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10 Best Ceiling TV Mount 2023 – Reviews and Guide

by William Sanders

Suspending your TV to the ceiling helps free up space on your walls for hanging your art. It also keeps your TV out of reach for your curious toddler and other potential dangers.

That said, you need the best ceiling TV mount with sturdy and durable construction to securely hang your TV off the ceiling. The market has hundreds of models to choose from, and you might get easily confused over which one to choose. If you get the wrong mount, it won't guarantee your TV security, and that's a recipe for disaster!

After hours and hours of comparing competing models, we have come up with the following final list of the safest, most reliable ceiling TV mounts you can find on the market today.

Best Ceiling TV Mount:

Best Ceiling TV Mount:
Best Ceiling TV Mount:

1. VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount
VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

This VideoSecu model is a great ceiling mount for 65 inch TV. It fits most LEDs and LCDs with screen sizes running from 26 to 55 inches, and it's engineered to tilt and swivel in all directions to offer you multiple viewing angles.

It sports a heavy gauge steel construction, making it one of the strongest and most reliable TV mounts you can get today. The robustness enables it to safely hold TVs as heavy as 66lbs without any problems.

Flexibility is also great with this TV mount. It allows you to rotate and swivel your TV screen in multiple directions to get the most comfortable viewing angle. You can turn your TV a full 360 degrees around the vertical shaft. Or you can switch your TV from landscape to portrait orientation. You can also tilt your TV upwards towards the ceiling (around 10 degrees) or downwards towards the floor (about 20 degrees).

Installing this mount into your ceiling is pretty simple, and you can do it all on your own. All the parts you need come packed in pre-labeled compartments plus a set of clear, easy to follow instructions to make the whole installation process easy for you.

Don't forget that this TV mount is widely compatible with VESA mounting standards, from 50x50mm up to 400x400mm, which further facilitates easy installation. Since it lets you tilt its main vertical shaft up to 45 degrees from perpendicular, you'll have no problems installing it on vaulted ceilings as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits most 26-65″ TVs
  • Adjustable height range: 19.4″-34.7″
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Supports up to 66lbs
  • VESA compatibility: from 50x50mm to 400x400mm

2. WALI CM2665 TV Ceiling Mount

WALI CM2665 TV Ceiling Mount
WALI CM2665 TV Ceiling Mount

The WALI model is another great ceiling mount for flat screen TV at a pocket-friendly price tag. You might get skeptical of this mount's ability to hold your TV given how inexpensive it is, but you'll be pleased by the great build quality that enables it to support your heavy TV and safely hang it from the ceiling.

The most notable aspect of this mount is its rock-solid feel, and this comes from the fact that it's made using heavy-duty steel metal. This gives it incredible strength, and it can hold heavier TVs, up to 110lbs. It can also securely suspend screens ranging from 26 all the way up to 65 inches.

You'll love that this mount offers you a 25-degree vertical tilt, unlike most models with a maximum tilt of 15 degrees. With these great tilt capabilities, you can bring your TV as close as possible to where you are…this is a big plus for persons with disability.

Moreover, the mount lets you turn your TV 360 degrees to achieve better viewing angles. It's easy to loosen or tighten to achieve your desired angles.

This model also acts as a telescopic TV ceiling mount in that its main support pole is height adjustable, and you can easily extend it from 19.4″ to 34.7″ in 2-inch increments from the ceiling. You'll also like that this pole is hollow so that you can run your cables up through it for easy cable management.

It's easy to install and comes with the necessary hardware, including heavy-duty screws, for easy and fast set up. The illustrated instructions make the installation even easier. Once set up, the mount feels super-sturdy and will hold your TV in a safe and secure position.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with TVs from 26 to 65 Inch
  • Holds up to110lbs TV weight
  • Supports VESA 100x100mm to 400x400mm
  • heavy-duty steel construction
  • Delivers full range motion

3. Loctek TV Ceiling Mount TV Bracket

Loctek TV Ceiling Mount TV Bracket
Loctek TV Ceiling Mount TV Bracket

This black ceiling TV mount is clear proof that you don't need to pay a lot of money to get a good mount for hanging your TV off the ceiling. The mount looks rugged and will suspend your TV safely from the building while providing you with lots of flexibility and mounting angles to meet your needs for comfortable TV viewing.

The mount's build quality is top-notch and will hold most of the TV weighing up to 132lbs without any problems. It universally fits TVs with screen sizes ranging from 35 to 65 inches with a back hole pattern up to 600x400mm.

Versatility gets a new meaning with this ceiling mount bracket for TV! You'll get to make an infinite variety of adjustments to it to achieve the perfect viewing angles depending on where you are. For instance, you can rotate it 360 degrees to meet your needs for different viewing angles. You can also tilt it 2 degrees backward or 15 degrees forward to save you from strain your neck and back trying to watch improperly positioned TV.

Additional adjustment options you get with this TV include an adjustable height range from -20″ to 32″ and a 3-degree horizontal adjustment for increased flexibility.

The installation instructions are clear, and everything you need to get the job done comes pre-labeled in the box for problem-free, fast setup. The package also comes with a template for making holes before hanging for simple and quick installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 35 to 65 inch flat-screen TVs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 132lbs
  • VESA compatible up to 600x400mm
  • Offers 2-15 degrees tilting
  • Adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees
  • 360-degree rotation for max. flexibility

4. Mount-It! LCD-CM211 Folding Ceiling TV Mount

LCD-CM211 Folding Ceiling TV Mount
LCD-CM211 Folding Ceiling TV Mount

If you're on the market for the best TV ceiling mount for a smaller TV for your kitchen or travel trailer, etc., this is a great option for you. It works with small TV screens from 17 to 37 inches and has undergone rigorous testing to confirm its strength and stability when holding a maximum weight capacity of 44lbs.

This mount is easy to install for everyone. It comes with all the hardware you need to set it up properly. It boasts a folding design that keeps your screen and the arm low profile when you want to keep it out of the way. It also includes a special lip for keeping you secure when in a folded position.

The articulating ceiling TV mount also lets you smoothly tilt, swivel your screen to achieve various ergonomic settings for your display. The arm itself can easily extend or shorten to give you the best elevation for your TV.

The mount is also well made and boasts a black heavy-gauge steel construction for the ultimate ruggedness and durability. It safely supports TVs weighing up to 44lbs without any problems. Its arm features sleek silver color, which contrasts well with the black bracket, which matches most LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs.

Overall, this mount is easy to install, made of good quality, and features a good price point. It's ideal for suspending your small kitchen or travel trailer/RV TV from the ceiling to help you free up cabinet or counter space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with VESA 100x100mm
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Holds a maximum weight of 44lbs
  • Holds 17-inch to 37-inch displays
  • Offers tilt and swivel feature
  • Black heavy-gauge steel construction

5. VIVO Black Manual Flip Down Mount

VIVO Black Manual Flip Down Mount
VIVO Black Manual Flip Down Mount

If you want a mount that folds up and out of the way to clear space in your kitchen, camper, truck, and other areas with small space, this is a good choice. The Vivo model not only mounts to ceilings but also cabinets (24-inch deep), upper desk shelving, and any other places where space is limited.

This mount comes with sturdy steel and aluminum construction that makes it extremely rugged and strong enough to hold TVs weighing up to 44lbs. It has been strength tested as many as 3 times to ensure it's completely safe for holding your screen. It features a modern, sleek design with a beautiful matte black finish that blends well in every home or office.

The Vivo flip down mount is designed to work with smaller screens from 24 to 37 inches. It's compatible with VESA mounting holes 100x100mm, 200x100mm, or 200x200mm.

Regarding adjustability, this mount allows you to easily swivel your screen through 45 degrees to obtain a variety of viewing angles. It also offers you flexible sliding rails for adjusting your screen height. It allows tilting from -90 to 0 degrees for easy storage, clearing up space, and getting your TV out of the way. It also locks your TV in place to keep it secure and safe.

Assembly is simple and straightforward for this Vivo flip down mount. All the hardware you need to set it up comes included in the box.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for screens 17 to 37 inches
  • Compatible with VESA 200x100mm, 200x200mm
  • Supports weight up to 44lbs
  • Solid steel and aluminum construction
  • Tilts -90 to 0 degrees for easy storage

6. Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount

Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount
Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount

A full motion ceiling TV mount offers you even more flexibility when it comes to adjusting your TV for the perfect view. This Everstone is an articulating ceiling mount that gives you a 100% reliable off ceiling TV mounting at a fraction of the cost of what you get from high-end models with the same performance.

The Everstone is designed to fit TVs with screen sizes 32 to 35 inches. It works with virtually all types of TVs within this size range, whether it's LED, LCD, plasma flat-screen TV, and more.

You'll like that this mount comes with an adjustable design that runs from 19.3 to 29.7 inches, allowing you to set your TV to your desired height for a more comfortable viewing experience. You will also be able to easily tilt the backplate between 15 degrees back for more comfortable viewing and minimize fatigue and back strain.

With up to 360 degrees rotation, this mount will also offer you a really wide angle swiveling between 180 degrees backward to 180 degrees forward-further letting you enjoy customized viewing angles.

The Everstone is easy to install and doesn't require you to hire a professional. It comes with a complete pack of all the hardware necessary for proper installation. It also features a spirit level to assist you with leveling the mount for easy installation. A free extra-long 15-inch HDMI is also included in the package for your own convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits any 32 to 55-inch television
  • Max weight capacity: 33lbs
  • Supports VESA up to 400x400mm
  • Height range from 19.3″ to 29.17″
  • Includes one 5ft HDMI cable

7. Cheetah Mounts APLCMB-2 Tilt, Swivel TV Ceiling Mount

Cheetah Mounts APLCMB-2 Tilt
Cheetah Mounts APLCMB-2 Tilt

If you're on the market for a 65 inch TV ceiling mount with tilt and swivel capabilities, this is a nice option. This TV comes at a great price point and is easy to assemble and install in your ceiling for a clean finish while suspending your TV safely and reliably.

This is a heavy-duty mount and feels robust and strong. It's well made with good quality materials and a nice finish. The welds are reliable too and look like they'll stay together forever. With this kind of construction, there's no doubt about the mount's ability to hold TV screens from 32 to 75 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 165lbs.

Once set up, this extremely versatile TV offers you lots of pivots and swivels to help you easily adjust your TV direction and set comfortable viewing angles.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple this mount is to assemble and install. All the installation hardware comes nicely packed in pre-labeled bags and looks well made. The instructional manual is also included and to aid you through the whole setup process. The mount can work with angled and vaulted ceilings as well.

As a BONUS, this ceiling hanging TV mount comes with one 15ft. long twisted veins HDMI cable, which you can use to connect devices such as gaming console, computer, etc., to your TV. Additional freebies you'll get in the box include an LED flashlight keychain, a small bubble level, microfiber cloth for cleaning your TV screen, and Velcro wire straps.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatibility: 32-75 inch TVs
  • Supports up to 165lbs
  • Offers 360-degree rotation
  • Pole extends 41 to 64″ from the ceiling
  • Provides 15 degrees tilt
  • Instruction manual and hardware included

8. PERLESMITH Ceiling TV Mount


Like our previous model, this mount is also designed to offer you full range motion within a wallet-friendly budget. It's pretty much simple to set up and comes with an installation template for straightforward setup. Once set up, it offers you tilt, swivel, and articulating movements to let you set your TV for the most comfortable viewing angles.

This mount boasts great TV mounting capabilities. It can support a pretty wide variety of TV brands from 26 to 55 inches, including LCDs, LEDs, OLED, Plasmas, and more. It can also support way heavier TVs, up to 99lbs, than most models in its price range.

Like the other ceiling hung TV mounts we have featured in this guide, this Perlesmith also comes with heavy-duty steel construction, giving it the ultimate strength for holding your TV safely and securely.

Being a full motion TV mount, this model offers you lots of flexibility in positioning your TV to get the perfect viewing angle. For instance, it lets you adjust its height from 29.92 to 47 to get an ideal viewing angle. It also allows you to swivel and tilt your screen to ensure you set it to an angle you're most comfortable viewing it from.

Since the main support pole is hollow, it lets you easily run cables through for easy wire management and a clean look. This mount is compatible with VESA mounting standards up to 400mx400m and works with both flat and sloped ceilings without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 26-55 Inch TVs
  • Holds up to 99lbs TV weight
  • Compatible with VESA 400x400mm
  • Install template for easy install
  • Height adjustable from 29 92″ to 47″
  • Sturdy steel construction

9. Suptek Ceiling TV Mount

Suptek Ceiling TV Mount
Suptek Ceiling TV Mount

The Suptek sports a rugged construction with heavy-duty steel metal that won't easily bend under the weight of your TV. It will safely suspend your TV with a weight of up to 100lbs from the ceiling for years without showing any signs of weakness.

It's specially designed for supporting TVs with a screen size of 26 up to 50 inches. It works with all TVs with VESA back holes 200x200mm and 400x400mm, significantly increasing the range of TVs it can work with.

When you purchase this mount, you get a complete set with all the necessary parts and hardware to help you install it into your ceiling without any issues. The screws come with good quality, so you can stay assured they'll do a good job holding this mount into place. The instructions are also spot on and will aid you in setting up the mount easily. Remember, this Suptek works with both flat and sloped ceilings.

As for the adjustability, this mount will let you adjust its height from 23.6 inches to 39.4 inches for a better viewing angle. Additionally, it allows you to rotate your screen in all directions or tilt it through 15 degrees for a healthier, more comfortable viewing experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for most 26-50″ TVs
  • 100lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Compatible with VESA 200×200, 400x400mm
  • Fits both flat and slopped ceilings
  • Height adjustable from 23.6″ to 39.4″
  • Integrated cable management

10. Barkan Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount

Barkan Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount
Barkan Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount

The last ceiling mount for flat screen TV on our list is the Barkan full motion ceiling TV mount. The mount is characterized by three types of movements-telescopic, tilt, and swivel-giving you plenty of flexibility for setting your screen for the most comfortable viewing angles.

The full motion ceiling TV mount fits most TVs with screen sizes 29 to 65 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 88lbs. Its ability to support heavy TVs lies in its extremely well-engineered structure sturdy steel construction. Mind you, this mount has undergone testing 4 times to ensure it can support TVs as heavy as 88lbs.

The mount also fits most TVs with VESA mounting hole patterns running from 200x100mm up to 400x400mm and non-VESA TVs up to 400x400mm. This makes it one of the most versatile TV mounts available.

Functionality is great for this Barkan mount. It comes with telescopic height adjustment and a 160-degree swivel near the screen connection plate. Not to forget, it lets you tilt your TV from 0 to 25 degrees. These movements work together to allow you to smoothly move and set your TV to your desired angle for the perfect point of view.

Setting up this mount and installing it into place is the easy part! You simply attach an adapter to the rear side of your TV, then install the bracket on your ceiling, and finally, snap your TV onto the bracket. All the hardware you need, including screws and anchors, comes with the package to ensure a smooth installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports screens from 29 to 65 inches
  • Holds TVs weight up to 88lbs
  • Offers telescopic height adjustment
  • Fits TVs with VESA up to 400x400mm
  • Offers easy tilt and swivel movements
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

What To Look For Before Buying?

Shopping for the best ceiling TV mount for the first time is always a challenging process. You feel nervous because you don't know what exactly to look for and don't want to end up with the wrong choice of mount that risks your TV falling from the ceiling.

In this quick buying guide, we will walk you through the key factors to help you choose the perfect mount for your TV like a pro.


The first thing to look for in TV mount for ceiling is its specifications for compatibility. Look for a model that works with your TV screen size. Verify the maximum weight capacity of the mount and make sure it matches that of your TV.

What type of ceiling do you have in your home? Slopped or flat type? Make sure the new mount you buy is compatible with these ceilings (i.e., it can be hung at different angles).

Don't forget to verify the VESA pattern of your TV set and whether it matches the VESA compatibility of the type of mount you're buying.

Build quality

The next you should look for in a mount for TV ceiling is the type of materials it's made from.

The perfect mount for hanging a flat screen TV from the ceiling should be made from sturdy and durable materials to ensure it can withstand the weight of your TV without any signs of bending or tearing apart.

The best material for mounts is heavy-duty steel due to its extreme ruggedness and durability. A mount with a corrosion-free finish further increases its durability.


A good TV mount should also offer you a certain degree of movement to easily set your TV screen to the perfect viewing angle for a more comfortable watching experience.


Ensure you check the length of the pole offered by the mount and whether it's the height can be adjusted to bring the TV closer to you.

Also, check the swivel and tilt functionality offered by the mount. Swivel lets you view your TV from any part of the room, while the tilt enables you to set the TV for a perfect viewing angle while on your side or lying. The greater the degree of swivel or tilt, the better.

Ease of installation

The level of installation difficulty should also influence the choice of a ceiling TV mount for you. You want to ensure you get a mount that's super easy to install on your own. Check whether the model comes with all the installation hardware to get the job done. A set of clear, easy to understand instructions will also go a long way.

Handy features

  • Foldability: some mount models come with a foldability function, where they let you easily fold up your TV when not in use and get it out of the way. These models are helpful if you've limited space, say in your camper, and want to fold up your TV to save as much space as possible
  • Cable Management: some mounts also offer you cable concealment ability. They allow you to run the cables through their main support pole to ensure you create a clean look with your final ceiling TV mount installation.
  • Looks: you'd also want to look for a mount that blends well with your room instead of calling all the attention to itself. Black is usually the best choice as it blends perfectly well with most room decors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mount TV on ceiling?

It's possible to mount your TV on the ceiling if you have the right tools for the job. You'll need to get a TV mount specially made for hanging a flat screen TV from the ceiling. The perfect mount should not only be sturdy but should also be compatible with the size and weight of your TV set to ensure it holds it securely and reliably.

How do you hang a TV on the ceiling?

Mounting your TV on the ceiling might make you feel nervous if doing it for the first time, but it's nothing hard. This is how you properly hang your TV off the ceiling:

  • The first step involves identifying a suitable spot that's both convenient for the installation and comfortable for viewing your TV
  • Once you have settled on the perfect area, break out your stud finder to find a beam. DON'T make the mistake of anchoring your TV to the drywall, or it will come falling to the floor, damaged beyond recognition.
  • Drill holes into the beam. Use a template that comes with the mount to help you drill the holes with correct spacing.
  • Screw in the mounting plate where the holes are and ensure it's extremely secured in place.
  • Now, connect the brackets to the back of your TV and assemble everything as directed in your user manual. Test your final installation job to ensure no room for wiggle as it can pose a risk to your TV's security.

How far from the ceiling should I mount my TV?

The perfect distance for mounting your TV from the ceiling is around the house occupants' average eye-level. This is usually around 38 to 42 inches for most households.

How Far From The Ceiling Should I Mount My TV
How Far From The Ceiling Should I Mount My TV

If you get a full-motion TV mount, then setting the ideal height is easier as it offers you a wide range of height adjustments to choose from.

Can you mount a 65 inch TV on a 55 inch mount?

Using a TV mount for screens whose measurements go beyond what the manufacturer recommends is not a good idea. It simply means overburdening the mount and, sooner or later, you'll be sweeping your TV off the floor. For maximum safety guarantee, just use a TV mount that's fully compatible with your TV size.

How do you hang a TV above the fireplace?

You can find a fireplace TV mount that enables you to pull your TV screen out easily and down the mantel for comfortable watching and take it back when not watching it. If this isn't feasible, however, your only alternative is to use a ceiling mount. This allows you to easily adjust your TV to your desired angles for comfortable watching.

Can I use a ceiling TV mount outdoors?

You might only be able to use a ceiling TV mount outdoors if it's specially made for the outdoor environment. Otherwise, using a mount made for the indoor ceiling will not hold up for long due to exposure to harsh elements outside. If you want to hang a TV to an outdoor ceiling, make sure it features a weatherproof coating, and its hardware is rust-resistant.

Final Verdict

A ceiling TV mount will stand in the place of a wall mount if you have limited wall space or certain circumstances stop you from hanging your TV on the wall. You'll find numerous models of ceiling TV mounts on the market to choose from depending on your needs.

The 10 best ceiling TV mount models we've outlined in this guide have what it takes to reliably and safely suspend your TV off the ceiling while offering you comfortable viewing angles.

Order one of these mounts compatible with your TV today and start enjoying the amazing viewing convenience of ceiling-mounted televisions.

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VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Fits Most 26-65" LCD LED UHD Plasma Monitor Flat - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Barkan TV Ceiling Mount, 29-65 inch Full Motion - 3 Movement Flat/Curved Screen Bracket, - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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