Can You Live Legally In Your RV Camper In Your Backyard? How?

RV can also be considered as a small house. It is convenient to use as it takes a small space and everything fits nicely in it. It is a self-sustained system and has its own electric and gas supplies, so it sort of saves natural resources. It is a two in one thing, a vehicle plus a home.

It seems like a nice idea to live in an RV permanently. Constructing a house is more expensive as compared to purchasing an RV. You would have to purchase a piece of land and then construct a house on it. Then you would equip it with the necessary furniture.

On the other hand, a simple unfurnished RV can be purchased and then you can decorate and furnish it according to your budget and resources. It would save your construction expenses. When you live in a colony, you have to pay tax for your house and residence. Also, you have to abide by the community rules.

It is suggested by most RV campers to live in parking grounds as it is safe and keep travelling while you are living in an RV. But there are expenses when you choose to live on RV camping grounds. So there comes a solution whether you could live in an RV in your own backyard? It would save you the cost of parking grounds.

Is living in an RV illegal?

Living in an RV can be considered illegal. It is because you can not call it can not be categorized as a permanent vehicle or a permanent house. Suppose you use your land for parking RV and use the same RV for work. One complaint from the neighborhood, and you would be thrown out of your RV in no time.

Is living in an RV illega

There are many rules and regulations and legal formalities when deciding to live in an RV in your backyard. But then who would like to have people from legal authorities and federations knocking at their door for living illegally in an area. What is the purpose of spending money on everything if it is still disturbing your privacy?

Here are a few simple tips about how you can live in your RV legally.

Making an RV your home

You need to choose between using an RV as a vehicle or using it as a house. To live in an RV permanently, you must ensure that you are using your RV as a house and it is your permanent address. You would not move the RV and will use it as your residential place. You must ensure this to the legal authorities.

Making an RV your home

For this, you need to set up your RV in your backyard permanently. You can make it parked on a stand rather than wheels. It would bring the benefit that you would not have to change or look after your RV tyers. Also, you can make electric connections in an RV the same way as the electric connections of a house is made.

Purchasing your own lot in the camping parks

Another easiest and legal way to live in an RV at your own place is to buy your own lot on the camping grounds. No one can bother you there, and there are no legal documents or special permissions required. In this way, you can easily use your RV both ways, a vehicle or as a house.

Purchasing your own lot in the camping parks

As all the neighborhood is also living in RV, so there would be no issues with your living in an RV too. Plus, as there are many people, so it forms a community, and you can live peacefully like a colony over there. Having many people also provides security which is not possible if you are living in your RV at a lonely site.

Rural lifestyle

Rural lifestyle

If you are not considerate about living in a city, you can choose to live in an RV in the countryside. In rural areas, there are fewer restrictions regarding property purchasing and community rules. So, it is much easier to choose whether to construct a house or living in an RV over there. It would also not be illegal at all.

  • April 15, 2021
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