alternative method for removing spray paint from brass surfaces that don't involve chemicals.

Remove Spray Paint From Brass
Remove Spray Paint From Brass

You will need

  • Large cooking pot (the one you won't use again)
  • Baking soda
  • A pair of gloves
  • A paint scraper
  • Water
  • Cloth
  • Chip brush
  • Mineral spirits



Step 1: Prepare the brass item you intend to use.

Step 2: Place the brass in an old pot that you don't intend to use again.

IMPORTANT: Don't use an aluminum pot. This is because it will react with other ingredients. Use stainless steel or glass. Put the pot on a hot plate that you can place it in an open place.

Chemical-free Method For Removing Spray Paint From Brass
Chemical-free Method For Removing Spray Paint From Brass

Step 3: Pour white vinegar into the pot to cover the painted brass.

Step 4: Turn on the heat and slowly bring vinegar to a boil. Slowly turn to simmer. After a few minutes, the paint will start to separate and soften.

Step 5: Remove the brass pieces with tongs and place them in the newspaper.

Step 6: Using 002 steel wool, scrub off the peeling paint. Use toothpicks, bamboo skewers, or a wire brush to get into any difficult small parts. Make sure you have heavy gloves

Step 7: Repeat this process till all paint is completely removed.

Tip: After the paint has come off, consider polishing the brass surface with Brasso metal polish to restore the shine and its originality.

Final Verdict

You can easily undo your paintwork from any brass surface in just a few easy steps, as explained in this guide. You can go with the chemical method that involves using the best paint stripper or the natural technique that doesn't use any chemicals. Both procedures are highly effective, so the best one for you to use will depend on your preferences.

About William Sanders

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