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10 Best Printer with Long Lasting Ink Cartridges – Reviews 2023

by William Sanders

If you have spent some decent bucks on a printer and thinking that's the end of your cash outflow, welcome to the real world! Because the upfront cost of a device is not the only cost you incur, the ink that you refill can also put a lot of pressure on your pocket!

For some devices, refilling the ink for a few times can be equally costly to buy a new copier. That's why, when you are planning to get a copier for your home and business use, the cost of an ink refill should also be double-checked along with the price tag of it.

To save the day, we have put together a list to find out the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges. If you are planning to get one that doesn't empty your wallet, you better fasten your seatbelt!

Top 10 Best Printer with Long-Lasting Ink Cartridge Reviews

 10 Best Printer with Long-Lasting Ink Cartridges
10 Best Printer with Long-Lasting Ink Cartridges

Low cost for refilling ink and top-quality performance - the equilibrium is difficult to meet, we must say. Still, we did our best to compile the best options available. Let's find out!

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035
HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

Our first pick is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035. This inkjet printer prints pretty fast and with absolute convenience. Plus, it comes with impressive ink-saving features.

The machine comes with an 8-month ink delivery skim. You get a code when you buy a device from the store to redeem it later on for continuous ink refill from the producers. So, there you have your bucks saved right there.

Additionally, you can subscribe to an Ink Replenishment service, too. What happens if you subscribe to such a service, you can save 10% on all the reorders you do from the HP home.

While this may sound a bit complicated, the machine is there to make it easy for you. It measures the level of ink you use and automatically reorders right when it is needed. That's one smart printer you have here!

HP says you can save up to 50% of your cartridge cost by using this service. While we haven't been able to confirm this, but you sure do a handsome amount, for sure.

As for the speed of printing, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a champ in it. If you are just going for a black and white print, you are going to get a 20 page per minute copy speed.

On the other hand, for colorful printouts, the speed will be somewhat 10 pages per minute. That's decent as well; we got to admit.

One interesting fact about this device is that it is made from recycled plastics and other electronics. That means, if you are using this one, you are also helping the environment to get better, even if it's a small gesture!


  • 8-month ink delivery skim
  • Subscription option for ink replenishment to save ink
  • Print speed is 20 ppm for black and 10 ppm for color
  • Comes with built-in security essentials
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi system repairs itself


  • Not free from paper jamming issues

2. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson EcoTank ET-2720
Epson EcoTank ET-2720

When you get a printer that costs you just below 1 cent per print, you may not want to look further for the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges. That's the case with Epson EcoTank ET-2720.

With a highly efficient ink-usage system, the machine costs you only below a cent for every print you take. However, Epson recommends that you need to use the genuine Epson inks to make the most out of it.

This model comes with an ink-bottle design that is significantly different than ink cartridges. For the plus side, the bottles are quite easy to refill than a cartridge. Again, you can save up to 90% of your cost in case you are refilling the bottles, compared to ink cartridges.

The most exciting this about these bottles is that these are no-squeeze bottles. That means you can't squeeze these pots and spill the inks-the less the spill, the less the chance of ink mix-up and waste.

In the pack, you get inkpots filled with ink that can last up to 2 years in a row. If you calculated that with papers, its 4500 papers for black color and 7500 papers for colorful ones. That's you winning the deal just right there!

Apart from saving you money with ink, the machine is a complete package. It has a built-in Wi-Fi system that can be used to connect to your PC and phones through different apps.

Now print directly from your convenience, being far away from the gadget itself. Again, this printer is capable of synchronizing with Voice Activated Devices like Google Assistant and Alexa. Just tell the machine what you need!


  • Costs below 1 cent for every print
  • Inkpots can last up to 2 years in a row
  • Non-squeeze bottles prevent ink spills
  • Comes with a built-in Wi-Fi system
  • Compatible with Voice Activated Devices


  • No automated two-sided printing

3. Epson Workforce WF-7710

Epson Workforce WF-7710
Epson Workforce WF-7710

Another money-saver from the Epson family is the Workforce WF-7710. Although the set up may raise eyebrows, whether or not it is capable of being economical in ink usage, it actually does it pretty well, so if you need to read the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges review, welcome on board!

This all-in-one printer is capable of doing four different tasks - printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. When it comes to printing, the device is quite economical in using ink.

It comes with 4 different ink cartridges. The colors are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Together, these inks can produce the best possible printing output you can expect.

Being economical in ink-use is one thing, but being smarty economical is priceless. This one can integrate with the Dash Replenishment system to reorder ink whenever the device needs it.

It will automatically find out if the inks are running out and reorder before you finish the ink. This saves the machine from using up a drop of ink without any purpose.

Plus, the WF-7710consumes less power than the traditional laser printers. Precisely speaking, you get to save up to 80 percent of your electricity bill with this one.

As for the performance, the Workforce WF-7710 doesn't seize to impress you. It can print at a rate of 18 PPM if you are printing black and 10 PPM if you are printing color images.

Again, the WF-7710 can hold up to 250 sheets in its feeding tray and 125 sheets in its output tray. So, enjoy continuous, no-hindrance printing every time!

To speed up your copying process, the top loader can load 35 pages that the machine soaks in automatically - no need to wait for page-by-page copying and wasting time!


  • All-in-one printer can scan, copy, and fax besides printing
  • Interactive 4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Dash Replenishment system integration
  • 35-page automatic page loader
  • Consumes 80% lower electricity than laser printers


  • The printing speed is slow

4. Brother MFC-J805DW

Brother MFC-J805DW
Brother MFC-J805DW

How often do you replace your ink cartridges? Let's guess; you lost count! That's true for most of the users with any regular printing settings. But with the Brother MFC-J805DW, it's not the case.

Why? Because the MFC-J805DW comes with a 1 year of ink with it in the box! Basing on regular use of 150-page printout per month, you can actually use the ink for about a year without any need for refilling!

It's an excellent saver of money and ink at the same time. If you are careful in not printing without a need, you are going to get the support of a lifetime!

That's not all! To help you out with using the ink at its maximum capacity, Brothers has introduced a revolutionary Inkvestment tank system. This reengineered cartridge system can hold more ink than any regular ink-holders. Meaning, you are going to get a non-stop, uninterrupted supply of ink!

Another fascinating feature of this device is the gauge display of it. It shows you in real-time how much ink you have used and how much are left. This successfully eliminates the need for guesswork, and you can keep the ink perfectly in check in case of any refill needed.

But to get the most out of the ink, you need to use the genuine Brother inks that are recommended by the brand. It will make sure you are getting reliable and quality outputs.

Apart from saving you tons of bucks, the device comes with a few handy options. It allows automatic document feeding to save you the physical hassle to put papers continuously when you are copying. Again, it automatically prints on both sides of the paper for further convenience.


  • Engineered with Inkvestment system for efficient ink use
  • Device comes with one-year ink support
  • Gauge display keeps track of the ink in real-time
  • Wirelessly connects to laptops and other gadgets
  • Automatic document feeding support


  • Makes an awkward sound when it's printing

5. Epson WorkForce ET-3750

Epson WorkForce ET-3750
Epson WorkForce ET-3750

Another champ in saving your ink is the Epson ET-3750. This dark beauty not only enhances the look of your desk but also takes care of your pocket!

This is possible because of the cartridge-free printing option it comes with. The package includes a set of ink that can support you up to 2 years in a row! That's pretty much of a good deal for a printer nowadays!

With this amount of ink inside, you can easily print up to 14000 pages of black and white documents. The number may be 11200 pieces if you are planning on printing colorful documents.

Are you used to using ink cartridges until now? Well, you may get a rough idea of what level of ink you are going to get if you can compare the capacity of it in cartridges. According to Epson, the ink can be equivalent to about 30 ink cartridges! Talk about a huge supply!

Having that amount of ink with you for a couple of years means that you can stop spending more on replacement and refilling. Again, with the low-cost replacement bottles the machine comes with, you can save up to 80% of your replacement cost!

Wait, that's not all the benefits you get. The Workforce ET-3750 allows you to print at 15 PPM and 8 PPM, respectively, for B&W and color printing. Plus, you can load the paper tank with 150 sheets of paper.

To automate the paper feeding, it has an auto document feeder that can sip in 30 pages from the loader. That's not all; you can also print on both sides of a paper without any physical interventions.


  • Built in ink can last up to 2 years in a row
  • 14000 pages of B&W printing with one inkpot
  • Built-in ink can replace 30 cartridges
  • Up to 80% savings on replacement cost
  • Automatic dual side printing


  • The display isn't touch-sensitive

6. Canon Office And Business MX922 All-In-One Printer

Canon Office And Business MX922 All-In-One Printer
Canon Office And Business MX922 All-In-One Printer

Canon MX922 has a special place in our list for a printer with long-lasting ink cartridges review. That's because of its functional and impressive 6 individual ink system.

This 6-ink set up makes it very convenient for you to work with colorful printing. When one inkpot gets emptied or about to be drained, you can replace or refill that one only. Replacing the entire ink-system is not necessary at all.

As for its compatibility, the machine works perfectly fine with CLI 251 XL ink tanks and PGI 250 XL ink tanks. Any of these can be used in this to get the desired result with perfect precision.

Together with the latest 6-inkpot set up and economic ink-release option, the MX922 will save a lot of your expense for sure!

Apart from that, the device is pretty functional with a number of latest features. Firstly, this one can be wirelessly connected to different gadgets - such as desktop PC, laptops, smartphones, and so on.

All you need to do is download the necessary software and app for this purpose. Using the app on your phone, you get to command the machine from far away, as well.

Again, the copier comes with a 35-sheet auto document feeder. So at least for 35 different pages, you don't need to load paper multiple times. Plus, if you are trying to print both ways, it can flip the page automatically, as well.

The collapsible paper feeder is really a space-saver. When you are not using the device, just push the loader inside, and the upper lid will get down automatically. Hence, saving a lot of space right there.


  • The ink system is comprised of 6-ink bottles
  • Can be connected wirelessly to different devices
  • LCD touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Space-saving design
  • Automatic doc loader and duplex printer


  • It's not quite silent while printing

7. Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer
Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

With its simplistic look and amazing print quality, Brother introduces another showstopper - the HL-2270DW.

This compact laser printer is just the one you need if you are starting a home-based or any small-scale business. It supports a resolution of up to 2400 X 600 dpi that can provide you with the best quality you deserve.

Its toner is a buck-saver for sure. The default one that comes with the machine can offer about 700 pages of prints in a row. So you don't need to refill the toner unless you are really printing at an insanely high rate!

If you think that's a lot of savings, think again! Brother also offers a 2600-page replacement toner when you need refilling after the first one expires. This helps you lower your cost on ink and cartridge like never before!

Now, that's the saving part we just mentioned. If you are really interested in some smart functionalities in a printer, you are in luck, as well. This one can hold up to 250 papers at a time in its input tray.

There's no need to load papers every now and then if you are printing a book or any docs with huge page numbers. Just load 250 pages at a time and wait for the machine to soak up the papers automatically.

When you get the printout at a speed of 27 pages per minute, it becomes a dream come true. Think about this - you load 250 pages inside and print out at 27 ppm, you really don't have much work to do except for enjoying the output in front of you!


  • The default cartridge can support up to 700 pages of output
  • Replacement toner offers 2600 pages of printouts
  • Print at a speed of 27 PPM
  • Automatic duplex printing capacity
  • Up to 250 pages of paper feeding in the input tray


  • User manual it comes with is not at all detailed and clear

8. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-In-One Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-In-One Wireless Printer
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-In-One Wireless Printer

The best part of using the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is the optional subscription to the HP Instant Ink facility. This is actually a pretty good deal if you are trying to save on your ink and cartridge cost.

Subscribing to the Instant Ink service, you can set the number of pages you are going to print in a month against a very marginal cost. If you calculate it, it costs less per page than regular ink-cost. That's why subscribing to such a program can allow you to cut the cost at least 50% less! Who wants to let go of such a deal!

Moreover, the first two months' subscription charge will be free if you choose to take the service. The interesting part is, the cartridge will be delivered right at your home!

Again, you can go for the Dash Replenishment option, as well. This way, the machine will automatically reorder ink once it is about to run out of it.

Considering all these options, this one is a perfect suit for those who are more into saving on cartridge and ink!

Talking about its other features, there are more than we can discuss. Its terrific self-healing Wi-Fi system is a winner for you. In case the wireless connection system goes down for some reason, the device will automatically run a three-step healing system to get things back to work! Talk about artificial intelligence!

Plus, it has a number of privacy security options to protect your data. Options like basic encryption, password protection, Wi-Fi security, etc. can be proven quite useful to prevent hacks and mistreatment of your valuable data.


  • Available for subscription to HP Instant Ink service
  • Dash Replenishment option to ensure efficient ink-use
  • Printing speed is up to 22 PPM and 18 PMM for B&W and color
  • It comes with a self-healing Wi-Fi system
  • 2.65-inch LED touchscreen for navigation


  • Really heavy and big

9. Epson Workforce WF-3620 All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

Epson Workforce WF-3620 All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer
Epson Workforce WF-3620 All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

Epson has never seized to impress us. Nothing's changed since they released their flagship product - WF-3620. This is simply one of the noteworthy ones in the list for the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges review.

This inkjet printer is a masterpiece when it comes to saving your costs! According to Epson, this one can cut your cost up to 40% than the cost of a color laser copier. That's huge when you think about the bulk output you will need in the future!

But there's a catch. You need to use the genuine Epson inks for this device. Epson strictly prohibits any other brand's ink from being used in their gadget as it simply won't yield the desired output.

Apart from going low on your pocket, this machine comes with many other impressive features and functions. First of all, it prints pretty fast. If you are printing a black and white document, you can expect to print at a speed of 19 PPM, while the color docs many come out at 10 PPM.

Again, its 250-sheet input tray is a huge blessing. You get to load it with as many papers as you can to avoid frequent reloading. Just load it with 250 sheets and forget for the rest of the week!

Furthermore, the machine's auto document-loading system is a plus for any users. The 35-page auto document-feeder suck in papers without any push. It's a great option if you are copying a pile of files.

The WF-3620 supports automatic two-sided printing, as well. You can save yourself from changing the direction of the sheet every time you need a both-side printout.

To make it easy to navigate, the device features a 2.7-inch touch-responsive display so that you can make copies or scan without using a laptop or smartphone.


  • Black color printing speed up to 19 PPM
  • Costs 40% less than color laser printers
  • The input tray can hold up to 250 pages
  • Ability to print both sides automatically
  • 2.7-inch touchscreen navigation panel


  • There are some paper jam issues in this device

10. Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank

Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank
Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank

If you liked the Epson ET-2720 earlier, you would love the ET-2750, equally. This one comes with the save cost-saving formula that you have been dreaming of.

Costing only 1 cent per print, this should be one of the cheapest printing solutions ever. You may ask - why? Well, that's because the ink bottles that this device comes with are actually equal in output capacity to 80 regular ink-cartridges! Now, that's huge, we must say!

Plus, the package comes with inks loaded inside that is enough to support you for two years in a row! Blame it on Epson ET-2750 if you eventually forget what refilling ink is like!

The ink you get can serve you around 6500 pages of print for black color. Again, if you are working on colorful projects, the number may hit 5200 pages max. Still huge, isn't it?

Its low-cost replacement bottles are the real cost-savers. The bottles are really cheap to refill and replace. That's why, using these bottles, you get to save almost 80% of your ink replacement cost over the year.

Apart from being an awesome cost-saving machine, the ET-2750 prints out at a stunning resolution of 5760 X 1440 optimized DPI. Fasten your seatbelts for jaw-dropping printouts!


  • Device comes with 2 years of ink support
  • Four ink-bottles can replace 80 ink-cartridges
  • Low-cost replaceable ink-bottles save 80% of costs
  • Printing resolution is 5760 X 1440 DPI
  • Completely cable-free set up


  • LCD screen is small, and the resolution may not impress most users

Buying Guide for the Best Printer with Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

So before you move on with one of our recommendations, you better make sure you don't skip some crucial features. Here're some pro tips you need to consider before spending on the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges.

Printer With Long Lasting Ink Cartridges
Printer With Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

Tank Vs. Cartridge System

Ideally, tanks are more cost-effective than the cartridge system. If you are looking for more printouts with less money spent on ink, then the Eco-Tank system from Epson may be a great choice for you.

The tank system asks for less replacement and refill than the cartridge system, which means you get to save more on each replacement.

Tank Vs. Cartridge System
Tank Vs. Cartridge System

Branded Ink Recommendation

When the producers manufacture a device, they also craft a suitable ink system for that machine, as well. If you have read all the reviews here today, you may find out that some brands directly recommends their own ink system to get the best result.

So, if you can, go for those brands that don't welcome third party ink. The third-party ink may seem a bit low in cost, but in the long-run, it will hamper the output rate and quality.

Automatic Reordering

Multiple brands have now chosen to integrate their devices with an automation system that tracks the ink-usage. Once it finds out that the ink is running out, it automatically reorders ink to keep the printing works going.

If you can afford, get a machine with this option to save more in the long-term.

Instant-Ink Service

In case you are fascinated by HP printers, you have a good chance of finding out a cheap solution to your ink-replacement. HP offers Instant Ink service, which is a simple subscription for monthly printing.

With a nominal fee per month, you can get 300 or more pages of printing, which will eventually cut your cost over ink pretty effectively!

Long-Term Ink Support

Lastly, there are some brands that offer ink setup that can last from one to two years consecutively. This saves a lot of your money for at least a year or so. If you can manage one with this facility, go for it.

How to Save Money on Your Printing Costs

Despite advances in technology that have brought our computers, phones and tablets to new levels of efficiency, printing is still an important part of life. Whether it's necessary for work, school or just an everyday activity, the cost of ink is often overlooked. Here are some easy ways to save money on your next printer cartridge purchase:

Make Yourself Aware of Inks

The average ink cartridge costs around $13. This may not seem like a lot, but that little piece of plastic can cost your business or school an arm and a leg if you're printing out large quantities on a regular basis. The secret to saving money is being aware of how much you print so you can control the amount of ink you use.

Try to Print in Draft Mode

When you print a document, your printer goes through a process that analyzes how the text and images will look once they're on paper. The printer uses this information to create an optimal ink usage plan for the page, but it's not perfect. In fact, many printers automatically default to draft mode if they don't detect specific features like pictures or headers. If you can get by with black-and-white text on a sheet of paper instead of color, then try printing in draft mode! T his will save you money and is also eco -friendly.

Use Eco-Friendly Paper

Using recycled paper is great for the environment and will help you save money. Not only do you help the earth, but you also cut down on your print costs - that's a win-win! Just make sure to double check with your printer before buying recycled paper; some printers won't work with recycled paper.

Buy in Bulk

Ink cartridges are like anything else: buy them in bulk and they'll cost less per unit. If your local office supply store has frequent flyer specials or bulk deals, then it might be worth spending the time shopping around for ink refills. You may find that one package of ink lasts way longer than another simply because you bought more ink at once!

Share an Account with Others

Many offices, schools and homes use multiple printers to handle different needs. Rather than buy ink for each printer, share your cartridge with other users when you're not using it. This is a great way to cut costs because when one cartridge runs out of ink, there are plenty more to go around!

Use Alternative Inks

Some schools and offices have begun using alternative inks made from soy or another material that's friendlier to the environment. These alternatives aren't always compatible with all printers either, so be sure to check what type of ink your printer uses before making the switch. Your best bet is still buying in bulk whenever possible to save money overall.

Get Creative

Like many things, saving money on your printing costs starts with awareness - if you're not aware of the cost, then you can't work to avoid it. Print sparingly and carefully so your printer uses as little ink as possible. When shopping for a new printer, take note of the price per cartridge rather than just the upfront price - this is another way that printers with more ink cartridges can save you money in the long run.

The Benefits of Using an Inkjet Printer with Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

If you've ever used an inkjet printer in the past, then you know that one of the downsides to this particular type of printer is that the ink cartridges run out very quickly. For instance, if you're using a normal cartridge and print three pages with your color ink (the most typically used), then you'll end up wasting almost all of it.

Therefore, most people use high yield ink cartridges in their printers to save money and time on cartridge changes. However, with such high yield cartridges, you can still expect to change your ink every few months (in most cases). This is why some people who print very often turn to using a continuous ink system or CIS with their printer instead of changing cartridges so frequently. Though this does eliminate the hassle of changing the cartridge every two weeks or so, there are other issues that come with using a CIS rather than just purchasing regular ink cartridges. These issues include:

  • Nozzles clogging from lack of use
  • Colors being mixed unless they have separate tanks for each color
  • Lack of life in the cartridge unless it's used frequently
  • Wastage of ink when initial filling occurs

The use of a CIS system may be beneficial to some people, but these issues should definitely be considered. Therefore, if you do go with this option for your printer, make sure that you purchase one that allows easy refilling and has separate tanks for each color (unless they're all the same). This way, you eliminate any hassle while saving money over time.

On top of just using a regular cartridge or CIS instead of purchasing an inkjet printer with long lasting cartridges, buying remanufactured cartridges is another great way to save money on printing. From my personal experience alone I have been able to save upwards of $50 a month by switching from regular cartridges to remanufactured ones. They work perfectly and print just as well as a new cartridge would!

FAQs about Printers with Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

1. Is ink tank printer good?

Ink tank printers can cost less in replacement of ink than cartridge one. Moreover, ink tanks can hold more ink than a regular copier. Plus, there is a little chance of ink drying up inside the tank.

2. What are the disadvantages of an ink tank printer?

While refilling ink in the ink tanks, air may get trapped inside and cause clogs that can eventually harm the printer's overall performance.

3. Which is a better inkjet or ink tank?

While an inkjet one gets the ink from a standalone cartridge, the ink tank printers get ink from large ink reservoirs. Generally, the ink tank holds more ink than cartridges. So, in case of ink support, an ink tank is better than the inkjet one.

4. What is the disadvantage of a laser printer?

The most popular disadvantage of a laser copier is the cost of its cartridge. Furthermore, the laser printer cartridge cost way more than inkjet cartridge of ink tanks.

5. Is Instant Ink worth it?

If you are really consistent in your printing volume, an instant ink system can be of great benefit to you. It will save you a lot of bucks every month for your ink refilling job.

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Conclusion for Long-Lasting Cartridge Printer Buyers

Very few people take their time out to think about the actual cost they are going to bear in the long run with a printer. That's because the refilling cost of ink cartridges are generally hidden unless it incurs.

That's why we took our time to locate the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges. We hope that it will be of great help to you in making your decision. Don't forget to sneak a peak in our buying guide before you hit the 'add to cart' button!

Happy printing!


Tired of all those low-end ink cartridges in your printer? Get yourself the best printer with long lasting ink cartridges right away.

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