RV Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On and Off Repeatedly – FIX

by William Sanders

Having an air conditioning device in your vehicle is really a necessity nowadays, especially if you are a lover of road trips. RV air conditioners are usually attached to the roof of any vehicle like buses and coaches used for road trips, mostly recreational in nature. The working of it is quite interesting; it does not cool the space around it; rather, it conditions the surroundings by throwing the heat out.

Like all other home appliances and tools, it needs to be treated properly with care. Its filters need to be cleaned regularly like normal room air conditioners. RV air conditioners can also be connected to solar panels to save energy and gasoline. RV air conditioners can also be called air vents.

The most common problem associated with RV air conditioners is that they keep turning on and off themselves. But you can control and maintain their working if you have all the proper instruments and techniques to resolve the problems. Interestingly, these are very simple techniques, and you can use to fix your RV air conditioners in no time.

RV Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On and Off Repeatedly – FIX
RV Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On and Off Repeatedly – FIX

Quick cleaning tips

RV Air Conditioner
RV Air Conditioner
  • The condenser coils should be cleaned using specialized condenser cleaners. Condenser coils are present inside the machine, so you can open up the machine body by unscrewing the bolts on upper machine body and clean them easily.
  • The next very important part to take care while cleaning is the evaporator coils. They are normally present beneath the filters. They should be cleaned using a delicate plastic or bristle brush.
  • There are a variety of air filters available; some of them are disposable and are completely non-usable, whereas the others are reusable and can be cleaned using soap, detergent, or cleaner along the water.
  • It would be best if you made a proper routine to clean the filters regularly in about a month or two. Even if the filters do not get much dirty, it is advisable to change the filters twice a year to keep the RV air conditioners in good working condition.
  • The gasket is another main component of the RV air conditioner that needs to be taken into consideration. Mostly gasket is positioned in between the rooftop of the vehicle and the air conditioner body. There could be leakage from the gasket. Keep checking for it, and if you find one, you need to immediately remove the gasket.
  • If you feel a foul smell along with air from your air conditioner, then there are two main components to be checked ultimately. The filters and the radiator. If the filters are not cleaned well, you will experience an unpleasant smell.

RV air conditioners thermostat

The thermostat usually controls the temperature of the room according to the scale provided to it. Usually, the thermostat is selected to be automatic to regulate the temperature itself, but in some cases, the thermostat is not working properly, so your RV air conditioner keeps turning off repeatedly.

Rv Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips
Rv Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips

In this case, you need to change the thermostat or get it fixed by taking some help from a technician. It is advisable not to try doing it yourself if you are not familiar with the working of an air conditioner or you can make its working more impaired.

Power and connection issues

There could be some issues with the wires, which can cause power supply issues. This should be taken into consideration, and good quality wires should be used. Sometimes the wire is cut or burnt due to losing plug and sparking. So, it causes improper connection, resulting in turning the RV air conditioner on and off.

Rv Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips
Rv Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips


If you clean the filters of your RV air conditioners properly, it will save your time and resources. These small and effective tips need to be kept in mind so you can handle your machine efficiently. Cleaning not only makes your air conditioner work properly but also makes it last longer.

The tools such as a screwdriver, alcoholic swaps, detergents, and cleaners, as well as mops, must be present in your vehicle so that they would come in handy just in case you need to open up RV air conditioner body and detect the problem yourself. It is quite a common issue that RV air conditioners keep turning on and off but can be treated easily.

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