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How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023

by William Sanders

 WhatsApp is a free application which allows you to send text messages, photos and make free video and voice calls. To use WhatsApp, you need a phone number but do you know that you can use WhatsApp without a phone number in 2023? Yes, this is true and here we will cover all the secrets which allow you to use WhatsApp without a phone number in 2023.

Today, WhatsApp is become part of the life. Whether you are using it for personal use or business, one cannot survive without using this free message application on SmartPhone. Some people are concern about their privacy, that’s why there was need to use this application without providing personal phone number.

Currently, one needs to provide his/her mobile phone number to register an account on WhatsApp and use it for free. But guess what!! There are some free tricks available which will skip this step and you will able to use your WhatsApp without phone number 2023.

How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023

How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023
How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023

Your phone number works like your identity. That's why you need to register your phone number on your identity card. In countries like the USA, you cannot change your phone number until you go with a lengthy process. This makes very difficult for some people who want to easy from using their personal number to use WhatsApp free.

There could be many reasons which make people use WhatsApp without a phone number. For example, for some people, their phone numbers are very personal and they do not want to receive messages from strangers. Some people are even concerned about themselves and their family's privacy, that's why they do not want to register their personal phone number with WhatsApp. For such people, there are different options available to use WhatsApp without phone numbers.

Some Options on How to Use WhatsApp on PC without a Smartphone

As mentioned earlier, you required your phone number to use WhatsApp. One cannot even register on WhatsApp without providing a legit phone number. Still, there are some possible ways available which allow you to use WhatsApp without phone number 2023. Let's learn about the following step by step.

Landline Phones

When you are registering on WhatsApp, instead of providing your mobile number, you can use your landline number to get WhatsApp account. This is actually a great option for businesses to receive messages on their office number.

Easy Ways to use a landline phone for WhatsApp on PC

  • Simply access WhatsApp on your mobile, tablet or even computer.

  • During the registration process, you need to enter the phone number. Here you can enter your landline number along with region code.

  • WhatsApp sends verification code through text message. You have to wait until you try to get text messages five times.

  • Once you failed to receive a text message, WhatsApp will allow you to use the "Call Me" option. Simply click on that button.

  • You will instantly receive a call on your landline number where you will be told about the 6-digit verification code.

  • Note down the verification on the available bar.

  • Now complete your registration by following the rest of instruction.

That's it, now you landline number has been registered on WhatsApp and you can now freely use WhatsApp without providing your mobile phone number 2023.

Some people may face issue when trying to register WhatsApp through landline number. This issue varies country to country as not every landline receives a computer generated voice call. There is o need to be worried about if this method does not work for you as following we do have some more options available.

Free Texting Applications

How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023: Free Texting Applications
How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone Number 2023: Free Texting Applications

There are many free texting applications available which allow you to receive text messages free. Some of these apps may ask for the money but the majority of them are available for free. These apps provide you random phone numbers and allow you to receive the text messages which can be used to register WhatsApp account.

Easy Ways to use a free texting app for WhatsApp on PC

  • Search, download and install a texting app on the basis of their positive and number of high reviews

  • Run the app to receive a unique temporary phone number and note it down for the WhatsApp registration.

  • Access WhatsApp on your Smartphone, PC or tablet and star process to registration.

  • When its ask for the phone number, simply select your region code and phone number which has been generated by free texting app.

  • You have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes until WhatsApp fail to send you a text message.
  • Once, WhatsApp failed, you will get the option of "Call Me", tap this option.
  • Now open the texting app immediately and receive that call from WhatsApp.

  • Use the 6-digit verification code on WhatsApp and register a WhatsApp account without number.

  • Follow the rest of the instruction and complete your registration on WhatsApp.

This is an easy and free way to use WhatsApp without a phone number. It could be possible that you need to try many texting apps in case if one failed to receive the verification code from WhatsApp. You can give a try to a popular free texting app call TextNow. You can use other texting apps too as dozens of them available for free in both stores; Google Play and Apple Store.

SMS Spoofing Applications

SMS spoofing is those applications which allow you to send and receive free SMS. By this way, you can create a WhatsApp account and receive verification code without using your own personal mobile phone number.

Easy Steps to use a SMS spoofing app for WhatsApp on PC

  • Make sure that there is no WhatsApp application is installed on your Smartphone. Remove is you have old WhatsApp application.

  • Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp from the application store like Google Play.

  • Once the application is installed, switch your phone to "Flight Mode". This will make you verify your WhatsApp account immediately.

  • Here you need to enter your phone number. Make sure to keep your mode to Flight.

  • Now, select verification through SMS and type your email ID and tap on submit button and instantly press the cancel button. Make sure to do this step very quickly.

  • Now install a spoofing application to your phone and go to the outbox

  • You will see a text message there. Simply copy that message and send it to the fake number.

  • That's it; this will verify your WhatsApp account immediately.

This is not a lengthiest method but required you to take quick steps to use WhatsApp without using your phone number 2023. So use this if you don’t want to use the above-mentioned methods due to any reason.

What to Prepare on Steps How to Use WhatsApp without a Phone 2023

To ensure that you use WhatsApp without phone number 2023, you have to make some preparation in advance. These steps totally depend on the operating system you are using on your device. It could be any iOS, Android or even Windows phone.

WhatsApp Verification Code in Email

WhatsApp is available to download install for both iOS and Android users. This application can be found in the application store. You need to install it on our phone to use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2023. WhatsApp required a phone number to verify the account. You can remove the number from the system simply by removing your phone number from your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Verification Code Circumvention

To bypass the verification code on your WhatsApp, all you need to do it to remove the messaging application from your mobile. This is the only possible way to bypass the verification code for WhatsApp on the registration.

WhatsApp now allows you to make unlimited video and voice call without any charges. You can also use other multimedia options to make your conversation more interesting. This includes sending phones, smiles, GIF, videos and even audio messages.

WhatsApp Verification Code Generator

With the help of WhatsApp, you have always the option to share your live location. This feature can be use as a security feature when you are traveling to a new place. In recent updates of WhatsApp, you can now share your status (video, photo or text) with your contact list. The status option can be also used to make an announcement, share latest photo, ask for the opinion and share your feelings.

How To Activate WhatsApp Without the Verification Code

WhatsApp has an advanced security system. All information including messages is encrypted there. This means that any data related to this app is secure and hidden from the rest of the world.

If you don’t want that people know about your personal number and want to use WhatsApp for nonpersonal use, then you can do it by following our complete guide on how to WhatsApp without phone number 2023.

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